August 18, 2011

Ransom IV

Posted in stories tagged at 3:04 am by littlesubmissions

The distorted, animal sounds filled the small room. She looked down, enjoying the moment, watching him contort his body for her. Her blank expression filled his vision as she knelt down in front of him, watching. Glancing from his eyes to the mirror behind him, the curled end of the plug bouncing from side to side as he jerked his hips.

She let herself take in the sight, felt the cold hungry sensation taking over. Let herself see him as something less than human, a thing to give her pleasure.

Her tongue slipped over her lips, and she moved around beside him. Her fingers wrapped around his bouncing balls, feeling the tension of his skin as he moved his hips. Her other hand slipped down her pants, found her clit, and started to rub slowly.

Her fist clenched around his balls, his body jerked, her cunt twitched against her fingers, and he screamed.

“I’d try harder if you want me to stay entertained.”

The animal sounds pouring out of his throat got louder, more frantic, and his hips gyrated harder. She let his balls pull her hand along, rubbing her fingers in time to his grunts.

She felt her fingers slowing down, heard him pause long enough to swallow and draw in a deep breath before she clamped down again.

He could hear the lust in her voice. “You shouldn’t stop. I get bored when you stop.”

Spit ran down his chin and beads of sweat formed on his skin as he grunted and twisted. She waited patiently, enjoying the feelings traveling from her fingers wrapped around his balls, through her body, and down her other hand into her cunt. Inevitably, he tired, or slowed, or choked on the drool pooling in his mouth that he was too afraid to stop and swallow. Inevitably, she crushed flesh between her fingers, tearing pain and pleasure out of meat.

The sounds of his oinking filled the room as she came, her hand clamped around his balls, both their hips twisting. She sat back, pushed him over on his side, and offered him her fingers as he twitched and curled up into a ball.

He sucked on them greedily, and she enjoyed the warm glow while they rested, waiting to start again.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    Well done. Great scene. Love it.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks Mike!

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