September 16, 2011

Charity Slave Auction

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Sorry for the delay, had a hell of a time with this one.

He’d felt self-conscious all night, and gratefully sank to the floor in front of her, leaning back against the couch, moaning as she ruffled his hair.

She pulled at the hair at the crown of his skull, dragging his head back, exposing his throat, looking at his eyes. “How’s your head space?”

He blinked slowly, considering the question. It was hard to think without pushing away the warm fog. “Okay. Feeling kind of self conscious and nervous.”

She pushed his head forward, leaning over him, looking down at his back and consulting a small notebook in her hand. “That’s normal, you’ve never been merchandise before, as far as I know.” She leaned down closer, whispered in his ear. “You should know that several people have been interested.”

He moaned and slumped down. With her fist in his hair he could only see the lower legs of people walking around the room, mingling in the corners, crossing from one end of the room to the other to pickup snacks and drinks. He wondered which of them had been interested, and what in…

“So very interested in such a cheap whore…”

The people with numbers on ribbons hanging around their necks were the merchandise. Even if they were interested, they weren’t allowed to buy. He watched a woman stop another man, he couldn’t remember his name, and jerk his pants down, inspecting him. She noted the torments he had written on his body, things he was willing to accept, and went off to find who was handling his bids. She had done the same to him, he could remember the feel of her gloves on his skin as she silently appraised him, a cost-benefit analysis of his potential pain.

“I spent more than I should have, to tell the truth, but I so love when I’m paying you for it.”

People were starting to settle down, and the auction would start soon. Each piece of merchandise there had provided a list of twelve things they would suffer, each buyer assigned a dollar value to the torment they wished to buy. Pretty simple.

“Sometimes it’s even better than taking it from you.”

He twitched a little. It had sounded like a good way to quickly get in over his head when she had suggested it, and he had told her so. She had listened, then talked him through it, excited, grinning, helped him put together a list. Only six couples, so at most it would be her and five others torturing him. He knew the tops involved, had met them all at one time or another. Even played with a couple. Told him what they were in to, so he could offer what they would be eager to buy. No competition with the other submissives, everyone would get their turn.

“But I’ll still do that too.”

Eventually it had been her enthusiasm that had convinced him to try it, although part of him still thought the whole thing was way too complicated. Being such an active participant in his own pain had been hard, making a list of such intimate actions to offer to others.

“By the way…”

He remembered the chemical smell and wet scratch of magic marker over his skin when they had arrived as she transcribed the list they had made. The tension over the evening had built, the dehumanizing sensation of being priced, evaluated, and treated like meat wrapping around him. He slumped against her, and heard her start breathing harder.

“One of the things I wrote on your back…”

He could dimly tell the room had gone silent, the results had been added up, announcements would be made in a few seconds. He could feel the heat of her skin, and started to sweat, felt brief pieces of panic tugging at him.

“Isn’t from your list.”

He twitched, shoved hard back against her, twisted his neck to feel her fingers wrapped tight around his hair. A flood of warm sensation washed over him, and he felt safe and calm. Back under her control, it was just what he had needed.

Someone cleared their throat at the front of the room, and he looked up, eager to find out what he had been sold for.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    Nice. This sets the scene but leaves lots to the imagination. I like it.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks Mike, it’s a trick I swiped from the dinosaur days of the internet by an author named Deirdre (although the kinks in her stories were much more varied than mine).

      You can find her stories at

      if you’re interested.

  2. Ranai said,

    This is very erotic for me. It starts with an arousing act – pulling his head back, exposing his throat – and maintains, increases the tension, until it reaches her crowning words.

    Even with the sharing with other people stuff it is intimate all the way. You achieve the goal of showing how they manage to do the sharing as something which still mainly happens between the two of them.

    Only thing I could personally have done without is the ‘cheap whore’ comment, as I find the idea of ‘expensive whore’ more interesting.

    The alternation between conversation, descriptive text and memories is well crafted. A pleasure in content and form.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you, Ranai. I wanted to do a non-competitive “slave” auction, and having submissives participate in the creation of the scene is always something I’m interested in. I’m glad it (mostly 🙂 ) worked for you.

  3. Ranai said,

    Will we perhaps find out how the bids are made, and what happens next…?

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Maaaaaaaaaaybe… 😉

      Let me see what I can do.

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