May 31, 2013


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“I think I look a little bit like the Lone Ranger with this on.” He arched his head imperiously, trying to look dignified tied to the bed with a black sleeping mask over his eyes.

“Pretty sure the Lone Ranger had holes in his mask. So he could, you know, see where the horse was going.” She reached behind herself to unhook her bra, and tossed it overhand into the dirty laundry hamper. “I always liked the Cisco Kid more anyway. He had a tinge of cruelty, sometimes.”

“Maybe if I had a white hat? Or a Native American friend?” He rolled his shoulders, pulling his arms against the ropes stretching to the corners of the bed. “I do have to draw the line at bringing a horse into the bedroom though.”

She kicked her panties off, picked them up and threw them after her bra. “No horses? I don’t recall that being on your list of hard limits.”

“But think of what hooves would do to this carpet.” He felt her weight on the bed and moved his head in her direction, the world still black. “We’d never get our damage deposit back.”

She pursed her lips, nodded. “I suppose. But what if I want a ride?” She frowned. “Hold on, change of plans.” She stalked across the room to the closet and slid out the chest of toys.

“You plan these?”

She looked back at him, stood up with her hands on her hips. “Yeah, I plan these! You thought I didn’t?”

He noticed the tone of her voice. “I’m not complaining, I just figured you were more like a force of nature, like a hurricane, or, you know, polio, or something.”

“Polio?” She walked back across the room and punched him hard, in the crease where his leg met his torso. “I’m polio now?”

His body jerked, and a gasp ran out of his mouth. “Not in a bad way, not in a crippled FDR way, just in a, very, naturally talented at what you do way.”

She watched him carefully, trying to decide if he was trying to push her buttons. Finally shook her head and walked back across the room to the closet. “Whatever.”

She stomped back with a dildo in her hand, shoved the base in his mouth. “Here, hold this. Maybe it’ll even keep you from putting your foot in your mouth any more.” She straddled his chest, situating herself, and muttered. “Probably need a lot bigger cock for that though. Ass.” She reached around and punched him again.

He remained silent. It seemed safest.

“So, about this ride, which you are going to give me, in light of your decision to place carpet and damage deposits over my pleasure.”

His body tensed up, and he swallowed hard.

“I don’t have spurs, but I do have another means of controlling you. I don’t think you’ll like it much. But. Do a good job, and I’ll ride that cock sticking out of your mouth. Do a very good job, and I’ll ride that cock sticking out of your pelvis. Ready?”

He nodded, the cock jutting from his mouth bobbing obscenely, the cock behind her twitching as she rubbed her ass against it. His hands turned into clenched fists, and he forced all the air out of his lungs, waiting for whatever came next.

She ran her fingers lightly across his ribs.

He twitched, snorted a laugh around the latex in his mouth, and tried to hold still.

She ran her fingers over him again, and got a similar result. “Oh good. Now remember to keep that cock in your mouth.” Her hands started moving faster, playing his body a well trained animal.

She ground her pelvis into his sternum, leaning down and running her fingers across his body. Slower, then faster as the mood took her. Listening to his mad howls, partially chocked off by the mouthful of cock. Feeling his body writhe and twitch underneath her, using his skin to jerk herself off. Pulling one hand away to play with her tits, or rub her clit, working him into a frenzy so that his body kept twitching even when she pulled both hands away and used them to to pleasure herself.

She worked his body, making it rock from side to side and twist faster and slower, then faster again. Watching the drool fly out of his mouth and splatter on his face and the pillow as his head jerked manically from side to side. Watching him loose all control of his body as it pounded from side to side, up and down, held in place by the ropes but still trying to escape the torment. Losing all control to animal instinct and blind physical responses.

And her controlling it all.

She slid down, laying on top of him and smashing her tits into his chest. Rubbing her nipples up and down, letting him rest for a minute. Then starting again with her fingers, feeling his body thrash with as much of herself as possible. Lying on top of him, trying to hold him down, enjoying the sensation of the muscles under his skin moving and rubbing against her. Wrapping her legs around his and feeling his body bounce them both around and jerk them from side to side.

“What was it he used to say? Hey-o Silver, away?”

Her teeth clamped down on his shoulder and she started running her hands up and down his sides, not stopping, watching his face as his jaw clenched, biting down into the latex column, his muscles jerking and twitching, his whole body moving in harder, but less frequent spasms until his back was arched with her lying on top of him, his body paralyzed, only the wet gurgling sounds coming from his throat proving he wasn’t a corpse in some horrible rigor mortis.

“God, I wish I could just keep you like this forever. Maybe I could inject you with polio, paralyze you and turn you into a tube fed cock for me to fuck whenever I felt like.” She stopped moving her hands, and felt his body gradually relax, the gurgling turning to sobs, tears running down his face, the sweat mingling on their bodies.

“Give it.” She jerked the cock out of his mouth, spit in it while he was still gasping for air, and jammed the base back into his gaping hole. “Good, you didn’t leave any teeth marks. Now, it’s time for your first reward. Think you can give me a good enough ride to earn the second?”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Preview: We all have to make sacrifices. Tonight, I’m going to sacrifice you.

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