April 20, 2011


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“I need this…” Hard, desperate words hissed at his flickering eyes.

“You want me…” He’d seen her like this before. It was intense. Hard. Painful. Liable to get out of control. His words tumbled out faster. “To wear that?”

“I want to fuck that.” Her eyes flickered between him and the mask. “I want to hurt that.” The picture, carefully molded and glued to the rigid plastic face slid under her fingertips. “I want screams to come from that.” She dragged a nail along the jawline, scoring it. “And I want you to be wrapped up inside all the hurt I’m causing that.”

The doubts were always there, at the beginning. He nodded, got to his knees in front of her. It was so much easier than saying it.

She shook her head, and snarled down. “No, not like that. Turn around.”

Awkward shuffling in a little circle, the denim of his jeans scraping on the carpet.

The face fell to the floor. She yanked his pants down, kicked him forward so he was on hands and knees. Wrestled his pants down further until he was exposed. Slapped a roll of tape on his back and slid her finger through the mouth of the mask, lining it up with his asshole. Holding it in place with her hip while she started the tape, and started rolling it around body, pinning the mask to his ass.

The tape made the picture look even more surreal. Lines of clear plastic criss-crossed it, giving it the look of drowning victim wrapped in cellophane, the too still eyes glaring back at her accusingly.

She groaned and pushed herself to her feet, jerking her dress up and off. She’d been wearing the strapon, imagining this moment all day, feeling it slap against her thigh while she printed out photo after photo, jerking them out of the printer, until she found the perfect one. Glued it to the mask and stared at that face, getting hungrier.

Squirting lube on the fake cock was the hardest thing she had ever done, a few seconds of considerations she thought would drive her insane with hunger. She lined the cock up with the mouth, looked deep into the perfect, dead eyes, and pushed.

The lips folded and pushed back under the girth of the cock, a cadaver parody of a blowjob. Her fingertips sank into his shoulders, forcing his head to the floor so that the face stared back up at her. She pushed harder. He whimpered, she ground her hips. He whimpered some more, and with those lips wrapped around her cock she jerked his hips up and slammed them down, thrusting forward, using his body to drive the base of the cock into her clit.

She heard his animal gurgles, imagined they were coming from the mouth wrapped around her cock. The choking sounds of strangulation and vomit. The glazed eyes sinking into unconsciousness from lack of oxygen. She slid the cock out, to let the face under her breath. If it wasn’t awake, it couldn’t hurt.

Shit stained lubricant pooled and dribbled down the bottom lip, a degrading trail winding its way downward. Something inside her twitched and her hips slammed forward, specks of filth flying off the base of the cock and splattering on those perfect cheekbones, disgusting freckles that stank of silicone and human filth.

She fucked it, felt the face buck and roll beneath her. Heard the sobs and cries, then the dull, broken whimpers. Knew he could take more. Ripped into his body harder.

Felt herself getting hotter, wetter, closer to that ecstatic moment of divinity. Ground her body against the meat underneath her, violating it, feeling it rip and tear. Sank her thumbs into the eyes of the mask, pushing them forward, feeling it tear beneath her. Saw those eyes fall apart into shreds, and turned her hands into claws, tearing, ripping, shredding.

The face under her disintegrated. She came. Fell to the floor, twitching, shredded pieces of paper falling around her. She’d be grateful later, tell him thank you, laugh and joke about it, they both knew that, and they both knew why she didn’t do it right now. Right now, she needed this.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    “I want to fuck that.” Her eyes flickered between him and the mask. “I want to hurt that.” What a way to start! Hard, delicious, exciting. Great scene !

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. Femsup said,

    So so inventive and you really capture the need to desecrate your boy.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks, although in the interest of full disclosure it’s the sub-male doing the writing on these.

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