July 22, 2011

Ransom II

Posted in stories tagged at 2:20 am by littlesubmissions

She followed the sound of his footsteps into the bathroom, staying just out of sight. Leaned against the wall outside and watched him strip under the bright lights, evaluating him, mentally dissecting him and turning him into a list of body parts to control and hurt.

The snick snack of the scissor blades sliding over each other, the bend of his legs as he leaned down over the toilet and pulled skin one way and then the other. The harsh buzz of the electric razor as he pulled it across his skin, wincing as it caught the hair and pulled. She watched the muscles move under his skin, imagined them writhing and clenched in pain. She walked towards him.

“Turn around.” The distorted voice was louder in the small room, and reverberated off the tile walls and smooth floor. “Hands behind your head, lock your fingers.”

He turned around as she started to kneel, then locked his hands behind his head as she stepped back and nodded. “I have a better idea, climb up on the toilet. You can use your arms long enough to do that.”

He shuffled around carefully to face her once he was on the lid of the toilet, and wrapped his hands back behind his head. She pulled a marker out of her pocket, popped the lid off, and looked up at him, smirking. The tip was cold across his skin as she dragged it in a vertical line. Letters formed across the freshly shaved skin, turning into words.

“Property of MAAM?” His cock twitched.

“That’s right.” She smirked up at him and nodded, not bothering with the voice disguiser.

“You realize that, as an Agent of PEEG, it is my duty to escape you?”

“PEE-IG?” A bounce of her head to one side as she said it.

“People Exhibiting External Genitalia.”

She laughed, and poked him hard in the stomach with the end of the marker. “We at MAAM have ways of dealing with PEEG agents. Get down from there, and turn back around. I think I have just the solution for your PEEG’ish insolence…”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Femsup said,

    I like that he is guilty from the start for having external genitalia a sort of orgional sin.He is male and thus destined to be hurt and controlled.

    • littlesubmissions said,


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