May 29, 2013

Psychologically Speaking

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Found in the papers of a prominent 1950s psychiatrist, widely regarded as a ground-breaker in the field of conditioning, although generally viewed as questionable by current ethical standards. Appears to be a rough draft of a lab report or academic paper. It does not appear to have been published.

Abstract: This paper demonstrates the powerful influence Freud’s hypothesized Thanatos (death) and Eros (love) instincts can have upon individual behavior when coupled with traditional Pavlovian conditioning. Subject was conditioned to obey, suffer, and eroticize pain through being conditioned to associate it not only with the Eros instinct, but the Thanatos instinct. Specifically, subject was conditioned to take pleasure in the seeking, or desire for, the pleasure of another at the expense of his own pleasure.

Through careful building of endorphins during the sex act, subject has been conditioned to accept light pain. Smacks on the buttocks, bites, pinches, and “accidental” crushing of the testicles with the thighs have all contributed to the association of pain immediately before orgasm.

Subject has also been forced into an extremely rigorous sexual schedule through subtle appeals to male vanity. Subject has accustomed to, and it is hoped even addicted to, several orgasms per day. Orgasm, but not sex, will now be withdrawn for a period of days.

Subject is experiencing difficulty achieving erection without the presence of pain, demonstrating the validity of conditioning techniques. Subject can also sustain an erection for some time if the penis is stimulated while the subject feels pain. Subject does not appear to be consciously aware of this phenomena, but does demonstrate stereotypical male pride or shame in the duration of the sex act when questioned.

Subject has, finally, realized association between orgasm and pain. Has approached primary investigator carefully, asking about the possibility of pain and the orgasm being linked as “interest in her work.” Investigator has mentioned it is possible, but sexuality varies widely from person to person.

Subject professes to find the topic interesting, and “jokingly” stated they would be up to experimentation. Primary investigator stated they would consider it, but has reservations based upon ethical concerns.

Subject absurdly grateful at being beaten. Orgasm can appear to be delayed indefinitely, with subject brought to the edge and held there through the introduction of pain, but not able to achieve orgasm without at least some stimulation of the penis. Subject has stated that this is the best sex of their life, and has been conditioned to plead and beg for both orgasm and pain.

At this stage subject has come to view primary investigator as the sole source of sexual relief, and pain as a necessary prerequisite for “good orgasms.”

As subject’s tolerance of pain increases, he has been dispatched to buy implements to heighten this pain. Whips, crops, rubber hose, clothes pegs, belts. Subject seems to enjoy this activity, and has begun seeking out implements for their own torture without prompting.

With subject engaging in their own conditioning physically, it was felt that it was only necessary to actively further condition their desire for emotional pain. Subject was already open to the idea of restraint, and actively sought pain, which was used to move into the realm of restraint.

With subject restrained, objects began to be inserted into their ass. A bench and several good lengths of rope not only restrained the subject admirably, but left them in a defenseless position reminiscent of a four legged animal, for example a dog, cow, or pig.

Primary investigator is becoming increasingly convinced men will eroticize anything if it is done in the moment before orgasm. Subject appeared to feel shame at having achieved orgasm as two fingers were jammed in his anus, but did not note that it caused excessive discomfort or should be avoided in the future.

After sufficient trials of the above, subject actively seeks anal stimulation during coitus through body positioning and verbal pleas. Subject has also become engaged in their own emotional debasement. Subject has become entirely dismissive of vanilla sex, and will now place himself nude, on the bench, and bark to indicate a desire for sexual relief.

Primary investigator has encouraged subject to assist in their emotional suffering as they have in their physical suffering. For example, subject has sent to the store to buy a cucumber to be inserted into their anus. Subject came back with a moderately sized specimen, and was told it was insufficient. Subject was then told to return to the store, and buy two additional cucumbers, and a tin of Crisco.

When subject returned, he was given the choice of performing fellatio on one cucumber or having them both inserted into his ass simultaneously. Without further prompting, subject has begged to perform fellatio on the cucumber while being vigorously sodomized.

Subject has thoroughly been conditioned to associate his suffering with the pleasure of another now, and can be moved towards the final phase.

Subject had found interest in certain Victorian era restraints and medical equipment on their own, and was easily convinced to purchase a penis cage. This device locks around the scrotum, and prevents masturbation or erection through the simple expedient of preventing physical contact with the male genitalia; therefore, orgasm is impossible.

While the subject’s penis is locked within this cage, it can be supplied with as much pain as the physical and emotional psyche can withstand, without orgasm. Subject has been locked in this cage for two weeks now, and still craves physical and emotional pain despite knowing it may not orgasm while it is restrained within the cage.

Subject has been conditioned to associate its own orgasms with failure, and enjoys the desire of the orgasm far more than the actual act. Subject debases itself by kneeling and licking the primary investigator’s shoes, feet, and buttocks as a show of respect for the owner of their genitalia and orgasms.

Despite potential ethical concerns, the extremely important nature of this work has demanded that the primary investigator move the subject into the final phase of conditioning. Subject has been informed of the nature of the study, and that data gathering is over (somewhat falsely, the primary investigator must admit).

Subject has been offered the option of a return to conventional marital sexual relations, or permanent placement into the genital restraint device, with release entirely at the discretion of the primary researcher.

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Found in the papers of a prominent 1950s psychiatrist, widely regarded as a ground-breaker in the field of conditioning, although generally viewed as questionable by current ethical standards. Appears to be a journal. Possibly (likely) related to above document.

I’ve always been more intrigued by pain than pleasure, but never was sure how to tell anyone. Lately though, she has begun to inflict light pain in bed, and even though I should be able to talk about, I can’t. So I’ve been doing what I can to encourage her…

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Going to try something new and add a preview of the next story to the tail end of the current one. Let me know if it works for you or not. I don’t really think there can be much of a spoiler for most of these (people fuck and stuff is pretty much the extent of my plots), but if it absolutely sucks… well, less typing for me.

Her teeth clamped down on his shoulder and she started running her hands up and down his sides, not stopping, watching his face as his jaw clenched, biting down into the latex column, his muscles jerking and twitching, his whole body moving in harder, but less frequent spasms until his back was arched with her lying on top of him, his body paralyzed, only the wet gurgling sounds coming from his throat proving he wasn’t a corpse in some horrible rigor mortis.


  1. Mike Cook said,

    Good little sketch. I enjoyed it a lot. Each paragraph allowed lots of room for my imagination. Thanks. I always enjoy your work.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting.

  2. Brugmansia said,

    You are so brilliant. I loved this!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks much!

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