June 7, 2013

Video Booth

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They sat in the empty parking lot, the engine of the car cooling down and clicking as traffic passed by on the street, politely waiting for lights to turn from red to green.

“There. You can jerk off in there, if it’s so important to you. In fact, I’d suggest it since your cock is getting locked up as soon as we get back home.”

“In…” He looked at the cinder block walls painted industrial gray, the metal door painted the same color with flecks of rust outlining the hinges and latch. “There?”

“Yep. You go in, get some video tokens, and jerk off in the booth. When you’re done, come back out and we’ll go home.” Her fingers tapped on her phone. “But I want you to use all the tokens, and stay until the last video is over. We’re already wasting time on your filthy urges, I see no point in wasting money on them as well.”

He sat in the car, rain softly hitting the window, running down to the asphalt parking lot and chewed on his lower lip.

“Is there a problem?”

He swallowed, hard. “It’s just so seedy.”

Her eyebrow arched, although her eyes never left the screen of her phone as she tapped and swiped. “Too seedy to jerk off in? Because most people don’t rent the presidential suite at the Hilton for that sort of thing.” Her tone was polite but flat, not inviting further discussion or showing an interest in his opinion.

He was pretty sure the question was entirely rhetorical, and things would only get worse if he waited any longer. “Yes ma’am. Be right back.” His feet hit the pavement, and he winced as rain tapped his face. He walked quickly across the parking lot, shoulders hunched at the cold drizzle.

He looked around as he stepped inside, a young woman with peroxide blonde hair and piercings in her too thin face looked back at him. The place was empty except for the two of them, and a local radio station played from somewhere behind the counter. Too bright neon made everything into a harsh edge, and curved mirrors reflected black displays of DVDs, magazines, and sex toys. The room smelled of cheap plastic and glossy paper. Neon signs and a purple curtain in the middle of the far wall proudly proclaimed that viewing booths were this way, and a hand lettered sign gave a list of long and often very specific rules for the booths.

He flinched when he got to the end of the list and saw “NO PETS ALLOWED” written in purple marker with glitter around the edges.

He glanced behind himself at the closed door, and then approached the counter, scanning another sign. “Uh, ten tokens please?” He was already offering the cashier folded paper bills as he said the words.

“Sure.” She slapped buttons on the register, and passed back ten cheap plastic disks imprinted with the stores logo and some change. “Videos must be playing at all times while you are in the booth, open booths will have a green light, occupied booths a red light, and read the rest of the rules posted by the wall.” She turned her head just enough to nod at the curtain and then went back to fiddling with a PC. “Booths are that way.” He was pretty sure that speech had appeared in her dreams at least once, and she spoke with the calm boredom of someone trying to make it through an afternoon shift.

“Thanks.” He walked towards the curtain, pushed his way through the cloth, and looked at the bank of anonymous wooden doors with green lights above them. It was eerily calm, the music and light behind him muted by the curtain even as the plastic smell soaked through and mixed with the sharp smell of ammonia and lemon scented cleaner. He stepped forward, grabbed the first knob, and moved into the booth.

A video screen playing three second clips with instructions printed in white block letters to the side glared back at him. The men and women fucking and sucking looked faded behind the sheet of plexiglass mounted over the screen. The vinyl seat was the dark orange of bad 1970s science fiction movies, and a box of tissues sat in the corner, a square of white paper poking up out of the box. He sat down, putting his tokens beside him, and started flipping through the ATM style keypad, moving from category to category quickly, then punching in a selection, not caring much what video he ended up on.

He pushed the green button and dropped one of the discs in the slot. Moaning immediately filled the room as he looked around, pushed the privacy latch on the door to the locked position, and looked around again. Dingy drywall with Contractor White paint, a hole punched in at hip level on one side that he cringed away from, and a single dim light bulb in a cheap fixture above him. A woman gurgled and choked on the screen as an anonymous cock forced its way into her throat.

He pulled the button through his pants, opening them and sliding down the zipper. Careful not to let his bare skin touch the vinyl he slid his cock out, and started stroking. He leaned back against the wall, and tried to block out the sounds of the video and substitute his own fantasies.

He jumped at the sudden sound of his phone chirping from his pocket, and fumbled to pull it out with his left hand. A smiling green square told him he had a text message from her.

“Have you started? How many tokens did you get? If it’s going to be awhile I might go get a coffee.”

His cock wilted as the gurgling continued and he started typing out a return text. “Ten tokens, just started ma’am.”

“K. Start recording with your phone. We’ll discuss your filthy urges further while we watch the video at home.”

“Yes ma’am.”

His cock twitched and got harder as he thumbed the volume down on the phone, and flipped on the video record. He propped it against the wall on the vinyl bench, and shifted his hips to get his cock into the center of the frame. He pushed his back against the wall, into the corner, shifted his legs, and started jerking off again.

Closing his eyes, he worked himself up slowly, enjoying the feeling of building pleasure. Even having to pause to drop another coin in became a welcome delay, a way to remind himself of what he would be giving up later when she assembled the cage around his cock and sealed it with a padlock.

The phone gave him a third person view of himself, pants and underwear bunched around his balls, jerking off in a cheap booth while trying to touch as little as possible. He looked from the phone screen to the wall as the large, fake cock slid through the hole, a bright plastic condom wrapped around the too black plastic.

He swallowed hard, wondering it was her… he was pretty sure it was, but… Uncertainty flipped him back and forth, his mind trying out the thought of sucking a possible strangers strap-on off in a porn booth. His cock twitched, and he glanced at the phone again. No new text messages, and plenty of bars. On the screen the cock bounced impatiently, slapping the air. He thought it was hers, but the pink condom made it hard to tell, discolored the plastic and obscured the veins a little.

His eyes flicked over to the computer monitor again, annoyed as it demanded another token. He flipped one into the slot, hit the replay button, and caught the tip of the plastic dick in his mouth as it started to jerk again. He shuddered as his knees touched the floor, wondering how much cum had been sprayed across it, left to dry until the end of the night.

The cock bounced the back of his mouth and rubbed across his tongue as he jerked his own cock. The lubrication slime of the condom settled in his mouth, and he started jerking his own cock harder. He cringed at the thought of sucking a cock through a wall, totally disembodied and dehumanized, just an extension of a hole in the wall with a tongue.

His hand bounced against his balls as he jerked his own cock in time with the wet slurping sounds his mouth was making. He could feel the cock in his mouth shifting as its owner moved her own hips on the far side of the wall, rubbing her cunt against the base. He forced it against the back of his throat, trying to keep it still, gagging and choking, and rubbed his own cock faster.

A moan of frustration slipped out of his mouth as he had to pause, twist his shoulders, and put another token in the machine. He saw his mouth full of cock on the screen of his phone, the trail of drool running down his chin, and flinched a little.

The wall thumped and he started sucking again, working his mouth against the cock. Jerking himself off and sucking off an anonymous dildo through a wall. Filming it so he could watch it later with his girlfriend, wondering what she would do while they watched it.

The floor pressed up against his knees and his jaw started to ache as his cock twitched in his hand, then his body spasmed as he sprayed cum across the floor. He whimpered at the thought of what he was doing, and the cock in his mouth paused, suddenly very still. He slumped a little, and the cock popped out of his mouth, waited while he breathed hard and slumped down, then slid back through the wall, a shiny strand of saliva running from his mouth to the tip.

The screen demanded more tokens, and gave prices if he needed to purchase them.

He slipped the remaining tokens in, one after the other, pushing them in as fast as possible and thumbing the green button to indicate his selection several times. Turned back to the wall and tried to get a glimpse of the person on the other side, but there was just the anonymous white of the opposite wall staring back.

Shame washed over him as he looked down and saw his cum sprayed across the floor. He pulled a handful of tissues out of the box, and started smearing it into the cheap paper. He could feel the cold air against his cock, still hanging out of his pants, and imagined what it would be like to be forced to lick the floor clean. Being stored under the counter all day, listening for the sound of the dead bolt that meant he would be dragged out from his cubicle, pulled by his leash through the store, through the curtain, and back to the jerkoff booths to lick the floor clean. A plug in his ass, a watchful eye to ensure that he started in one corner and carefully worked his tongue over every square inch of slime soaked tile. Being dragged out to the parking lot behind the store, gravel and dust biting into his knees, being told to piss and shit behind the dumpster in the far corner. Would she feed him there, a bowl of leftovers and slop she accumulated from her meals through the day, before dragging him back inside and locking him under the counter again? How long before she decided it would be more efficient just to blindfold him and chain him to the wall of the booth, a sign saying “Cum Dumpster” around his neck?

He shook his head, and licked his lips. This was why he begged her to lock his cock up and control his orgasms, so his fantasies didn’t get out of hand. So he could focus on her pleasure and not be destroyed by his own. The floor finally looked clean. He started to throw the tissue in the garbage can, then hesitated, and slipped them in his pocket instead. He didn’t want the girl at the counter to see what he had done. He stuffed his cock back in his pants, and sat on the bench. The same clip played on the video screen over and over.

He took a deep breath, and looked over at his phone, flipping the video off. No new messages. For awhile, he just sat and breathed. Finally, the screen went back to demanding more tokens, and he stood up, walked out, and headed down the hall.

“Thanks.” He waved at the girl behind the counter as he passed by, her reply muffled by the door swinging closed behind him. He smiled at her as he got into the car, and she smiled back from behind her cup of coffee.

“Have fun?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, I kind of did, actually. You?”

She shrugged back and started the car. “Oh, I always do. But not as much fun as I’m going to have later.”

Preview: “Did you know sponges have one-hundred-and-one household uses?”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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