March 11, 2013


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“Hm, what are you?” She pushed his face with small fingers, smooshing and distorting his features. The small horizontal line at the top of her nose appeared and her eyes narrowed. “Someone said that to carve an elephant, you just take a piece of marble and cut off all the pieces that don’t look like an elephant.”

He forced his hands to remain at his sides, trying to figure out when to hold his head still against the pressure and when to let her move it back and forth. “I think my peanut allergy makes me not an elephant, ma’am…”

She half-smirked, but her eyes didn’t lose their focus. “Tell me then. Tell me what kind of animals you think you might be, while I play with my cunt and see which one makes he hottest.”

He licked his lips, staring while she started rubbing her slit. “I’m… I might be a… dog ma’am?”

She wriggled her shoulders and settled farther back. “Details. What’s a dog like, pet?”

His weight shifted as his mind moved in different directions. “It’s kept on all fours by a humbler ma’am, with a collar and leash around its neck. It eats out of a bowl on the floor, and it has a tail it wags when its owner comes home, and licks her boots…”

“And when its bad?” Her fingers started to move faster.

“It has a muzzle put on, so it can’t lick your cunt, and it has to drink from the toilet, and it sleeps in a cage.”

“Interesting. What else might you be?”

He tried to think, focus on her cunt, and ignore his cock twitching and the pain in his knees all at the same time. “A cat ma’am, with a bell on its collar, and its cock locked up. With ears and a tail, and its cocked locked up. It’s only allowed to lick…”

He swallowed hard as she slid two fingers up and insider herself.

“Keep going.”

“Erm… I might be a pig ma’am, with a pig tail, who eats table scraps off the floor. It gets pissed on, and jerks off for you and your friends-”

“My friends too?”

“Yes ma’am, it wears a pig mask and jerks off for you and-”

She started rubbing faster. “How is your jerking off supposed to make us hot?”

His hips twitched involuntarily. “It jerks off but isn’t allowed to cum until it gets permission, and oinks and squeals to and does tricks until its allowed to come, and then begs to lick its filth off the floor…”

Her legs locked, and her body shuddered.

He leaned closer, and swallowed hard.

She smiled and leaned in closer as well. “What kind of animal are you?” She shoved her fingers in his mouth as he opened it, rubbing her wet fingers on his tongue. “It was rhetorical that time. I’m going to tell you what kind of animal you are.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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  1. Ayesha said,

    I once met a man who wanted to be an elephant. A french maid elephant to be precise.

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