April 2, 2011


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“Ma’am says, take down your trousers.”

Metallic teeth unlocking and the sound of cloth hitting the floor.

“Good boy, you remember the rules. Tell me what happens if you do something and Ma’am doesn’t say to do it?”

“I’m… out?”

A slap across his face, rocking him back on his heels. She smirked and shook her head. “Ma’am didn’t say to tell her what happened, did she? And the correct answer is, that there is a penalty.”

He felt the warmth from her slap spreading across his skin, she rubbed her fingers as the tingling in the palm of her hand spread across her chest, worked its way up her thighs. She licked her lips.

“Now, let’s play. First, tell me I look pretty today.”

He licked his lips, kept silent. She picked up scissors from the desk, and worked the cold metal edge under the waistband of his underwear, sliding the dull back along his skin. “I’m glad you’re wearing these, the elastic is practically gone. I’d hate to ruin a good pair.” She pressed her body against his, sliding the metal up and down the crease where his leg met his gut. Leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “Tell me how pretty I am.”

She could feel his heart beating faster as he swallowed hard, and made himself be quiet.

A snip and he could feel the cloth falling away from his skin, watched her look down and move the scissors to the other side of his ruined underwear. “Tell me how pretty I am.” She didn’t wait this time, the metal snick of the scissors slicing through the cloth as she crunched the plastic handle of the scissors together.

“Ma’am says look at the ceiling.” His head tilted back, his eyes fixed upward. She felt his whimper deep insider her as she put the metal edge of the scissors against one of his balls, holding it there, sawing back and forth against it. She was breathing hard, almost gasping the words, “Tell me how pretty I am.”

“Agh,” his hips jerked and twisted as he yelped, “You’re very pretty ma’am.”

Her teeth clamped down hard on his shoulder, jerking back and forth, twisting the meat and skin with her mouth. He rocked with her, trying to move in time with her body, to relieve the pressure. His hands clamped into hard fists, the fingers digging into his palms until she quit and licked the taste of his skin off her lips. “Thank you, but I didn’t say ‘Ma’am says.'”

“Ma’am says take off your shirt.” She was tired of teasing herself, of wetting her appetite. She felt hungry and cruel and powerful, and wanted to play harder. “In fact, ma’am says just get naked.”

“Ma’am says jerk off.”

His hand found his cock, started rubbing it, feeling the blood flow. Pulling and twisting, getting himself hard while she watched.

“Ma’am says no cumming, and ma’am say this is round two, where the penalties are much more severe.”

He slowed down, trying to be good. She waited, letting him push himself for her, getting hotter and wetter at her ownership of him. “Come.”

He groaned and whimpered, but remembered the rules.


His hips twisted and jerked, but he obeyed.

“Come. Orgasm. Get yourself off.” She slapped him with the words. “Don’t come.”

He tried to work through the rules in his mind, his fuzzy thoughts trying to process if not being told to not do something was a penalty until he heard her shudder. “Ma’am says hands behind your head!”

His body jerked and he slapped his hands together, behind his head, panting and heaving, his fingers locked together.

She watched him, her fingers itching. “Ma’am didn’t say not to come. Tell me what that means. Ma’am says.”

He groaned. “That means a penalty, ma’am.”

Her finger flicked hard into the tip of his cock, over and over until it softened, his body jerking with each impact. The tingling in her fingers was hotter in her chest and cunt, and she made herself wait until his cock was limp to tell him. “No, that means we’re going to keep playing until you do come, in the most obscene, humiliating way I can think of. You had your one fucking chance, and you blew it. Now I want to play some more. I think I might want to play for the whole rest of the day, tie a leash around your balls and drag you along behind me, add some color to your ass when you shuffle forward to keep your balls from getting ripped off because ma’am didn’t say to move. Have you bouncing on butt plug telling me what a whore you are. Ma’am says tell me what a whore you are.”

“I’m a cheap, useless whore ma’am.”

She smirked. “And tell me who owns your cheap whore ass?”

“You do ma’am.” The words rushed out of his mouth before he thought about the rules, and the penalty for breaking them.

She decided to just add it to the next penalty, and not remind him. Or maybe even let it slide, just this once.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


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    Loved it.

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