November 4, 2010

Tuesday, or Shining

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He was choking, spitting salt out of his mouth, the tiny crystals scattering down his chin, rolling down his chest, falling and bouncing across the enamel of the tub. Her hand was clamped on his jaw, forcing it shut then letting it open just far enough for him to exhale, breath convulsing and spaying salt back out of his mouth. She crushed her fist down harder, forcing his lips back apart, and tipped the box of salt over his mouth letting a steady trickle pour down over his lips. She let go and a spray of salt shot out of his mouth before his lips clamped back together.

She stroked his jawline gently, running one finger up and down the drool soaked skin crusted with salt. Spit and salt dribbled out of his mouth while she held the box of salt above him, teasing him with it, watching his eyes twitch every time it moved. Her other hand moved up slowly, tracing around the corner of his mouth, then clamping down on his nostrils, shutting off his air as she started pouring salt over his lips again. “My goodness, you can’t breathe when I do this, can you?” She tilted the box more, let the salt fall down faster as she felt his lungs heaving in his chest, then upended it further as he opened his mouth to breathe.

He choked and sputtered, convulsing under her and spraying a geyser of wet salt from his mouth. She jumped back and threw a hand over her eyes as he leaned forward, gasping and coughing, spitting salt between his legs onto the smooth white surface of the bath tub. She set the salt down and leaned down next to him, watching carefully. “It’s ok, you can breathe. Just keep coughing until it’s clear.” A couple of more coughs and he cleared his throat, nodded at her and smiled.

She smiled back. “You all right.”

A hoarse, “Yeah. I’m all right.” His voice was harsh, guttural, and dry as he wiped salt off his chin.

“Stay here then, I have another idea.”

He leaned back and rested while she climbed out of the bathtub and went to the other room. He found a spot on his hand that wasn’t covered in salt and rubbed the tears off his cheeks, felt the overwhelming metallic taste in his mouth and held it open as he breathed.

“Very sexy.” She stuck her tongue out at him as she pulled rope out of her bag, untangling it as she went. “On your hands and knees.” She pulled strands of rope through nots until it was untangled, then made a simple noose in one end. He slid his legs apart as she wrapped the noose around his cock and balls, pulling it tight until it burrowed into his skin. “Can’t have you choking to death, can we?”

He could feel his thoughts getting fuzzy as she pulled the slack out of the rope and ran the other end to the handle of the door, pulling it tight until he backed up as much as he could, his legs folded and resting against the back of the tub, his ass raised in the air to relieve the pressure. She tied the other end of the rope around the doorknob, and gave it a playful flick that made him yelp as she walked back in front of him.

She climbed back into the tub, and his breath caught as he saw her boots appear in front of him. Salt poured down on the black leather in widening circle, moving across the toe. “That’s bad for the leather. Take care of it for me.”

He leaned down eagerly, the rope dragging his ass higher in the air as it pulled up on his balls, and ran his tongue through the salt, pushing the top layer off to either side as he swirled his dry tongue around the hard leather. She slid her finger up and down her slit, pulling her foot back slightly and watching him stretch his body towards her to keep in contact with the boot. He could feel the bottom of his tongue scraping on his teeth and hear the dull roar in his ears as the muscles in his jaw tightened and popped from stretching his tongue so far. She watched him shove the crystals around, his dry tongue not collecting them, and made a small sigh.

He worked his tongue harder, trying to pick the salt, trying to get enough saliva in his mouth to make the salt stick to his tongue, and groaned in frustration when she pulled her foot back. “That’s not very shiny, is it?”

A mumbled “No ma’am,” as he shook his head in agreement.

“Look up, mouth open.” He shifted his knees and looked up, his throat convulsing in disgust as he saw her lips purse tight together and her throat and cheeks convulsing. The long, glistening trail of spit came out of her mouth and landed on his tongue, a cold slick violation of his mouth that made his stomach clench and tremble.

Those feelings were forgotten as she moved her boot back to him, shook salt over the surface and shoved his face down. “Make them fucking shine.”

His face fell down eagerly and the wet saliva fell on her boot. He pushed it around in widening circles with his tongue, tracing a pattern around her boot, the slick black leather starting to gleam. He flicked his tongue around his mouth, trying to get every molecule of her spit onto his tongue so he could use it on her boots, pushing the wetness pooled in the cracks of the leather out and around with his tongue, moving it to the sides and trying to dig it out from under the laces. He could see patches of the leather drying as he worked, the salt soaking up the moisture as he worked and turning the black dull again.

His shoulders shook as he raised his head back up and opened his mouth, pleading at her with his eyes. She shrugged. “Disgusting, but ok.”

She wrapped her hand around his jaw and leaned down, spitting into his mouth with short violent motions, over and over. He flinched every time he felt the burst of air from her mouth, the tell tale sign that happened a split second before the wet splash of her spit hit his teeth, his tongue, his throat. She felt her cunt twitch each time, matching the expression on his face, making her wetter and wetter as she violated his mouth.

Warm strands of puddled saliva fell out of his mouth in streams as he leaned back over her boot, pushing the liquid around with his tongue again, washing the remaining salt away until all the crystals were gone and the leather gleamed. He kept caressing the boot with his tongue even after, tracing lines lovingly across the slick leather, tracing his tongue back and forth, whimpering softly when she pulled back, clearing away some of the warm fog in his head.

The boot rolled as she turned her leg critically, examining it, then smiled down at him and nodded. “Much better. You feel like doing the second one?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good, good. But here’s the thing, I’m thirsty now, so I really don’t feel like spitting any more.” Her eyebrows raised and she looked at him with wide eyes, batting her eyelashes in mock sandness.”

He nodded back at her, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“But I do need to piss. You all right with that?”

He shuddered and his stomach clenched at the thought, but he nodded quickly, closed his eyes and tried to just feel, not to think about what was coming.

She squatted down in front of him, grabbed his hair for balance. “That is disgusting.” Her boots squeaked across the bottom of the tub as she shoved her ankles further apart. “You’d polish my boots with piss on your tongue.” He twitched and moaned. “What kind of filthy, depraved animal would degrade themselves like that?” He sighed and moaned, groaned under her hand as he heard the first wet drops splatter under him.

A wet splat as she stood up and planted a boot in the puddle of her piss, a long hiss of salt falling downward. He couldn’t remember opening his eyes, or leaning back down, just the burning heat in his head as he ground his tongue into the puddle of hot, acrid piss and ran it across her boot. Rubbing his tongue, top and bottom, into the puddle, dragging it back towards him as it slowly ran towards the drain, straining against the rope that pulled on his balls to get every last drop. He mewled in gratitude and ecstasy when she lifted her foot so he could tongue the piss off the soles and out of the treads, wallowing in his degradation. Her voice was far away and everything as he listened to her telling him how disgusting and filthy he was, and how much she loved him for it.

Trembling muscles protested in her leg each time her fingers plunged into his cunt. She mimicked the motions of her tongue with her fingers, long slow strokes up and down her slit when he licked across the toe of her boot, swirling motions around her clit when he smeared his tongue on the piss covered tub, short jabbing motions into her spasming hole when he tried to work his tongue under the laces. What he was giving her filled her with some horrible heat that made her want more until she came, heaving and gasping legs buckling and shaking her whole body shaking.

She stumbled back and leaned against the wall, smiling and breathing hard as he shuddered and his eyes rolled up into the back of his head. She licked her lips and nodded, stepped out of the shower and sat down on the toilet, leaning back and stretching her legs. “That was good… but you smell like piss even from here. Take a shower and go lay down. Jerk off if you want. I’m going to sit her a minute and be exhausted.”

The noose unravelled under his fingers and hit the floor behind him as he tossed it out of the tub, and he stood. Stretching, he smiled at her and she smiled back. She watched him while he fiddled with the knobs, adjusting the water temperature and scooping a handful into his mouth, rinsing and spitting it out.

“Ah, fuck it.” She pulled her boots off and stood up, shucking off her shirt and hopping in with him. She hugged him tight from behind and leaned against his back, rubbing against him and letting the heat from their bodies flow from one to the other.

“You’re standing in piss.”

“So are you.”



Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. TearyFantasies said,


    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you!

  2. Andrew said,

    I had some problems to imagine the scene in the bathtube when you describe the noose. Maybe it is a little bit too complicated – but I didn’t get a picture in my mind and so I couldn’t follow the scene and wasn’t touched as much as usual. Maybe you want to think over this part? Or maybe it’s just because I am no native speaker.

    But I like the salt 😉 (BTW: isn’t that much salt a little bit unhealthy, like “don’t try that at home” *ggg)

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks for letting me know. I know a lot of my commenters are from Europe, so it needs to be clear for everyone.

      I’m not sure if the salt is healthy or not. 😉

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