July 12, 2013

The Evolution of the Common Restaurant Menu

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The First Menu: Buying Me

This menu is all about me… Every article of clothing on my body has a price. Some are cheap, some are expensive. I don’t think you really appreciate the amount of thought I put into buying panties. In fact, given the sorry state of your own underwear, I’m pretty certain you don’t.

So now they come with a price attached.

There are variations as well, and substitutions are allowed. If you want to pull them off with your teeth, we can discuss price. I’m kind of looking forward to overcharging, restaurants have a hell of a markup on the most mundane things. It’s how they stay in business.

Of course I know which parts you like best, and you’ll have paid quite a lot just to get access to them. Then if you actually want to sample the dishes… do more than pant and stare… well, that costs more.

Oh, and this is a pay as you go sort of place, so you don’t need to worry about ordering more than you can pay for. I’m looking forward to seeing how determined you are to keep feeding, once I’m naked.

Looking this over… you’ll be paying for some of this for months, if you decide to order it. Is kissing my ass really worth getting caned on yours? Is getting to play with my tits really worth the clover clamps on your nipples? And just to clarify, if you want to eat me out, the chastity cage goes on before you start and the billing is per minute. I kind of imagine you losing track of time while you’re down there, and this look of horror coming over your face when I tell you how long you’ll be locked up for that little dining experience.

Of course, I’ll keep the track of the time for you. You’ll be too busy to watch a clock.

Hm… no, I think I’ll keep a clock off the menu. You’ll thank me for that later, when we get to the second menu.

The Second Menu: OK With You Being Afraid

This menu comes when you’re suffering, hurting, almost broken from your disgusting gluttony. You stuffed yourself on the first menu, and now you’re paying the price. In pain, in bondage, in suffering.

Everything you are feeling can be stopped, for a price. The clothespins can be removed from your balls, if you’re willing to pay. The manacles can be removed, if you agree to the price. The plug vibrating away in your ass can be turned off, or even removed, if you’re just willing to pay enough.

Some of the prices are in cash. Some of the prices are in more pain, or humiliation, or objectification.

The prices are not on the menu.

If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it.

Some of the prices cancel other prices. The only way you can stop all the pain is by guessing which menu items cancel other menu items. I imagine it will take quite awhile, but what the hell? You like buffets anyway.

The Third Menu: Compliments of the House

This is a very special menu. If you complete your entire meal, without too much complaining, I might let you order something off the special menu.

By this point, I’ll probably be some come-drunk I’d agree to almost anything. So I’m willing to throw you a bone, so to speak.

That’s what I’m looking forward to the most I think, watching you choose. You only get one.

And depending on what it is… well, let’s just say that if your cock is locked up, some of them aren’t very much good to you. Which is a shame, because…

Well, I don’t want to give anything away.

You have a reservation for five minutes from now. Crawl into the dining room, nude, with your collar on and leash in your mouth. I’ll set the first menu in front of you, and we’ll get started.

Bon appetit.

Preview: Knowing it would go on as long as it had to, he surrendered.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. jamesbraun said,

    Pretty good Liked the stories
    a lot

    • littlesubmissions said,


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