August 11, 2010


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“What did I ask you to do?”

“Bring you a butt plug.”

“And you brought me three.” Silence dropped. “I didn’t think it was too difficult a request.”

The scene changed. She changed. From a wish to see him squirm to a deep desire to change how he acted, how he thought. Make helpfulness obedience. Rewire his brain not to think, just to obey. Reach inside him and rearrange him, make him something else. The thought of her words always in his head, changing how he acted, spoke, thought. Her voice and her desires a scalpel taking something out here, adding a little there. Psychic surgery that would leave scars in such beautiful shapes.

Training him like an animal, to do tricks to get her off. Modifying, altering, twisting, breaking and putting his mind back together.

“I’m sorry.” He kept his eyes down, looking at the space between her feet while she waited.

It’s sorry. It’s sorry.” A small explosion of skin on skin, his face rocked as she slapped him. The three butt plugs rocked in his outstretched hands as he recovered his balance. She slapped him again, the other side of his face, leaned in and spit the words at his downcast eyes. “Say it.”

“It’s sorry ma’am.”

More slaps, until he lost count. Face stinging, rocking on his knees.

“That’s not what I told it to say. And since it can’t do as it’s told with its mouth, I’ll just take it away.” She picked up the inflatable plug, shoved it into his mouth until the base rested tight against his lips. “It had better hope it cleaned this well after the last time it was in its ass.” Air hissed as she pumped the bulb and the plug expanded, shoving his jaw apart, the latex driving into his teeth and stretching itself around them, distorting his jaw. “It would do well not to let that drop out of its mouth.”

His breathing was deep and harsh, sucking in air through his nostrils as his mouth was choked off. Watching her now, trembling at what she was going to do next. She picked up the two remaining plugs and made a twirling motion with her finger.

“Turn around, get on your hands and knees.”

A whimper came from behind the gag as he shifted in a circle on his knees, then dropped down to all fours, presenting his ass to her.

Her world shrank to the two of them. How to break his mind with her lust and feed it with the pieces. She ripped open a condom, slid it down the plug and lined it up with his ass. “I don’t want to break it so I’m going to use lube. But if it keeps doing as it thinks it should, and not as it’s told, that will change.”

The cool, wet feeling of lubricant slid up and down the crack of his ass, working inside, quick, rough movements that slid across his skin. Then the cold feeling of being violated, the twitching sickening sensation of his ass being pried open by plastic that got wider as she shoved. He felt his ass closing around the base, tugging and pulling it further in, sealing the base against his skin.

“Since it brought three plugs, we’ll just have to find a place for the third as well.” She took her time rolling the condom down the cone shaped plug, let him think about what was going to happen. Waited until his breathing got a little harsh, ragged, rolling in and out of his nostrils just slightly faster than was normal. Imagined his wide open eyes and fear.

The base of the first plug stretched his ass back open as she pulled it out and held it, then pushed the tip of the second plug against his opening.

He whimpered and shook under her, panicked muscle contractions as he felt the widest part of the plug stretching him, then the tip of the other plug pushing against the abused opening.

Her hands worked the plugs against his opening, keeping pressure on the second as she slowly pushed the first until it started to slide in, holding it, working them against each other, pushing, searching with her hands for the combination that would stretch him as much as possible.

He could feel the plugs sawing against his skin, one side of his ass then the other, pushing and holding, sliding a little further forward, holding until his muscles stretched and surrendered, then moving forward again.

“Would it like to me to stop?”

The bulb to the gag bounced off the floor and then jerked up as he nodded frantically.

She held the plugs, keeping his ass pried open, put a little more pressure on them until he twitched again and his head rocked from side to side. “It will take the plug out of its mouth.”

A popping sound and a rush of air as he exhaled a strangled sob, the dull slap of wet latex hitting the floor.

“Would it like to say something?”

“Yes…” The strangled, beaten animal sound of someone desperate to surrender.

“It seems to be learning.” A lust filled smirk danced across her face. “It may speak.”

The words came out in a tumble, a rushed prayer of supplication begging for forgiveness. “It is sorry, it will do what it is told, it won’t try to help, it will just do what it is told, it will beg for forgiveness, it will…”

“Shush.” She let the plugs slide away from his skin, ran her hand across his back. “It will? Let’s see. It’s ass must be very sore, and it seems to have trouble with counting, we’ll need to work on that… It will go get a gag, because I don’t want it to wake the neighbors. And then it will get me three dildos.”

He started to crawl quickly, eagerly, as she leaned back and licked her lips behind him. “And it won’t be holding one in its mouth this time.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    You are getting better and better. Your domme character is always very well drawn.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      T’ank you kindly.

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