January 13, 2011

Saturday: Looking Forward to Tomorrow

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“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to church this much before…”

The magazine slipped down and her face slowly came into view. Flat eyes, poker faced. A soft swallow and then a slight crease across her forward. “I don’t know if I like that.”

A short exhalation, a stillborn laugh turned into a gasp from him. “Well, I mean, you know…”

Her tongue slid across her lip, and the magazine slapped down onto the coffee table.

He jerked back.

“No, I definitely don’t like that.” She stood up, he put his hands on the arms of the chair. “Stay.” She pointed at him as she walked out of the room.

The swish of her pants warned him she was coming back into the room. She was walking faster than usual, hungry. Predator instincts took her over to him, a hot snarling animal inside her that wanted to see her prey cowering in front of her, terrified.

*snap* *snap* “Up.”

He stood, his cock twitching in the cage he’d worn since last Sunday. Swallowed hard.

“Trousers down.” Her voice was calm, casual, detached. “Boxers too.”

The rustle of cloth hitting the floor, a clack as his metal belt hit the wood, and the second swish as his boxers followed.

The beast inside her licked it’s chops with a long, salty tongue.

He flinched when he saw her signature scrawled across the seal of the envelope, his eyes got wider when she ripped the envelope in half. A small key tumbled out.

The envelope fluttered to the floor as she grabbed his wrist, pulled his arm out and slapped the key into his hand. Her fingertips slid across his skin, their breath quickened, and the cold metal key was in his palm.

Her voice was a whisper. “Unlock it.”

His hands trembled as he put the key to the lock, turned it around, and slid it inside. A twist and the small lock seperated, the bright steel sliding out of the brass lock.

Her head tilted forward and looked down. “Take it off.”

He seperated the two halves, sliding it off his cock, feeling a twitch of panic.

She felt hot, her skin picking up the swish of her hair against her cheek, hot electricity in her fingertips, heat rolling up and down her stomach into her breasts and cunt. “Put it on the chair.”

It bounced on the chair behind him, her cunt twitching each time it hit the cloth and jolted back up.

A growl slipped out between her teeth and she twisted her hips, shoving her slacks and panties down to her knees. Her hands clamped on his shoulders, driving him down until his knees hit the floor. Her fingernails sank into his hair, pushing his skin into his skull and dragging his face into her cunt. She rubbed herself on him, jerking off on his face. Hunched over him, she shifted one leg forward, pinning him tightly. “Lick me!”

Her eyes focused on the cage, the two seperated halves as his tongue flicked around her clit, sliding up and down her slit frantically. His hips humped against the air as his cock swelled, bouncing between his spread knees. She twisted his head, making him jerk and contort his tongue, straining to reach and please her. Violent, twisting pleasure spread through her as she moaned out an orgasm and held his face tight against her. Finally, she pushed him away, his hot face slick and turning cold, gasping with breath, his cock still hard and waving between them.

She jerked her pants up, still breathing hard. “Get up. Pull up your pants.”

He stumbled up, still gasping, and dragged his pants up, awkwardly stuffing his cock back in his underwear, feeling the cloth against his skin. He shifted his hips, pulling the zipper up carefully and rearranging himself.

Her hand dragged across her mouth, and her head jerked at him. “Get the key, grab your jacket.”

They pulled on coats and shoes, the key pressing against the palm of his hand. Her fingers wrapped around the laces on her shoes, pulling the bows tight, then rolled the magazine up in her hand and stood.

The door clicked shut behind them, and they walked through the slush on the sidewalk. He tried to talk, make jokes, she walked silently, her pace gradually getting quicker. The palm of her hand smacked against the door to the post office hard, and he followed in behind her. She fished one of the large envelopes out of the bin, crossing the priority mail letterhead off with the pen. He watched dumbly while she flicked through names on her phone, finally settling on one and scrolling through the contact information.

She scratched out an address, a name he vaguely remembered as a friend from college, adding lines to the envelope. His fist clenched hard around the key, the metal biting into his palm when she wrote “Italy” and a string of numbers. Her mouth twitched into a smile as she grabbed a change of address form and flipped it over. He silently read the words upside down as she filled the back with words. “Hey, remember when we used to stay up late drinking and writing rude word bubbles for the models in these things? Good times, give me a call!” She scrawled her name below it, and stuffed it in the envelope along with the magazine.

She turned slowly to face him, holding up the envelope and pushing the sides together to hold it open. “Put my key in.”

He swallowed hard, and held the key up between them. His fingers pinched tight against the metal, and he swallowed hard.

She let him dangle, savored the tension, then threw him a lifeline. “She’ll get the magazine, and give me a call. If she doesn’t mention the key, I’ll say something about losing a key to a jewelry box and ask her to check. When she finds it, I’ll ask her to mail it back. It’ll find its way home, just be out of circulation for awhile.”

He nodded and forced his fingers apart. The key slid down inside the envelope, and she smiled as she ripped the tape off the envelope and sealed it. “Or she might not see the key, throw the envelope away immediately and you’ll be fucked.” She laughed but felt her knees go weak at the panic that flashed across his eyes. “Still looking forward to tomorrow?”

She left him standing at the desk, twitching, and walked over to the line. He hustled up beside her, standing silently as they moved forward one person at a time.

A clerk waved them forward. His heart thudded and her mouth twitched at the sound of the envelope hitting the counter. The clerk slid it onto the scale, “How would you like to send this?”

She reached down and gave his hand a squeeze as she shrugged. “First class is fine. No big hurry.” He squeezed back.

A printer hummed and spit out a label. “Ten-seventeen. Do you need a receipt.”

She started to shake her head no, then thought of him on his knees, chewing the receipt and swallowing it while she watched. “Oh, yes, please.” She pulled her hand away, reached into her purse for her wallet.

“I’ll get it.” She smiled at him and sagged a little against the counter as he got out his wallet.

“How long will it take, you think?”

The clerk shrugged as he made change. “Eight to ten days to get to Italy.” His hand jerked slightly as the clerk dropped change into it. “But the Italian postal system is pretty notorious beyond that.” She swooned a little, and twisted the receipt between her fingers.

She looked back over her shoulder as he forced himself to face forward, the envelope tossed in a plastic bin and the clerk motioning someone else forward.

Her hands were trembling, and his thoughts were packed in wool by the time they got back. She pushed her shoes off with her ankles, and walked back into the house, flopping down on the couch, looking at the black ink on her fingertips from the receipt. He sat down beside her, and she ran a hand through his hair. He leaned over against her.

“I was going to make you lick my shoes when I got back, beat your ass raw, and piss all over you, you know. Then give you the chance to put your cage back on.”

He moaned and slid closer against her.

“But I don’t want you to do it while you’re dumb and horny. I want you as clear headed as you get when you put that cage back on.” She pushed back against him. “If you do.”

She pushed herself off of him, stood up. “I’m going to take a shower. You can put the cage back on if you want to, but not for the next ten minutes. That’ll give your head some time to clear.”

She walked out of the room, and he let himself fall over on the couch behind her, looking across the room at the two pieces of plastic, and a cheap metal lock.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,


    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks. 🙂

  2. AconitE said,

    lovely dilemma. 🙂

    and yes, welcome back. we missed ya.

  3. Mike said,

    We miss you and your wonderfully SM couple.

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