April 25, 2012


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“You really think I can’t torture you with something you enjoy?”

He shrugged.  “Well, sure you could in some ways, like when pizza burns the roof of your mouth or you could drown me in pineapple and cottage cheese.”  He bit the tip of his tongue, mentally rehearsing his words, choosing them carefully.  “I guess what I’m trying to say is that it has to be something I don’t enjoy to qualify as sadism.  Even if I normally enjoy something, it has to be changed in some way to make me not enjoy it to qualify as sadism.  It’s practically the definition of sadism.”

“I disagree.”  Her smirk challenged him to keep arguing.  “And find your lack of faith in my sadism a little annoying.”  One eyebrow lifted and her head did a pair of slow rolls, mock offense in her voice.  “And I wonder if you would like to make a wager of it?”

“That you can torture me with pleasure without changing it to pain or something else?”  He spoke slowly.

She nodded.  “You will only feel pleasure, and you will hate it.”

He looked at the ceiling, thought through any possible loopholes, searched for angles while she dangled her foot, rocking her leg back and forth.  “And the usual limits?  No heroin or anything?” 

Her laugh turned into a snort.  “Yeah, no, I won’t be buying narcotics.  Normal limits and safewords and no felonies.”

“Okay, it’s a bet.”

Her feet thumped on the floor, and she ruffled his hair as she walked past.  The printer tray made a clunk as she pulled it open and counted five sheets of paper from the top of the pile.  She handed him the paper and a pen, went back to her chair and started typing on her laptop.  “Write five fantasies.  Five things that would give you shower jerkoff material for a year.  Just make them realistic, things that I could make happen in a scene.”  Her eyes locked with is over the top of the computer.  “No sex in space, movie starlets, or permanent changes to our relationships.  I think you can have it done by bedtime, but if not, no big.  You’ll just have to wait a little longer to find out what’s going to happen.”

He shrugged, settled into the couch, and started scribbling ideas, crossing words out, going back over scenarios.  Playing them out in his head, shifting on the couch, writing, reading, re-writing, re-reading.  Feeling his cock get hard, looking at her, imagining her doing the things he was describing on the paper to him, to herself.  Imagined having free rein with her body.

She had brushed her teeth and showered by the time he was done.  He met her in the bedroom, passed her the sheets of paper with a trembling hand.

“Good boy.”  She skimmed, grinned, and handed them back.  “Now, pick one, and I’ll make it happen.”  She pushed up against him.  “And the others won’t.  I’ll keep them around though, and read them to you like bedtime stories, just to remind you of what you didn’t chose.  So, do I win?”

He struggled for a second, trying to remember what she was talking about.  “The bet?”  He wanted to deny it, a small flash of spite that melted at her curled lip.  “Yeah, I think you do.”

“I always do.”

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Anna said,

    I just love your blog. I just love ❤ Thank you for sharing.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you, and you are very welcome.

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