October 5, 2011

Charity Slave Auction III: Whispered Words

Posted in stories tagged at 12:18 pm by littlesubmissions

“Share me with everyone in the room…” She whispered the words in his ear, drowning out the world. “Quite the little slattern, aren’t we?”

He shuddered and nodded, a reflexive jerk of his head. Obeying was easier than thinking, so much warmer and safer.

“I wonder what it will be like, everyone knows you’re waiting at the end of the night. Do you think the scenes before will satisfy them, or just make them hungrier?”

A shuddered breath, images of being torn apart by their nails and teeth wrapped around his thoughts.

She let it go, decided not to make him answer.

“You’re very lucky you’re bought but not paid for yet. I’ll play by the rules. I won’t make you come now, because that would just make it all so much harder wouldn’t it?”

He knew his body jerked again, but couldn’t seem to attach the sensation to anything that was him. He heard a whimper, but the sound was far off. It was like an echo coming back to him, barely perceptible, the sensation of his body remote.

“But when we start to play… If you don’t want to come first thing, you better start figuring out how to convince me… convince us… because it’s on the menu. The menu you made.”

Part of him heard her words, made himself start thinking. Left the safety of just obeying without thought and started considering, planning, analyzing how to become a part of his own destruction. Actively working to please her instead of passively accepting what happened.

He considered the others, what he would do for them, and then they fell out his thoughts. Whatever they did for a night he could handle, and he was going home with her. Her happiness was what mattered.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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