November 10, 2010

Wednesday, or Rain

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Cold rain spattered down on them as they ran down the block, flitting from pool of light to darkness and back to light, silhouettes gasping steaming breath as their clothes soaked through and shrunk down tight against their skin. Chills floated down their spines and hot lust swelled up in them as they climbed the steps two at a time, pushing up against each other under the short awning over the apartment block entrance. “Fuck it’s cold!” She smashed her back up against the door, wringing water out of her hair while he fumbled in his pockets for his keys. Hair plastered across his forehead, water pooling and running down his face, she looked at his face and turned a sudden snarl into a kiss, frantically smashing her lips against his, biting and chewing on his lip until she felt him jerk away from her then force himself back in close. Her hands clenched down on his neck, grabbing flesh and feeling it sink under her fingers, “I cannot fucking wait.”

His breath rushed out of his mouth and pooled around her face, hot and sweet. “Great, but I need to unlock the door.” He tried to work the keys around her, moving the key across the stainless steel to try and find the keyhole.

Fingers clamped down on his wrist, pushed his hand back. “No! I. Cannot. Fucking. Wait.” She put her hands on his shoulders and smashed her thumbs into the space between his collarbone, not as hard as she could, but not letting the pressure up, slowly increasing it until his knees shuddered and buckled, and he started to kneel. She felt him sinking down, felt her skin get hot and flush under the cold rainwater and night sky, and licked her lips to taste him again. “My boots have mud on them. That is not acceptable.”

Her hips rolled forward and she her back slapped hard against the door as his knees hit the concrete. She saw is hands slap down on the wet pavement a second later, gasped as her hips shot back and ground against the door. She watched him lick carefully, starting with the toe, a black outline below the streetlight, water pooling off his legs and running around his knees and hands, rivers that continued around hard leather soles until they flooded away. She watched him worship her boots, let the warmth and heat build up inside her until her hips were moving in short, rolling circles in time with gasping breath. Until he was the only thing left in the world, a wet, shivering body sending deep pulsing waves of heat into her cunt.

He blinked his eyes up at her owlishly, dazed as she pulled his head up by the hair. Her eyes looked to her boots, then back at him. “Get on your back.” He nodded, rolled over awkwardly and draped his legs down the steps, shifting until the cold concrete was pressing into his back. She leaned over, yanked the zipper down on his jacket and separated the two halves roughly. Trembling fingers pulled buttons through holes, opening his shirt. “Fuck.” She grunted, jerked and pulled the buttons until the shirt slipped apart and gleaming wet skin appeared. Her teeth sank into his pectoral, biting down hard, pressing into him, feeling the heat under the cold rain. White edges sank further into flesh until she felt his back arch and heard him start to whimper beneath the thumping sheets of rain. She held her mouth then, waited until he took a deep breath and relaxed, then shook her head, worrying his skin and meat in her mouth.

When he shuddered and gasped again, she stood back up. One heavy sole, hard black leather shining behind soft brown mud, came down on his chest. She dragged it across him, watching his skin turn the color of wet earth. He shuddered under her, she felt his vibrations travel up her leg, settling deep insider her and echoing off the walls of her lust. She pushed down harder, grinding dirt into his skin, feeling his body trapped between her and the concrete. Dragging the heel back and forth, left to right. Shoving the toe forward and back, pushing the very end of her boot from the center of his chest down past his sternum, into the soft skin of his stomach and dragging it back up again, slowly at first, then faster, turning his pale white skin into defiled flesh, dirt-packed and broken.

There was no slowing down by the time she planted her boot back on the concrete and raised her other foot. Her hips rolling and twitching frantically as she dragged her boot across his body in wide circles, masturbating herself with her thighs. Her foot rocked from front to back, pitching and twisting over his body at whatever angle helped her get off. She watched his hot breath rising up past her leg, his face invisible, just a headless torso twitching in the rain, smashed flat under her foot. The rain ran down across him, smoothed the dirt away and left the red skin gleaming, drove a hot spike of anger down into her lust. The heel of her boot dragged across his skin, pushing the dirty water back across his skin to the center of hid body where it joined water and ran back down him. She growled in frustration and kept jerking her leg back and forth in short, hard strokes while he twitched and floundered underneath her, gasping and bringing his arms up then jerking them back down to the concrete with wet, meaty slaps.

Her breath became shallow, hard, quick gasps and the deep animal part of her brain realized she was close. She jerked her foot faster, shifted her hips until she felt her inner thigh hitting her cunt perfectly. Gasped out between desperate moans, “Don’t fucking move, don’t fucking move…” Her boot slid across wet skin easily now, back and forth as he sank his fingertips down into the concrete and clenched his jaw, holding his body in one place as he heard her suck in a great gulp of air. Her weight shifted to her heel and her hips slammed back against the door one final time as she moaned from deep in her gut, hot wet relief pushing outwards from her cunt to her soaked skin as she ground her heel down into his body. She smiled and rode the aftershock, twisting her heel and distending his skin until she felt him twitch and move beneath her, saw the shape of his head rocking in pain. Her breath slowed and she felt the soft warm afterglow as her boot heel thudded down onto the pavement. “Get up. We’re not done yet.”

She grabbed his hair as he scrambled awkwardly to his feet, dragging him vertical then spinning him around to face the door. “Grab the rail, bitch.” His hands curled around the black metal, cinching down tight until the hard edges cut into his hands. Heat flushed through him as she massaged his crotch, rubbing his cock through his jeans until she felt it twitch and get hard. “You want to come?”

He shuddered and nodded, moaning “Yes,” down at her. She smiled up and wrenched the zipper down, fumbling awkwardly with the button at the top of his jeans with both hands. “Then don’t let go of the railing.” She fished his encased cock out of his pants, running her hand up and down slowly, squeezing down as she pulled away from him, feeling the joints compress in her hand, running light touches down to tickle at his balls as he swelled against the restraint. They kissed, letting the rain pour down them from each other’s face, tasting each other’s breath.

His hips moaned and shuddered as she pulled her hand away, and ran it up his chest, scooping mud and grit from her boots up in her palm. She grabbed his cock again, pulling and twisting, jerking him off and grinding mud into the gaps in the chastity device and into soft flesh until he pitched and rocked, pulling against one railing then the other. She ground her hand into him, jerking him off with rain and hot skin then twisting and pulling until her fingers found a clump of dirt to force into his skin and tear at his nerves.

She felt his kisses growing more frantic then slowing and turning to gasps of pain as she jerked him off then pinched the sensitive skin. Felt him moaning in lust as she moved her hand along the hard rib bones on the side of his chest, then whimpering in pain as she dragged the dirt back down and massaged the rough surface into his body. He smashed hard against her with every gentle caress and leaned back with every hard twist until they rocked back and forth in a frantic rhythm that was half pleasure and half pain. He could feel the edges blurring, felt the line between pleasure and pain disappearing until he leaned against her, desperately moaning into her hair and begging for her to keep hurting him, to keep torturing him, to make him whimper and beg just to feel more of whatever she wanted to give him.

Wet stabs of heat flipped her consciousness between the overwhelming desire to break him into a million pieces and an overpowering urge to protect him, back and forth as she felt his body come under control. His eyes were half open and his head thrown back, jerking and twitching, and she could see that she owned him, controlled him, could make the deepest parts of his mind feel anything. That whatever they had between them, however fucked up people might think it was, went beyond definitions of pain and pleasure. That they were wrapped around each other, two broken people making each other whole.

The cold rain poured down until they were washed clean, all the dirt slipping away and running down the steps behind them. She pulled the plastic cage attached to his cock upwards, rocking him up on the balls of his feet with each firm, long stroke until she felt him gasp out a strangled moan. He leaned over, putting his weight on her, holding on to the railing so hard his knuckles ached the muscles in his arms twitched and quivered as he came. She massaged his cock, carefully rolling her hand and squeezing the tube imprisoning him until he surrendered, stopped, and groaned against her. They leaned against each other for a few minutes, breathing hard, eyes closed.

She laid her hands lightly on his, and smiled. “You can let go now.”

His hands slipped off the railing and slumped at his side awkwardly as he smiled back. “Thank you ma’am.”

“You’re welcome. Now how about unlocking the door so we can get in out of the fucking rain?”

He laughed and rearranged his pants, stuffing his cock back inside his underwear and fishing through his pocket. A deep frown crossed his face, and he pulled out his cell phone and a handful of change, transferred them to his other hand, and then pulled the cloth of his pocket inside out.

“You have got to be fucking shitting me.”

They looked at each other, then turned and put their backs to the door, looking down the steps, conspicuously absent of keys, and then at the rain. It paused slightly, then started to come down harder.

“I think they fell out when you were, uhm, you know. Wiping your feet.”

She looked at him and shook her head. “Fucking shitting me.”

His hands carefully rummaged through his pockets, one by one, until he shook his head and looked dismally over the side of the railing, down to the shrubs below. “I’ll go look for them.”

She shook her hand and grabbed his hand. “I’ll help. Come on, I’ll look on this side, you can check the other.” They started down the steps, wincing as the rain washed over them again. “You know, this is going to get my boots all muddy.”

Warm laughter popped out of him and he squeezed her hand as he nodded. “Let me know if I can help you out with that.”

She squeezed back, and smiled through the cold. “I will.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. TearyFantasies said,

    You have an uncanny ability to write from the ladies pov. The background details, the street lamps, concrete steps, really painted the picture for me. But not too much that I wasn’t able to fill in the cracks with my own interpretation.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you! 🙂

      Yeah, one of the reasons I never describe my characters physically very much (or even give them names for that matter) is that I want readers to be able to envision themselves and whatever partner (real or fictional) turns them on in the scenes, no matter what they look like. If someone can’t picture themselves doing something, I kind of feel like I’m doing it wrong.

  2. Mike said,

    Wonderful ! A really hot scene. F

  3. Mike said,

    On further reflection, what makes this piece exciting is the raw, unplanned nature of the scene. In the rain, in public (almost). Just fucking needy. More, please.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Sometimes scene happens, I’m glad it worked for you. 🙂

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