June 5, 2013

Paying For It

Posted in stories at 6:57 am by littlesubmissions

The horrible feeling of being stretched filled his body. “Ah, fuck, please, please take it out?” He could feel the plastic pushing against his body, changing it, every time he took a breath.

She wished she could see his face. “Hm, I don’t think that would do anything at all for me though. I like your pretty little ass all plugged. You keep wiggling your hips, and take those little mincing steps when you walk.” Next time she’d put a mirror in front of him, so she could watch his expression as she worked the plug in and out of his body, sliding it back and forth until it popped inside of him.

He clenched his teeth and sucked in air. “Fuck, it just really…” He forced the air out between his jaw. “It’s really big.”

“I know. That’s the point. And if I take it out now, I’ll have wasted all that lube. Are you going to tell me I wasted my lube on your worthless asshole?” She slapped his ass for emphasis, and shivered as his hips twitched and then the muscles in his legs bulged, forcing them to stay in place.

“Ah… fuck, I’ll pay for the damn lube.”

“Really? Because that looks like about… fifty dollars worth of lube to me. You’re going to pay fifty bucks for me to pull that out of your ass?”

“Yes, fuck, fifty is fine.”

“Still not feeling it, to tell the truth. Tell you what, take it for ten minutes, give me fifty dollars, and I’ll pull it out. Otherwise I might just leave it in all night.”

“Fine, yes, ten minutes and fifty dollars.”

She leaned back, glancing at the clock, and sighed. Her hips slid forward in the chair as she leaned back. She propped her feet up on his back and she started rubbing her cunt. For the next ten minutes she played with herself, not trying to get off, just idly rubbing her hand up and down her slit, watching him clench and unclench his ass, listening to his breathing, watching the muscles in his back and thighs. Next time there would definitely be a mirror. She could watch him as he watched her.

“All right, go get my money, and we’ll unplug you. Stand up to do it.”

Her feet thudded into the floor as he carefully pulled himself up. She enjoyed the awkward steps as he shuffled over to his pants, fished out his wallet, and opened it. “I only have forty.”

She laughed, her feet thumping into the floor again. “You can owe me ten, bring it here. Somehow taking all your money is even more fun than taking the whole fifty. Gimme.” Her fingers wagged him back over.

She slid the two twenties into the cup of her bra, and waved him back down. He settled back on the floor, taking a deep breath and steadying himself. She leaned forward, bracing one hand on his ass. “All right, deep breath…” She twisted and pulled, working the base of the plug free, then sliding it out. She smiled as he shuddered, forcing himself to hold still, then sighed and lowered his head to the floor.

“Now go get the other plug.”


“Go get the other plug silly. We’re only taking that one out so we can put the bigger one in.”

Her eyebrow twitched in time with the little tremors in his body. “Fuck.” But he still got up and walked over to the drawer, pulling out the bigger plug and positioning himself back on the floor.

She snorted, and slid the tip of the plug up and down the crack of his ass. “Filthy little pain-pig. I think this is what you wanted all along. A really big plug to fill up your ass. Do you want more lube?” She pushed the tip against his asshole for emphasis.

He held very still. “Yes please, more lube for your filthy pain-pig ma’am.” The words came out in a rush.

“You’re out of money. You’re running up quite a tab, and we’re not very big on credit. How do you plan to pay for all of this?”

He flinched as she pushed the tip of the plug against his asshole again. “Ah, I could got to the ATM?”

She started to laugh, then nodded. “Hold still.” She squirted more lube on her finger, working it in and around his asshole, then coating the plug. “Deep breath.” The plug slid inside him, she could feel the tension in her hand as his body pushed back, then surrendered and it sank inside him. “Good. Now get dressed, go to the ATM, and get my money. No book, with that plug in your ass the subway ride should give you plenty to think about. On the way back, pick up Thai for dinner. You know what I like. If my food is nice and hot, we’ll consider it payment for pulling the bigger plug out.”

He forced himself upright, and shuffled back over to his clothes. Made sure his ATM card was still in his wallet, just in case she had planned far enough ahead to remove it. He pulled his clothes on, and started for the door. Smiled at her when he saw her smiling.

She held up a finger. “Oh, and stop at the dollar store. I need a mirror too.”

Preview: “There. You can jerk off in there, if it’s so important to you. In fact, I’d suggest it since your cock is getting locked up as soon as we get home.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. wmichaelcook said,

    Yes ! Thank you. I always enjoy the loving relationship between your domme and her sub. And the games they play.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      You’re welcome, glad you’re liking it.

  2. Lilith said,

    I’m really happy you’re posting regular updates here again. Top quality, as always. Thank you!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Me too, and thanks for commenting. I’m also submitting stuff to paid anthologies, so we’ll see how that works out.

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