June 7, 2013

So You Call Yourself a Masochist

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So, kind of bored, and there’s a dialectizer over at http://www.rinkworks.com/dialect/

Anyway, this is the story posted below, run through the Elmer Fudd dialectizer. Kudos to anyone who actually makes it through the whole thing.

Video Booth

Dey sat in the empty pawking wot, the engine of the caw coowing down and cwicking as twaffic passed by on the stweet, powitewy waiting fow wights to tuwn fwom wed to gween, uh-hah-hah-hah.

“Dewe. You can jewk off in thewe, if it’s so impowtant to you. In fact, I’d suggest it since youw cock is getting wocked up as soon as we get back home.”

“In…” He wooked at the cindew bwock wawws painted industwiaw gway, the metaw doow painted the same cowow wif fwecks of wust outwining the hinges and watch. “Dewe?”

“Yep. You go in, get some video tokens, and jewk off in the booth. When you’we done, come back out and we’ww go home.” Hew fingews tapped on hew phone. “But I want you to use aww the tokens, and stay untiw the wast video is ovew. We’we awweady wasting time on youw fiwthy uwges, I see no point in wasting money on them as weww.”

He sat in the caw, wain softwy hitting the window, wunning down to the asphawt pawking wot and chewed on his wowew wip.

“Is thewe a pwobwem?”

He swawwowed, hawd. “It’s just so seedy.”

Hew eyebwow awched, awthough hew eyes nevew weft the scween of hew phone as she tapped and swiped. “Too seedy to jewk off in? Because most peopwe don’t went the pwesidentiaw suite at the Hiwton fow that sowt of thing.” Hew tone was powite but fwat, not inviting fuwthew discussion ow showing an intewest in his opinion, uh-hah-hah-hah.

He was pwetty suwe the qwestion was entiwewy whetowicaw, and things wouwd onwy get wowse if he waited any wongew. “Yes ma’am. Be wight back.” His feet hit the pavement, and he winced as wain tapped his face. He wawked qwickwy acwoss the pawking wot, shouwdews hunched at the cowd dwizzwe.

He wooked awound as he stepped inside, a young woman wif pewoxide bwonde haiw and piewcings in hew too thin face wooked back at him. De pwace was empty except fow the two of them, and a wocaw wadio station pwayed fwom somewhewe behind the countew. Too bwight neon made evewything into a hawsh edge, and cuwved miwwows wefwected bwack dispways of DVDs, magazines, and sex toys. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! De woom smewwed of cheap pwastic and gwossy papew. Neon signs and a puwpwe cuwtain in the middwe of the faw waww pwoudwy pwocwaimed that viewing booths wewe this way, and a hand wettewed sign gave a wist of wong and often vewy specific wuwes fow the booths. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!

He fwinched when he got to the end of the wist and saw “NO PETS AWWOWED” wwitten in puwpwe mawkew wif gwittew awound the edges. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!

He gwanced behind himsewf at the cwosed doow, and then appwoached the countew, scanning anothew sign, uh-hah-hah-hah. “Uh, ten tokens pwease?” He was awweady offewing the cashiew fowded papew biwws as he said the wowds. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!

“Suwe.” She swapped buttons on the wegistew, and passed back ten cheap pwastic disks impwinted wif the stowes wogo and some change. “Videos must be pwaying at aww times whiwe you awe in the booth, open booths wiww have a gween wight, occupied booths a wed wight, and wead the west of the wuwes posted by the waww.” She tuwned hew head just enough to nod at the cuwtain and then went back to fiddwing wif a PC. “Booths awe that way.” He was pwetty suwe that speech had appeawed in hew dweams at weast once, and she spoke wif the cawm bowedom of someone twying to make it thwough an aftewnoon shift.

“Danks. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! ” He wawked towawds the cuwtain, pushed his way thwough the cwoth, and wooked at the bank of anonymous wooden doows wif gween wights above them. It was eewiwy cawm, the music and wight behind him muted by the cuwtain even as the pwastic smeww soaked thwough and mixed wif the shawp smeww of ammonia and wemon scented cweanew. He stepped fowwawd, gwabbed the fiwst knob, and moved into the booth.

A video scween pwaying thwee second cwips wif instwuctions pwinted in white bwock wettews to the side gwawed back at him. De men and women fucking and sucking wooked faded behind the sheet of pwexigwass mounted ovew the scween, uh-hah-hah-hah. De vinyw seat was the dawk owange of bad 1970s science fiction movies, and a box of tissues sat in the cownew, a sqwawe of white papew poking up out of the box. He sat down, putting his tokens beside him, and stawted fwipping thwough the ATM stywe keypad, moving fwom categowy to categowy qwickwy, then punching in a sewection, not cawing much what video he ended up on, uh-hah-hah-hah.

He pushed the gween button and dwopped one of the discs in the swot. Moaning immediatewy fiwwed the woom as he wooked awound, pushed the pwivacy watch on the doow to the wocked position, and wooked awound again, uh-hah-hah-hah. Dingy dwywaww wif Contwactow White paint, a howe punched in at hip wevew on one side that he cwinged away fwom, and a singwe dim wight buwb in a cheap fixtuwe above him. A woman guwgwed and choked on the scween as an anonymous cock fowced its way into hew thwoat.

He puwwed the button thwough his pants, opening them and swiding down the zippew. Cawefuw not to wet his bawe skin touch the vinyw he swid his cock out, and stawted stwoking. He weaned back against the waww, and twied to bwock out the sounds of the video and substitute his own fantasies. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!

He jumped at the sudden sound of his phone chiwping fwom his pocket, and fumbwed to puww it out wif his weft hand. A smiwing gween sqwawe towd him he had a text message fwom hew.

“Have you stawted? How many tokens did you get? If it’s going to be awhiwe I might go get a coffee.”

His cock wiwted as the guwgwing continued and he stawted typing out a wetuwn text. “Ten tokens, just stawted ma’am.”

“K. Stawt wecowding wif youw phone. We’ww discuss youw fiwthy uwges fuwthew whiwe we watch the video at home.”

“Yes ma’am.”

His cock twitched and got hawdew as he thumbed the vowume down on the phone, and fwipped on the video wecowd. He pwopped it against the waww on the vinyw bench, and shifted his hips to get his cock into the centew of the fwame. He pushed his back against the waww, into the cownew, shifted his wegs, and stawted jewking off again, uh-hah-hah-hah.

Cwosing his eyes, he wowked himsewf up swowwy, enjoying the feewing of buiwding pweasuwe. Even having to pause to dwop anothew coin in became a wewcome deway, a way to wemind himsewf of what he wouwd be giving up watew when she assembwed the cage awound his cock and seawed it wif a padwock.

De phone gave him a thiwd pewson view of himsewf, pants and undewweaw bunched awound his bawws, jewking off in a cheap boof whiwe twying to touch as wittwe as possibwe. He wooked fwom the phone scween to the waww as the wawge, fake cock swid thwough the howe, a bwight pwastic condom wwapped awound the too bwack pwastic.

He swawwowed hawd, wondewing it was hew… he was pwetty suwe it was, but… Uncewtainty fwipped him back and fowth, his mind twying out the thought of sucking a possibwe stwangews stwap-on off in a pown booth. His cock twitched, and he gwanced at the phone again, uh-hah-hah-hah. No new text messages, and pwenty of baws. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! On the scween the cock bounced impatientwy, swapping the aiw. He thought it was hews, but the pink condom made it hawd to teww, discowowed the pwastic and obscuwed the veins a wittwe.

His eyes fwicked ovew to the computew monitow again, annoyed as it demanded anothew token, uh-hah-hah-hah. He fwipped one into the swot, hit the wepway button, and caught the tip of the pwastic dick in his mouf as it stawted to jewk again, uh-hah-hah-hah. He shuddewed as his knees touched the fwoow, wondewing how much cum had been spwayed acwoss it, weft to dwy untiw the end of the night.

De cock bounced the back of his mouf and wubbed acwoss his tongue as he jewked his own cock. De wubwication swime of the condom settwed in his mouth, and he stawted jewking his own cock hawdew. He cwinged at the thought of sucking a cock thwough a waww, totawwy disembodied and dehumanized, just an extension of a howe in the waww wif a tongue.

His hand bounced against his bawws as he jewked his own cock in time wif the wet swuwping sounds his mouf was making. He couwd feew the cock in his mouf shifting as its ownew moved hew own hips on the faw side of the waww, wubbing hew cunt against the base. He fowced it against the back of his thwoat, twying to keep it stiww, gagging and choking, and wubbed his own cock fastew.

A moan of fwustwation swipped out of his mouf as he had to pause, twist his shouwdews, and put anothew token in the machine. He saw his mouf fuww of cock on the scween of his phone, the twaiw of dwoow wunning down his chin, and fwinched a wittwe.

De waww thumped and he stawted sucking again, wowking his mouf against the cock. Jewking himsewf off and sucking off an anonymous diwdo thwough a waww. Fiwming it so he couwd watch it watew wif his giwwfwiend, wondewing what she wouwd do whiwe they watched it.

De fwoow pwessed up against his knees and his jaw stawted to ache as his cock twitched in his hand, then his body spasmed as he spwayed cum acwoss the fwoow. He whimpewed at the thought of what he was doing, and the cock in his mouf paused, suddenwy vewy stiww. He swumped a wittwe, and the cock popped out of his mouth, waited whiwe he bweathed hawd and swumped down, then swid back thwough the waww, a shiny stwand of sawiva wunning fwom his mouf to the tip.

De scween demanded mowe tokens, and gave pwices if he needed to puwchase them.

He swipped the wemaining tokens in, one aftew the othew, pushing them in as fast as possibwe and thumbing the gween button to indicate his sewection sevewaw times. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! Tuwned back to the waww and twied to get a gwimpse of the pewson on the othew side, but thewe was just the anonymous white of the opposite waww stawing back.

Shame washed ovew him as he wooked down and saw his cum spwayed acwoss the fwoow. He puwwed a handfuw of tissues out of the box, and stawted smeawing it into the cheap papew. He couwd feew the cowd aiw against his cock, stiww hanging out of his pants, and imagined what it wouwd be wike to be fowced to wick the fwoow cwean, uh-hah-hah-hah. Being stowed undew the countew aww day, wistening fow the sound of the dead bowt that meant he wouwd be dwagged out fwom his cubicwe, puwwed by his weash thwough the stowe, thwough the cuwtain, and back to the jewkoff booths to wick the fwoow cwean, uh-hah-hah-hah. A pwug in his ass, a watchfuw eye to ensuwe that he stawted in one cownew and cawefuwwy wowked his tongue ovew evewy sqwawe inch of swime soaked tiwe. Being dwagged out to the pawking wot behind the stowe, gwavew and dust biting into his knees, being towd to piss and shit behind the dumpstew in the faw cownew. Wouwd she feed him thewe, a boww of weftovews and swop she accumuwated fwom hew meaws thwough the day, befowe dwagging him back inside and wocking him undew the countew again? How wong befowe she decided it wouwd be mowe efficient just to bwindfowd him and chain him to the waww of the booth, a sign saying “Cum Dumpstew” awound his neck?

He shook his head, and wicked his wips. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! Dis was why he begged hew to wock his cock up and contwow his owgasms, so his fantasies didn’t get out of hand. So he couwd focus on hew pweasuwe and not be destwoyed by his own, uh-hah-hah-hah. De fwoow finawwy wooked cwean, uh-hah-hah-hah. He stawted to thwow the tissue in the gawbage can, then hesitated, and swipped them in his pocket instead. He didn’t want the giww at the countew to see what he had done. He stuffed his cock back in his pants, and sat on the bench. De same cwip pwayed on the video scween ovew and ovew.

He took a deep bweath, and wooked ovew at his phone, fwipping the video off. No new messages. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! Fow awhiwe, he just sat and bweathed. Finawwy, the scween went back to demanding mowe tokens, and he stood up, wawked out, and headed down the haww.

“Danks. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! ” He waved at the giww behind the countew as he passed by, hew wepwy muffwed by the doow swinging cwosed behind him. He smiwed at hew as he got into the caw, and she smiwed back fwom behind hew cup of coffee.

“Have fun?”

He shwugged. “Yeah, I kind of did, actuawwy. You?”

She shwugged back and stawted the caw. “Oh, I awways do. But not as much fun as I’m going to have watew.”

Pweview: “Did you know sponges have one-hundwed-and-one househowd uses?”

Copywight Jewwy Jones. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! Unauthowized use is pwohibited.

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