July 10, 2013

Enjoying the Moment

Posted in stories at 5:03 am by littlesubmissions

She leaned back in her chair and sipped from her glass. The cold liquid stung her tongue, then burned her throat as she swallowed. She closed her eyes, picturing what she wanted in her mind, then took another sip. She paused for a breath, then set the drink aside and leaned forward.

One finger pushed his body in a slow circle, ropes twisting as his suspended body rotated. White cloth covered him, wrapped around his body and cinched down tight with string. It covered his face, except for his mouth. The ring gag kept his lips in a permanently surprised O. His lips were unnaturally red, stained bright and whorish, drool glistening as it ran over them and down his chin.

His body was a long horizontal column, more white cloth and ropes binding his arms to his torso. The speculum spread his ass open, another gaping orifice tinged bright red. She had been kind, and done his lips first.

His legs were bound together, mummified. Ropes stretched along the length of his body, running up to a central length that ran up to the suspension point. She licked her lips, considering her options, asking herself what she wanted. A tongue? A hole to violate? A victim to dehumanize even further?

She spun his body around a little more, stopping it then spinning it back the other way, and sighed happily. She played all the scenarios in her mind, then grinned and leaned back again. She waited until his body was perpendicular to her, then stretched her legs out and put them on his back, stopping him. She picked up her drink, leaning back again and enjoying her footrest.

For now, she just wanted to enjoy the control.

Preview: If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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