June 27, 2011


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Steam and sudsy water pooled around her arms as she scrubbed a plate. “Huh. Well, thank you for asking me.” A pause as she ran the plate under cold water and passed it to him. “How badly do you want it?” He had won the coin toss, and she washed while he dried.

Sometimes winning had repercussions.

“Pretty badly?” He kept his voice light, hesitant and vague as he ran the towel in lazy circles around the plate. Uncertainty better than a firm line for her to try to move or cross just for the challenge.

She snorted and flicked a bubble at him off the end of her middle finger. “You’re playing it safe. Which is cute, and might even help you out a little.” She jerked the plug out of the drain, and turned on the cold water. It slid over her hands while she thought. “Hm. I’m not really in a strap-on head-space lately, but I’ll tell you what: Make my cock happy enough, I mean be really nice to it, and I’ll shove it in your ass. Deal?”

He licked his lips. “Deal.”

She reached around him, laughed when he flinched, and grabbed another towel off the counter. “Relax.” Her lopsided smirk focused on his face as she dried her hands, and she tossed the towel on the counter when she was done. “Come on, let me introduce you to your new best friend.”


He slept with the hard plastic cock under his pillow that night. A joke that maybe the dildo fairy would come and leave him a quarter had put him on his knees, apologizing to the life-like phallus.

“You should never joke about friends going away.”

Her foot slapped against his balls from behind, and his body jerked up. The dildo jiggled in front of him like an obscene altar as he asked its forgiveness between sobs.

When she finally announced it was mollified, he had crawled into bed and slipped it under his pillow, still gasping and sweating, the hard lump reminding him he had asked for this. His own cock twitched.


He was choking, gagging, drool from his mouth mixing with tears and snot that ran down his face as the plastic rod scraped along his throat. The dildo stuck up proudly in the center of the plate, suction cupped in place, chunks of half chewed pasta and a cheese and bile slime sliding down the black veins. He licked along the length, chewing and forcing his face back down on the cock.

She watched, cunt twitching, forcing herself to stay poker faced as she took a bite of her own mac and cheese. “It was very nice of you to cook my dildos favorite meal.” She dabbed her lips as he smeared his tongue down the cock, a pool of slime and white chunks collecting on the tip before he wrapped his lips around the cock again. “And you’re doing a lovely job of feeding it.” Deep, twisting sounds from inside him made her pause, and look carefully. “Puke and you’ll be eating that as well.”

A sip of water, the sound of his gagging slowing down, getting quieter, but still pushing against something deep inside of her. “Of course, sometimes my dildo likes to go out to eat. We’ll be do that tomorrow.”


The khakis were the only pants he owned with pockets deep enough to hold his new friend, and he still made sure to position his arm carefully as he walked to their table. She followed along smirking, watching him watch her, wondering what she would do.

They had just finished ordering when she took a deep breath and looked at him with flat, dangerous eyes. “My cock is very thankful, but to tell you the truth, its motives were less than honorable. It just wants a blowjob.” She watched him start to look around and could see his breathing get harder, his hands clench the edge of the table. “No, not here, unlike a whore like you my cock has a sense of decency. Take it to the bathroom, get in a stall on your knees, and give it a blowjob. Send me some pictures, and I’ll text you when it’s satisfied. You can come back then.”

She watched him wordlessly walk away, both arms positioned carefully now. When he rounded the corner she got up herself, went to the ladies room, and walked with long, hurried strides to a stall.

Her skirt and panties were pulled down, and her phone chimed. A picture of him on his knees with a mouth full of plastic dick, his head over the toilet bowl, the top half of his head out of frame. She came hard, jerking and spasming, burying the sounds deep inside of her.

She fixed herself, enjoyed her meal, the phone on her lap flashing pictures of his defiled face every few minutes. When he got the text and came back she was standing by the table, his meal in a neat cardboard box.

They walked out together, and made small talk on the way home.

He finished his meal, the dildo beside his plate, while she went in the other room and woke up the computer. His stomach rolled when she came back with a picture frame. The picture showed his eyes tightly closed and his cheek distorted from the head of the plastic dick in his mouth. The blue of a bathroom stall wall and corner of a toilet paper dispenser just behind his head. A trace of drool that had slipped out of his mouth and caught on the balls of the dildo glistened in reproduced color.

She propped it carefully in front of him, and leaned over to whisper in his ear. “I thought you should have a picture of the two of you together.”

She walked out of the room, and he put the rest of the meal in the fridge, not hungry anymore.


The dildo was chained around his neck, a bulky padlock holding it tight against his skin.

It had “missed him” while he was at work. He also suspected it had been seeing his girlfriend behind his back, but knew better than to make the accusation out loud. It was best to stay on the good side of the fake cock.

He was already naked and had shaved his crotch clean, or rather “dressed like you two are twins!” Best not to push things further.


The dildo had wanted to play, and had easily won the game of Hide and Go Seek. He had wasted precious time, convinced it was in her cunt, or taped to her leg under her dress, while it had lurked under the couch.

The penalty for losing was watching it fuck his girlfriend, slapping into her cunt while she laid on her back on the bed. The rope and handcuffs held him to the chair, clothespins worked into a zipper ran from his tongue to the tip of his cock.

She had already told him she’d be pulling the zipper off when she came. He shifted restlessly, watching her slide the fake cock back and forth, hoping she would come soon.


He was on all fours. He sucked in deep breaths and blew them out raggedly, scrambled animal sounds and deep moans coming from between his lips.

He had come home with cake, ice cream, a birthday card, a gift wrapped package, and balloons. The balloons floated above them in a shining silver halo as he opened the box to show her the cake. A chocolate icing on chocolate cock with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” scrawled down the length.

She finally stopped laughing, fanning herself with her hand, deep breaths and more laughter until she looked at him, face flushed and smiling. “Okay, I have to now. You threw a birthday party for a dildo. I pretty much just have to fuck you in the ass now, not as a top, but as a member of the human race I just have to.”

They shared cake and ice cream off the same plate after dinner, watching television and smooshed against each other, wrapped even tighter in the shower afterwards. She had pushed him to his knees, and pulled his face tight against her cunt, letting him lick and suck on her clit until she was hot and ready.

Shoved him down to the floor and worked the harness around her waist, pulling the straps tight, and licked her lips. She paused just a second, and then shoved.

“I knew you two would hit it off.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    So good ! Thank you, thank you.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      De nada, de nada.

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