July 3, 2013

Changed His Mind

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She danced in front of him, weaving her body back and forth. She held his eyes with hers, and licked her lips slowly. Her dress shirt was half-unbuttoned, and she could feel her tits bounce as she jerked her body in time to the music. Her nipples rubbed against the cloth and stiffened, and she slid one hand up and down the tie, using it to choke herself slightly between gasping moans.

Her hands pushed the shirt up, teased her tits, and then let it fall back down. She was naked from the waist down except for black heels, grinding them into the floor and pivoting on them carefully. She smirked down at him, and moved closer.

His eyes flickered between her tits and her cunt, and his hands clenched hard. The duct tape cut into his skin and smashed his arms against the chair. He could feel the tape straining against his chest as he breathed, holding his torso firmly against the back of the chair, and his toes curled as his legs protested at being firmly fixed to the base of the chair.

Worst of all, the tape held her wadded up socks in his mouth, making it impossible to talk. He worked his jaw, trying to make intelligible sounds, but his speech had been turned into muffled grunts without any vowels.

She leaned in close, letting the shirt hang open and her tits dangle in front of him. “What did you say? I asked you if you had changed your mind about me locking your cock up. If you have, just say so.”

He grunted and tried to speak through the gag, frantically trying to communicate, but no words made it past his lips.

She dragged her chest across his face, feeling the tape around his bulging mouth, the stubble on his cheeks, and the smooth plane of his forehead rubbing against her breasts. She let the sensation linger, then pulled back. “Oh, I guess not? Too bad, then.”

She flipped the shirt up, and felt him watch her ass she walked away from him across the room. Her hips continued to move as she unzipped the small case his chastity device was kept in, and she licked her lips as she brought it out.

Her eyes slid closed as she backed towards him, then lowered herself to all fours. She lay her head sideways on the floor, watching him out of the corner of her eye, and slid the plastic cage up and down her slit. She found her clit with the notch in the end, and began to tease herself. Her hips bucked and she shoved the tie into her mouth, biting down on the cloth hard.

His hips tried to move, but the tape held them down. His cock stood rigidly in his lap, desperate for stimulation. His tongue tried to shove the wadded cloth to one side of his mouth, not caring about the taste of sweat and grit, just wanting to beg her not to lock his cock up, to tell her he had been wrong, to tell her what torture it was…

She smiled and rubbed the plastic harder against her clit, dragging her hips in lewd circles. “Oh yes, you’re getting locked up, and then you’re going to fuck me just like this. You’re going to rub this plastic on my cunt until I come, again and again, until I can’t take it anymore. And your cock won’t be able to get even a little bit hard, it’ll just feel hard plastic smashing it down, oh god…” She rolled the plastic cage around in her grip, the lock clicking against the plastic, then moaned and shuddered.

His eyes were wide and locked on her lewd display, and he didn’t blink until she stretched and slowly stood up. One of her hands undid the rest of the buttons on the shirt and it hung open now. “Nothing. That’s about how much you’ll be feeling. Maybe you’ll be able to feel a little through the slit in the end, but it’ll mostly just be plastic pressing against your cock, keeping it from getting hard, no matter how badly you want it to.”

She sat down in his lap, dangling her cunt just outside the reach of his cock, and reached down between them. Her hand wrapped around his balls and squeezed.

His body convulsed and his eyes bulged. She looked at him with flat eyes, and squeezed again. “You sure you want me to lock your cock up? I’m going to be a real bitch about it. I kind of like your cock to tell the truth, so I’m going to have to make sure I enjoy it being locked up even more than I enjoy it being unlocked.” She squeezed again, and tears started to form in his eyes. “So last chance to change your mind…”

He didn’t know what he was trying to say anymore. “Yes no please lock my cock up don’t lock my cock up pleeeease…” They all translated to a muffled series of grunts that meant “I surrender.”

“This goes on you as soon as you get soft, and stays on until I say otherwise.”

He nodded, frantically, and his head jerked back as she squeezed his balls again, again, and again.

“Okay, that last one was just for funsies. I’ll owe you one.” She looped the hard plastic ring around his balls, and started lining up parts and sliding them together. He felt two of the pieces bite into his skin, and she jerked the assembly away from his body, pulling the skin out from between the plastic. The cage slipped around his cock and the lock clicked shut. She gave it an experimental tug, and he felt it pull on his balls. “You’re locked up now. A fucking eunuch. I own your cock, I own your erections, I own your orgasms, I own your filthy disgusting cum, and I own you.”

He could feel himself trying to get hard, his skin pressing against the plastic tube, trying to find any space to grow. There was nothing, no space, no room. All he could do was nod.

She closed her eyes and kissed him once on the cheek, then stood up and grabbed a pair of safety shears. They sliced through the tape around his right wrist, a fine pattern of small hairs left on the white adhesive. She slapped the shears in his hand, and turned towards the bed. “Cut yourself loose, but leave the gag on your mouth. Then get over here and fuck me like I told you to.”

He took the shears and started cutting away his left hand. He thought about her sliding the plastic up and down her slit, seeing her down on all fours with her legs spread open, and thought about the plastic cage around his cock. How he had asked her about trying chastity again this morning… and suddenly he was glad she hadn’t let him change his mind.

Preview: “I. Am. Such. A. Helper. I really hope you appreciate all the things I do for you.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. John Harris said,

    Super hot!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Super thanks. 😉

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