June 10, 2013


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“Did you know sponges have one-hundred-and-one household uses?”

Fluorescent lights gleamed on the institutional tile floor. The crowd dressed in too much black shifted their weight. They sat on the floor or in blue and orange plastic chairs molded to fit the anatomy of no one in a ragged U-shape around the presenter and her assistant.

He was naked, sweating slightly in the recycled air. She was wearing a t-shirt, blue jeans, and open toed sandals. “Not quite as many bdsm uses, but the list is still rather impressive.”

She picked up the bag of blue and yellow sponges and stood up, considering him carefully. She could see his eyes bouncing from person to person, and decided to start with a small kindness. “They can be used as blindfolds.” One hand held the sponge over his eye, the other wrapped a bandage around his head to hold it in place, repeating the process with his other eye. The tape pulled the sponge down tight, ripped, and his world became darkness.

He tried to focus on the sounds around him and follow the smell of her shampoo to tell where she was. “They can be used as mittens.” Larger sponges made a sandwich out of his hands, his fingers and palm in the middle, and the adhesive sound of tape being pulled off filtered up to him again. The looping pressure wrapped around his hands until eventually she was satisfied, and ripped it again.

“Jerk off for me.”

He swallowed hard, started rubbing his hand along his cock. He could feel the rough sponge and then the bandage working across his skin, rubbing against his cock and balls. It was impossible to make a fist, and standing, blind, and unable to use his hands he flailed futilely at his dick, trying to get an erection.

Chuckles and snickers came from the people in the room, and his skin turned red.

“As you can see, it also works as an anti-masturbation aid.” He felt her hand on his shoulder. “All right, stop doing that, whatever the fuck it is you’re doing, and turn around so the whole room can see.”

He made a slow circle with small, blind steps until she told him to stop again. “Sponges have other uses as well.” He heard tape ripping again, and felt the sponge smashed flat against one ass cheek. “Most of us, whether we know it or not, like symmetry. So, if you were to tape a sponge to one side of a person’s ass…” He felt the tape winding between his legs and around his hips. “but not the other…” It pulled tight, and she tucked it in to hold it.

She paused. “When you caned someone, it would hurt a lot more on one side of their ass than the other.” She whispered in his ear, “You’re going to want to hold still for this.”

He heard the swish and jumped, rocking up on his toes. “Getting the angle right takes practice, but that’s half the fun.” A sharp, stinging pain erupted on one side of his ass while the other felt a dull, muffled thud. “Asymmetry, or ass-symmetry as I like to call it, is kind of a bitch.” The can thudded again, conflicting signals flooded his brain, and he tried to stand still.

“The other fun thing you can do is…” He jumped as the air swished and the dull thud hit his skin through the sponge again, but no corresponding pain erupted in his other ass cheek. “Hit one side or the other.” She moved back and forth, and he tried to track her footsteps to see which side the next blow would come from. The tip of the rod slapped into his ass, missing the sponge on the other side and leaving a sharp blast of pain in his flesh.

“Fuck.” His shoulders jerked and he leaned forward slightly.

“Of course, they can also be used as gags.” He heard her unzipping the duffel bag, the one he had ridden here with on his lap but been forbidden to look inside. “You can just always shove one in someone’s mouth, but sponges are really good at soaking up liquids, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? The real question is, what would you use for a liquid?” He heard her shuffling with her chair and moving items in the bag. “Some people use piss, or lemon juice, but for my money you really can’t beat orange juice and toothpaste.”

He could feel her smile as she moved in front of him. “Open.” The sponge slid carefully in his mouth, and she pushed his jaw shut. The bitter taste flooded his mouth and he grimaced. “I could tape that in, but I prefer to give my partners the opportunity to spit it out and get a fresh drink if they like.”

“Now, while he enjoys that, let’s review. We’ve used sponges as a blindfold and mittens, we’ve got one ass cheek covered, and another one in his mouth. What other fun can we have? Well, it seems really sad that we haven’t done anything with his cock yet.”

He flinched.

She smirked.

The audience laughed.

He shifted his legs slightly as the tape wrapped around his balls, pulling them up. He felt the sponges gathering around his cock and the tape wrapping around them, two, three loops then back, pulling through the loop around his balls. “We want this tight, but not too tight. It’d be a shame if his cock actually lost circulation and fell off. Hot, but kind of a shame. So we’re going to make sure it will hold but that there’s still circulation… Good.”

“Now, what are we going to do with it?” He heard water splashing on the floor, and felt the cool liquid as it hit his toes. “I’m going to need you to clean that up. You know how.”

His skin twitched as he lowered himself to the floor, trying to keep a mental map of where the puddle was relative to his body. He lowered his hips to the floor in the world’s worst push-up position, and felt the floor push the sponges back against his cock and balls. He whimpered slightly, and started to gyrate his hips in a lewd circular motion, rubbing the sponges on the floor, hoping he was soaking up the water.

He tried to block the audience out of his mind as she walked around him. “Now, couple of things, one, he’s drooling so we’ll have to have him clean that up as well. Two, you can always offer direction.” The cane smacked down into his ass again, the weird mix of sensations running up both sides of his body and competing for attention in his brain. “Slower, you look like a teenager dry humping his prom date.” He slowed down, and felt her approval. “Good.”

“Now, the reason I like doing these presentations is that I always learn things as well. So, I have a whole bag of sponges, and more medical tape, so while he fucks the floor I’d like to take a break and do some brainstorming with the audience about what else we could do with these sponges.”

There was the obligatory polite silence as everyone waited for someone else to speak. Then he started to hear suggestions. His body twitched, and he tried to remember how many sponges had been in that bag.

He thought there were a lot more.

Preview: “One rule: If you go in there, whatever comes through that door after you goes in your mouth.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Sublithium said,

    That’s a pretty awesome story, love it!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks much!

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