February 15, 2011

Sunday: Or, Right Back Where They Started

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“So… you ready to go?”

“Uhm-hum.” She grabbed her coat off the hook, and shrugged into it, hopped down the steps, and slid into the car. Her fingers flicked her hair back into place from where the seatbelt had mussed it.

He drove in silence, she hummed. He kept glancing over at her, waiting for her to say something. Her fingers punched keys on her cell phone, sending and reading text messages.

The car slid into the nearly empty parking lot. A few older people, up early anyway, who liked to hang out in the foyer and talk. A mother and father trying to keep their kids from getting fast food on their clothes as they ate a fast food breakfast in their SUV.

He got out, breath pouring out of his mouth in the cold air, teeth chattering. She muted the phone, tossed it in her puse, and hopped out grinning. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

She followed him in, nodding as they passed people. The muscles on his back were tight, she could see him rubbing his thumb on his index finger, the way he did when he was nervous. He thought she didn’t know about that, she didn’t want to tell him otherwise.

They walked sideways down the space between the pews. He double-checked, sat down, and shrugged off his coat. She stood, watching him as he shrugged off his coat and, still leaning forward, ran his hand under the pew, sliding it along the bottom. She could hear him breathe, and bring his hand out, a small key in it. Ripped adhesive tape trailing off the end.

People shuffled in. A friend of a friend sat in front of them and made small talk. The sermon started. People looked at their watches. The sermon ended. People shuffled out.

They drove home. Went inside. Sat down.

They were quiet for some time.

“That was…” He hesitated, picking his words carefully. “I figured you’d do something more with that than you did.”

She looked over the top of her computer, then back down. “That wouldn’t have been very fair. I told you the rules, you followed them. If I had made you fail, that would have been bullshit.” The small crease over her nose appeared. “For that kind of scene at least. If I set you up to fail for funsies, I’ll make sure you know.”

He waited, to see if she would continue. “So… I can take this off?”

She shrugged. “It’s your key, Smalls.”

His pants slid down his hips, followed by his shorts. The key slid into the lock, and with a twist it popped open. The two halves seperated, and he slid them apart, laying them on the stand in front of him.

She stood up and smirked, a feral gleam in her eyes he recognized. She walked over, picked up the lock and slid it into her pocket. “My lock though. Come on.” She clamped a fist down in his hair, dragging him off the couch and along the floor. He crawled, shuffled, fell along the way as her hand jerked him along, sharp pain erupting in his scalp. When they got to the bedroom she pushed him onto his side with a foot, sat on the bed and looked down at him. “You want me to lock you up, you want me to let you out. You want to cum, you want to be denied. Sometimes I wonder what you are.”

She slid down onto the floor, rolling him onto his back. Her hand clamped down on his jaw, forcing his mouth open, peering down his throat. “Hm. What are you?” She slid open the container of toys under the bed, leaned over and pulled out a dental gag. She forced the metal into his mouth, ratcheting it open as he arched his back, drool instantly forming in the corner of his mouth. She pulled a small flashlight out flicked it on, peering into his mouth. Her fingers pulled his lips up, looking over his teeth, roaming around his mouth, feeling the skin on his cheeks and gums. “Decent teeth, whatever you are. Mostly molars, some incisors. Is it a dog? Bark for me.”

She could feel the hot air being forced out of his mouth as he tried to bark with her fingers in his mouth, the dental gag holding his jaw wide, and drool pooling in his throat. Her head shook after several tries. “Nope. Maybe a pig? Oink for me, little piggy. Maybe if you do a good enough job I’ll find a curly tail for your ass.” Strangeld sounds, like an orangutang with a concussion poured out of his mouth, and she laughed. “No, not a piggy. Maybe you’re a cow. Moo for me.” It sounded better, but awful, and the drool poured out of his mouth, running down his cheeks to the floor. She shook her head. “Wait, I know…” She pulled a dildo out of the box, shoved it down his throat, watched him flop up and down and listened to the harsh gagging sounds coming from his throat.

“It’s a cunt.” His fingers forced themselves into carpet as she rubbed herself on his sternum, forcing the dildo in and out of his mouth, coating it with spit and twisting it, rubbing it against his lips to make wet slurping sounds. He gagged and moaned as she slapped the fake wet cock on his face, shoving it into his mouth at all angles, choking and gagging him with the end, then forcing it into his cheek to distend his face. “Hm, I think definitely a cunt.”

She leaned forward. “But what cunt has eyes? That doesn’t make sense…” Her fingers pulled his eyelids up, focing the skin under his eyes down. Examining one then the other. She watched his iris bounce back and forward, saw how dilated his pupils were, felt his heart beating harder against her cunt. Leaned over him, and carefully spit in his eye. The skin slipped through her fingers, his head twisting, a spray of drool flying out as he blinked and shook his head instinctively to get the warm saliva out of his eye. She saw his arms jerking, hands still pushed tight into the carpet, and felt tremors through her cunt as he tried to stop his instincts from moving his body. She licked her lips and leaned back, breathing hard.

“What’s this?” Her hand snaked back, behind her, felt his hard cock bouncing against his stomach. “Oh, it’s not a cunt, it’s a cock. Well, that’s different.” She turned around, started to stroke him gently. “It’s just a cock. I have a lot of those. Do you know what that means?”

She looked behind him, gave a low throaty chuckle as she saw the endorphin grin wrapped around the dental gag. “Since I have so many, I can play with this one until it breaks.”

His hips lurched up and she slid her hand up and down, gently jerking him off. “You see, the thing about chastity is, it takes two things. A key, and a lock. The lock part is mine, and I don’t think you’ve been appreciative enough. So…” She felt tremors in him, watched the pre-cum roll out the tip of his cock. “I’m going to keep my lock, and I’m going to use this cock until it’s raw and sore. To fuck me. To torture. To make cum for you to lick off the floor. To humiliate you. To jerk off with until it hurts so much you just can’t stand it anymore. You see, the key is useless without the lock. By the end of the week, you’re going to be begging me for that lock. And I don’t know what I’m going to say.” She pulled a boot from under the bed, held it under his cock and started to pump harder.

He fell some place warm and safe, felt her words echo around his head as his body jerked he came. “Now, clean that up with your tongue, and get yourself hard. You’re going to fuck me, and you better do a damn good job. Because if you need extra practice, it’ll be that much longer before you’re locked safely in your cage.”

He rolled over eagerly, forced his tongue into the warm slime on her boot, eagerly licking and jerking his dick, pushing and pulling to get it hard again. Some part of him thought about going a week without the chastity until he was begging for it, lingered over the thought, and smiled. He could work with that.

It was just another form of denial.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    Welcome back, and thank you !

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you for reading. 🙂

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