June 24, 2013

Moving Out

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“We ready to go?”

She washed out a glass in the sink and dried it, throwing the towel in a box across the room. “Almost.” Boxes with colored stickers formed a perimeter around the room, clear tape sealing them closed. “We need to do one more thing real quick.”

He leaned against the wall. “Movers just texted, they’ll be here in fifteen minutes.”

“I know. Come here.” She squeezed his arm as she walked past, leading him back into the living room. He followed, already irritated at whatever she had put off until the last minute, as she walked over to the coat closet and pulled the door open. She dragged an empty box out, shoved it against his legs, and looked pointedly from him to the box. “Get in the box. Take your clothes off, and stand in it.”

He frowned. “I don’t think this is the time to…”

She slapped him, once, hard enough he blinked rapidly and stepped back. “Take your clothes off and stand in the box.” She spoke softly, but very clearly.

“Yes ma’am. He nodded once, and started pulling his shirt over his head. His clothes went in a pile beside the box, and he stepped in, naked and breathing a little more quickly.

She made a circling motion with her hands. “Turn around.” While he spun in a circle she grabbed more things out of the closet.

He felt her roughly lubing his ass, her finger shoving cold clear gel inside of him, roughly smearing it around, pushing it in. She was using plenty of lube, going quickly, hungry and angry and wanting to control him as quickly as she could. “Lean over, hands on your knees.”

The tube of lubricant bounced a little when it hit the pile of clothes, a drop leaking out the end onto his shirt. His eyes clamped shut and he winced as she pushed the plug against his asshole, pushing it in until his body twitched, holding it, pushing again until she heard his breath explode, then backing it out slightly and shoving hard.

The plug popped inside of him, his body sucking it inside further. She kept her hand on the base, holding it inside him, and then slapped his ass. Hard. “Don’t you fucking dare let that fall out. And turn back around, your holes need more work.”

He straightened, eyes watering, and shuffled around, clamping his ass down tight on the plug and fighting to keep his muscles from spasming. She pinched his jaw open and forced a ring gag into his mouth, wrapping the strap around his head, buckling it in tight with small fingers. She’d done this enough she didn’t need to see the holes in the leather strap, just pulled it tight, let a little pressure off, and slipped the clasp through the strap.

She quickly turned back to the closet and pulled out a magic marker, yanking the lid off. A small, remote part of his brain noted that he had been looking for that, but then his eyes focused downwards as she started writing across his chest. He watched as the large, block letters formed across his chest, winding their way down his stomach. PLEASE FUCK MY FACE.


He shuffled around in another circle until his back was to her, then stopped. He felt the greasy sensation of the marker running over his skin again, and tried to track the shapes of the letter.

He heard the cap pop back on the marker, and she prodded the base of the butt plug. “It says BLOWJOB MACHINE in case you were wondering. I’d be very quiet in this box if I were you, unless you want to find out how badly four moving men want blowjobs in the back of their truck. And if they’ll wait and take turns or just start in on your ass.”

He nodded mutely, drool running down his chin and dripping on his chest. She nodded back, accepting his silent consent.

“But this isn’t about you getting gang raped in the back of a moving van, I need to have some fun as well.” She shoved her pants and panties down, then reached back and pulled out her Hitachi. The vibrator hummed on, and she jammed it against her cunt. Her eyes slid half closed and she planted one arm against him, leaning against his chest while the other hand mashed the head of the dildo against her cunt.

“Oooooooooooh…” He braced himself as she uttered a low guttural moan, and pushed the vibrator harder against her clit. It only took a couple of minutes until she was shuddering, her body jerking and bouncing with a small orgasm. She stood back up, glanced at her watch, and turned off the vibrator.

The room seemed quiet without the hum.

It landed with a thunk in the bottom of the box, near the his feet. “You’ll lick that clean. It’ll give you something to do while they’re loading the truck and during the drive. Now get down.”

He shuffled down to his knees, then knelt down on his hands, finally rolling over and scrunching up on his side so his face was near the glistening vibrator. She paused for a second, looking at him, then pulled one last item out of the closet. Handcuffs slapped around each of his wrists. “This might not keep you from jerking off, but at least it’ll make you work at it a little harder.”

Drool streamed out of his mouth and stained the cardboard under his head. His mind was soft and fuzzy, and even her words seemed to come from him from very far away.

She shoved his phone in his hands then dropped his clothes on top of him, shoving the cloth around his body like packing material. The bottle of lube bounced off his head and rolled down behind his back. A blanket followed, and left him in near darkness. The lid slapped closed, and he could see only a little light coming through the handholds. The screech of tape being pulled off a roll once, twice, then one more time came to him, and he took a deep breath. He shifted his hands and caught the base of the vibrator, bringing it to his mouth and making the first of many slow, careful licks.

Outside, she looked at her watch again. The movers should be about five minutes out. She picked up the marker again, wrote “FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE” on the top of the box and all four sides, then sat down in the corner. Her legs splayed out in front of her on the carpet and she stared at the box, waiting for the movers to arrive.

She hated moving, and she’d had to do it so much lately. This made it a little better.

Preview: “Soon you’re going to wish you were back in that fucking box.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


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