September 15, 2010


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>>her: Do you have rice?

>>him: I need to check. brb
>>him: No rice. I have a box of vermicelli…

>>her: *snort* I don’t think making you kneel on pasta would be quite the same. Never mind.

>>him: Sorry. Didn’t mean to ruin your scene with my empty cupboard.

>>her: It’s okay. You’ll be here Saturday, I can torture you then.

>>him: Wish I could get there sooner.

>>her: Me too.

>>him: The ride is kind of hawt though. I feel like a whore going somewhere to be used.

>>her: Do you now? *arches eyebrow*

>>him: Yep.

>>her: How many stops does the train make? Counting the last one.

>>him: Let me think… Nine, not counting the last one. Why?

>>her: I like my whores eager. You’re to jerk off to the edge nine times between getting on the train and >>her: getting here. No cumming.

>>him: Yes ma’am.

>>her: The last time is mine. I can’t wait to tie you down and see how long I can keep you on the edge.

>>him: Yes ma’am.

>>her: How many miles between there and here?

>>him: I’ll need to check google maps.

>>her: So check.

>>him: 148 miles driving, it doesn’t have an option for trains.

>>her: Hrm, too many for the cane. Bring 148 clothespins with you.

>>him: *whimper* Yes ma’am.

>>her: Getting hot already? I don’t want anyone else using my whore before he gets here. Put a plug in >>her: your ass when you leave. Take a picture each time you get done jerking off and email it to me. I’ll >>her: make sure it’s still in at the last stop myself.

>>him: Yes ma’am. I’ll be a good whore ma’am.

>>her: Really? A good whore would put a nice pink ribbon around that plug, so I could feel like I was >>her: getting a present when I yanked his pants down.

>>him: I’ll be a good whore and put a ribbon on my ass for you ma’am.

>>her: *smile* Good boy.

>>him: Thank you ma’am.

>>her: You’re welcome.
>>her: Whore.

>>him: So how much am I getting paid for this anyway, since I’m a whore? 😉

>>her: Well, I have no idea what the going rate is… $5?

>>him: Generous ma’am is generous.

>>her: If you want to cum, it will cost you $10. If I even give you the option. Sending you home with
>>her: a five dollar bill glued to your ass is sounding kind of appealing.

>>him: Leaving is always a lot less fun.

>>her: Maybe I’ll figure out something to keep you occupied for your trip home.

>>him: Thank you ma’am. Do I get another $5 then? 😉

>>her: *snort* We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be so horrible I’ll even feel guilty and tip you a dollar.

>>him: Hehe, I’ll bring small bills in case I need to make change.

>>her: See you Saturday.

>>him: See you Saturday.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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