September 9, 2010

Twenty Minutes

Posted in stories tagged at 1:42 am by littlesubmissions

He switched the phone to his other hand and rubbed sweat on his jeans. “Any plans for this evening?”

“Not really. Putzing about the house, doing some cleaning, paying bills.”

He paused. Rolled the words around in his mouth before he spoke, felt how they tasted, imagined how they would sound. “If you feel up to it, I could use a scene.” He could picture the crinkle appearing above her nose while she thought about it.

She sorted through the conversation, remembered his tone and inflection. “You all right?” A quick rush of words. “I mean, we just played two nights ago, and I beat the crap out of you.”

“Yeah, eh, I mean work kind of sucked and I think this software update is messing up my saved files so I’m uninstalling and reinstalling.” Another pause while they both breathed and considered. “I could just use some stress relief.”

“Okay.” She could feel the relief in his exhalation over the phone, felt her chest constrict and her fingers start to twitch. “It might be interesting to drag you around by your cock while I did chores. Ankles tied together, taking little mincing steps as fast as you could to keep up while I jerked on the rope.”

They imagined the sensation, the frustration, the pulling and twisting pain.

“Down on your hands and knees whenever I stopped, your tongue hanging out of your mouth an inch above my boots, hoping I’d let you lick them. You’d have to whimper very prettily before I’d let you.”

The smell, the trails of drool pooling and dripping off his mouth, almost able to recreate the taste, the sensation of dragging his tongue along the leather, the high pitched sounds of desire crawling around his teeth.

“I did mean to put some color on your pasty white ass Monday, but got distracted with the nipple clamps. I could get into working it over with a wooden spoon while I was making myself dinner.”

Cool wood impacting on skin, turning it hot, blood vessels breaking and muscles jerking.

“I think your dinner will be licking your cum off the kitchen floor. Maybe I’ll smear it around a bit with your face so you don’t finish too soon.”

Humiliation. Grunting pleasure followed by warm shame. Loss of control. Guilt and remorse mixed with release.

“Well, get over here. Less than twenty minutes and I’ll let you undress inside. More than twenty minutes and you’ll ring the bell naked.”

They looked at the clock. Imagined the feeling of being warm, safe, and owned.

Spoke at the same time.

“See you in twenty minutes.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Stabbity said,

    Awwww 🙂

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Awwwwww, thanks. 😉

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