October 27, 2010

III. Monday, or Playback

Posted in stories at 1:22 pm by littlesubmissions

He licked his lips, and shifted his weight from foot to foot. She laughed at the nervous tics that meant he wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how to say it, and looked back through the video camera, aiming it at the bed. “Relax. You get to keep your clothes on while it’s recording. Promise.”

“Thanks.” He sighed a little and smiled at her as she adjusted the zoom and tightened the plastic bolt on the tripod, watched her make careful adjustments until she was satisfied.

She turned to look at him with an arched eyebrow, her expression overly serious. “You might not be so thankful later.” A shrug and a smirk. “But you’re welcome I suppose. In the meantime…” She pulled him in close and kissed him, long, passionate, and wanton. She broke away and they both gasped, out of breath and hungry. She jerked her head at the wall and pushed away from him. “Get my dildo. It’s up there, on the headboard.”

He moved to he head of the bed quickly, balancing on the mattress with one knee and reaching out to grab the black latex cock. It felt foreign in his hand, cold and slick and alien. “You know, some women just have stuffed animals they keep on the bed.”

She shrugged as she balanced on one foot, shucking her jeans and panties down and off her other leg with the same motion. “Uh-huh, is that your way of hinting that you want me to shove a puppy tail plug in your ass and muzzle you at bedtime from now on?” She smiled at him with exaggerated sweetness as she leaned down and pushed the garments off her other leg.

He gulped and shook his head. “No ma’am.”

“Then quit giving me shit about my dildo, yo.” She stood up and motioned him towards her, then flopped down on the bed on her stomach, reaching up to drag pillows down and arranging them under her head and chest.

He moved to between her legs, looking down at her cunt, swallowing hard and licking his lips. She shifted her ass and spread her legs, planting her feet on the floor, shifting and shimmying until her slit was at the edge of the bed and the pillows supported her comfortably. “Now, get down on your knees and listen carefully.”

The dildo jiggled slightly as he sank down on his knees and held it in front of him, unsure what to do with it. Her cunt was right in front of him, overwhelming his vision and overpowering his senses, and he watched it part slightly as she took a deep breath and shifted her hips.

She looked over her shoulder at him, judging angles carefully. “OK, down a little more. Little more… there.” His eyes level with the bedspread, she stopped him. “Now, keep your head there or lower. I set the camera to record where my cunt is center frame, and I don’t want your head in the way. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am.” He nodded eagerly, tried to keep from grinning at her like a dork about to get lucky on prom night.

She fought the same grin on her face, and finally laughed until he joined in. When they got control of themselves she nodded, and composed her face into a mask of sobriety. “Now, this is a serious scene, and I am serious domme. And you are going to fuck me in the cunt with that dildo just the way you’d like to be fucked in the ass with my strapon. Exactly the same, ok?”

He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, shivering in anticipation. “Yes ma’am.”

“Just the same. And I’ll be using the video as a reference, so keep your head down, and concentrate on thinking about the strapon fucking your ass. You can get started now.” She leaned forward and took a deep breath, sinking down into the mattress.

He adjusted his weight on his knees, imagining himself in that position, spread and ready with her standing behind him stroking her strapon. He eased the dildo forward carefully, imagining her shifting her knees and aiming the strapon at his ass with her hand, carefully guiding it and lining it up. The head of the cock eased forward until it touched her and teased up and down her slit, making her groan slightly as it parted her lips and slid over her hole.

She moaned and sighed, clenching her hands in the bedcovers then letting them go, mauling the heavy blankets with her fingers as he ran the cock up and down her slit slowly, dragging it along. He gently slid it near the entrance to her cunt, working the head in slowly, carefully, pulling it back out when he felt the slightest resistance. She rolled her hips back then fought to keep them still as he worked the head in again, pushing forward then pulling back, always shoving a little more of the thick cock into her each time, imagining her moans and gasps of lust as his own cries of pain and pleasure.

The thick, bulbous head finally popped in past her outer muscles and she clenched down hard, her face a contorted mask as she made herself hold still. Her thighs trembled as he waited, letting her get used to the thick cock. When she stopped moaning and took in a great, gasping shudder of air he slowly slid the cock forward until she sobbed out and arched her back, then slowly slid it back towards him until he could see the head start to emerge, then slid it back forward, a little further this time, repeating the motion as they fell into a rhythm, the cock pushing forward as she grunted and groaned in animal heat.

Her toes curled down into the carpet, raising and lowering her ass instinctively as the cock slid back and forth inside her, teasing her toward orgasm in. She felt it shift slightly, the tip pushing down towards the floor, rubbing along the front wall of her cunt in short, harsh strokes. She groaned in frustration, and looked back at him. Muttered words in between grunts and gasps. “Oh, such… a slutty boy… wants his prostate… ooooh… fucked…” He started rubbing faster, twisting his wrist and dragging the dildo along, listening to the sounds she made to find just the right spot to make her come. She clenched down with the muscles in her cunt and tried to fight off the orgasm, prolonging it and letting it build more before bursting. She was fighting to find the air to talk now, her words just broken syllables in the middle of her gasps and moans. “You make a mess… and… ah… I’ll make you… lick up… sssssss… every fucking drop! Ahhhhhh… make you shove me… back across the… room… with my cock in your ass. Agggg… Shove it in so far… muhhh… it’ll… ehhh… hit the back… ssssss… of your teeth!”

He was letting her clenched muscles shove the cock back at him now, just punching it back into her with short, hard slaps of one hand on the latex balls. His fingers wrapped loosely around the slick shaft, holding it at the right angle while the palm of his other hand made meaty thumps and sent vibrations through the latex and into her cunt as it jabbed it back inside her. She finally let go and arched her back, screaming out and sobbing as she raised her ass and head up as far as she could, until her spine ached and let the orgasm wash over her. He shoved the thick cock as far in as he could, grinding the balls into her clit with the palm of his hand until she collapsed and the latex slid out of her and into his hand.

Sweat and come glistened on her body as she lay there, breathing hard. She finally rolled over, looked at him staring at her with wide eyed awe as she pulled him in close and kissed him softly. “Good boy. Good boy.”

He held the dildo out awkwardly to his side as she purred against him, then leaned back and licked her lips. “But we’re just getting started.” She nodded at the glistening cock in his hand. “You can lick that clean, but only if you’re prepared to do the same to the strapon after it’s been in your ass.”

The thought of licking the strapon after she had shoved it in… he shuddered and handed her the dildo, let her take it with a shrug and grin. “Ass to mouth still too much, huh? Oh well…”

She ruffled his hair as she stood up and walked over to the camera, shutting it off and pulling out the tape. He sat down to watch her as she dropped the tape in the VCR and hit rewind, flicking the television to life and skipping across the room. She pulled the harness out of the closet, slid the dildo in it and tossed it on the floor in front of him. It hit with a thud, lying there, slick and smooth and too perfect to be human.

Fear crept in to his lust when he saw her drag the rubber truncheon out and smile at him from across the room. “You’ll want to face the television, I think. Here, in the middle of the room.” She swished the cane back and forth with short, terse motions, stopping it before it could complete its arc naturally, making the air whistle and moan.

He crawled to the center of the room, in front of the television, white block letters on the screen announcing the tape had finished rewinding. She walked to the space behind him, and measured her swing. “Yeah, right there. That’s where you’re going to fuck your ass with that strapon just like you used it on my cunt. And every time you’re not following the action on the screen close enough, I’ll correct you. Because I’m very helpful. Better get started.” He saw the screen flash “Play” a second before the remote control hit the bed with a thump, and the image of her walking to the bed appeared on the television.

His arms lurched back to grab the dildo, dropping it as he pulled down his pants and underwear to his knees, and awkwardly balanced on one elbow while she chuckled behind him. He was teasing the dildo up and down his ass when the sharp rubber bit down into the backs of his thighs making him howl and pitch forward.

“Bad whore, your legs aren’t spread nearly wide enough.”

He rolled over on his back and shoved his pants and underwear down, kicking them off one foot and letting them hang off the other ankle. She waited until he rolled back over before slapping the hard rubber down into the backs of his legs again, watching the flesh ripple from the impact and the sound of the deep echoing slap making her cunt twitch. He kept shoving his legs wider until the tendons strained, pulling tight and burning along the insides of his thighs. He moaned and clenched his jaw as she leaned over and beat the insides of his thighs, driving his legs apart until he was spread open, digging his toes into the carpet to keep his legs a mirror image of the ones on the television.

He was starting to tease himself again when he heard the cold, clinical words coming from behind him. “I don’t look like that, do I? Chin on the floor and ass stuck way up in the air?”

He drew in a deep breath and shoved himself up with one arm, balancing on his elbow and trying to mimic the didlo’s faster, slightly deeper penetration on the screen. He started to wobble and the truncheon smacked into his legs again, driving him forward and down onto his face. He moaned in pain and frustration and turned to scramble to the bed, heavy rubber slapping across his ass, pushing him forward and driving the breath from his body.

He threw the pillows on the floor frantically and lay down, wrenching his legs apart as she swished the rubber cane above him and rubbed her clit with her other hand. The head of the cock was in her on the television and he moaned as he used both hands to shove it in. It was nearly dry and scraped and burned along inside him as he popped the head in and out while she looked back and forth, comparing the two images, waiting for him make a mistake.

He sawed the fake rubber cock in and out, thrust his hips mindlessly with the image on television while she looked down and rubbed her clit hard. She heard herself coming, and had to look to see that it was the recording to be sure where the sounds were coming from. She gasped out her orgasm on the screen, and noticed he was still below her, sawing the fake cock in and out of his ass. The rubber truncheon crashed down on the back of his lower legs and he jerked and screamed but kept fucking himself, impaling himself on the dildo then pulling it back until he felt the head stretching his ass and ramming it forward again. She beat him in rhythm, wrapping the truncheon around to raise welts on his inner thighs, slapping his calves and the back of his legs, right leg on the in stroke, left on the out, then lining up and hitting both in hard lines as he buried the cock in his ass and held it there, spasming and twitching, as the screen went blank, then “rewind” flashed twice and the VCR started to whirl.

“We’ll keep doing this until you get it perfect…”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Having never experienced this kind of play, I’m curious about it. (That’s not to say I’m curious about everything I’ve never experienced!)

    I liked the first half of the story (hers!). “You can lick that clean, but only if you’re prepared to do the same to the strapon after it’s been in your ass.” That was fun.

    I’d have liked the second half to have the same vividness however. He seems to have no sense of pleasure at all at what he’s experiencing, which I’m not sure is realistic. Or if he is experiencing pleasure, it’s not mentioned at all. The focus is all on the domination and not on the submission.


    • littlesubmissions said,

      Hm, I see your point. Thanks much, definitely food for thought.


    • TearyFantasies said,

      I agree with you, Man Possessed. The second part seems a bit cold…..what is he thinking about while he’s fucking himself with the dildo. However, sometimes that’s better left to the imagination. Very interesting idea though, something I never would have thought of doing. At first I thought they were going to make a porn video that she was going to use to tease him, not to torture him. Me gusta!

      • littlesubmissions said,

        Much obliged, I shall see what I can do to heat things up in the next draft.

  2. Serena Dante said,

    Interesting story!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you. 🙂

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