January 16, 2013


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She let the jaws move closer together, almost snapping shut, then moving them back open. Pushing them into his flesh but never quite letting them close. “Sir, sir, may this useless slut please put another clothespin on your balls?” Her voice was a breathy exhalation, a Monroe whisper cranked up to eleven.

His body twitched and jerked against the restraints as he laughed, the clothespins already on his body bouncing and pulling his skin away at odd angles. “Ow, fuck, no you useless slut, and it hurts when I laugh already…” His gasps of laughter turned into a sharp exhalation as he felt tight jaws pushing the skin around the long vein on his cock together.

“Oh sir, this slut is sorry for being so stupid, she should have known to put it on your magnificent cock.” The word ended in a snort of her own laughter as she picked up another clothespin. “May this stooooopid, useless slut please put another clothespin on your balls now sir, master, most domly of dommes?”

He nodded and ground out a “Yes” from between clenched teeth.

“Oh thank you sir, thank you so much!” He could feel the clothespin moving from left to right, bouncing against the other pins already on him, left to right and back again. “Oh sir, this little cunt is so sorry she is just helpless without you to tell her what to do. Are you ordering her to put the clothespin on your balls?” She ran the end of the wooden jaws around the tip of his cock, letting him feel it and think about the potential consequences of his answer.

He pitched his voice as low as he could, and intoned carefully, reading her words back to her in a hyper-gendered male cartoon voice, “Yes little cunt, your domly domme is ordering you to put the clothespin on his balls.”

The jaws clamped down and they both gasped, him in pain, her in excitement.

She waited for the tension in his shoulders to disappear, then leaned down, her teeth biting down on his earlobe, worrying it, then opening slightly. “What should this little tart do now sir, she just doesn’t know, all her brains are in her pussy and tits, she needs an owner to tell her what to do so badly.”

He waited for her to stop, trying to think of the least painful alternative, then shrugged. “How about a blowjob?”

The laughter slipped out from between her lips, and pushed her cheeks up into a grin. “Oh master, thank you for letting this little slut be your cocksucker whore…” Strong fingers pulled his hair back and slipped the gag into his mouth, dropping his face back onto the pillow and tightening the straps around his head. “She promises she’ll make it a very long and very thorough blowjob…” His hips twitched and legs spasmed as she took off the clothespins… “And she doesn’t deserve your dommly cum in her slutty whore mouth, so she promises not to make you cum, and she’ll lock your cock up nice and tight so she doesn’t just impale all her holes one after the other on your cock because they’re so fucking hot for you…”

A fingernail carved a red line up his back until it reached his neck, then she leaned down to whisper in his ear again.

“And then we’ll see what orders you have.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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