July 15, 2013

New Rule

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“Uh-uh.” She pushed him away, one hand firmly on his chest. “New rule: Before getting into bed, you must get down on all fours, and ask permission.”

He frowned, but nodded and got down on his hands and knees. “May I please get into bed, ma’am?”

She flipped the page of her book, and read until she reached the end of the paragraph. “Is your cock hard?”

“No ma’am.” He grinned up at her profile.

She waited until she got to the end of another paragraph. “Then why on Earth would I allow you to get into bed?”

He slid his boxer shorts down, the carpet scratching into his knees, then shrugged and pulled his shirt over his head. He reached back awkwardly with one hand, and started playing with his balls, stroking his cock. His breathing got faster, and when his cock was hard he gasped out the request again. “May I please get into bed, ma’am?”

He stroked his cock slowly while she read. Finally she looked up at him. “Is your cock hard?”

He nodded eagerly. “Yes ma’am, my cock is hard.”

She grinned back and dropped her book on the nightstand. “Then you can get into bed, but you better fuck me.”

He crawled into bed, and she kicked off the covers. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, and they rolled and fucked. He bit her earlobe, and she twisted handfuls of his hair. They rolled over each other, wrestling to be on top, fucking.

He felt her hips start to twitch, her cunt start to spasm. The pulsing sensations washed over his cock and he started to spasm as well, coming inside of her. They both lay there, panting, holding one another, until she shoved his head down. “Clean me.”

He ate her out eagerly, licking his come as it ran down her thighs, massaging her clit with his tongue. He flinched as her hand came down on top his head, a hard whack. “I told you to clean me, not get me off. Back to work.”

His tongue went back to work. He forced it inside of her, lapping the come out of her, swirling and twisting it, trying to get deeper inside. Finally she let out a long shuddering breath, and pushed his head away. “That was lovely. Go get me a glass of ice water please.”

He licked his lips and smiled at her, then trotted off to the kitchen silently. He came back with a glass of ice water, set it down on a coaster she had ready on the nightstand, and started to climb into bed.

“Uh-uh.” She pushed him away, one hand firmly on his chest. “New rule remember? Before getting into bed, you must get down on all fours, and ask permission.”

He licked his lips again, slower, more cautiously, but got down on all fours. “May I please get into bed, ma’am?”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Is your cock hard?” She asked slowly, enunciating each word carefully.

“No ma’am… one moment ma’am.” He started jerking off again, playing with his cock and balls, remembering the taste of her cunt, the feel of her body under, above, and around him. Soon his cock got stiff again, and he swallowed around panting breaths. “My cock is hard ma’am, may I please get into bed?”

She took a sip of water and nodded, then smiled. “You may, but you better fuck me.”

He climbed into bed, still eager, and they fucked again. She was more assertive this time, more aggressive. By the end she was on top of him, holding his hands above his body, riding his cock. She came, and he clenched his teeth, trying to forestall his own orgasm. She laughed down at him and started to twist her hips, screwing herself down onto his cock and contracting her cunt.

He moaned, and whimpered, and came.

This time, she sat on his face, and he cleaned her without being told.

He was breathing hard and she was purring when he finished.

She climbed off his face, and took a long drink. “My ice cubes have melted. Go add fresh ice, please.” She held the glass out and shook it slightly, letting the few pathetic remnants of ice tinkle in the glass.

He nodded, still breathing hard, and took the glass.

When he returned, he set the glass down and got on all fours. He started to jerk off, and playing with his cock, fondling his balls. It took longer, and his voice was quieter when he finally asked permission to get into the bed.

She told him to fuck her doggie style this time, and pull on her hair. His cock and balls were sore, and he almost cried when he came. She let him rest a minute before sitting on the edge of the bed, his face in her cunt, eating his come.

When she pushed him away, she grinned down at him. “Your cock isn’t hard anymore.”

He blinked rapidly, but got back on all fours, and started to jerk off again. She took sips of water while she watched, and memorized the sounds he was making. The horrible sounds of an animal tortured with pleasure and its own gluttony.

Her foot reached out, pushing his chin up until he was looking at her. “Does it hurt to jerk off like that?”

“A little bit ma’am.”

“Would you like to stop?”

Knowing it would go on as long as it had to, he surrendered. “Yes ma’am, may I please stop jerking off?”

She crinkled her nose, shrugged, and nodded. “I suppose you may. You may also sleep on the floor, since you don’t want to make your cock all nice and hard for me.” She threw a pillow down to him, then reached over and turned off the light.

The next morning she made breakfast, he did the dishes, and they went to work.

After five days of the new rule, his face had a haunted look. It was Friday, which gave her all night to torment him without worry of work in the morning.

He came into the room, and undressed silently. He got down on all fours, and started to jerk himself off.

She closed her book and looked down at him, watching his hunched shoulders and listening to this breathing. “Do you like sleeping on the floor?”

He shook his head. “Not particularly ma’am.” She had been leaving the air conditioning on, keeping the room colder than usual.

“Well…” She paused dramatically. “Why don’t you lock your cock up, and give me the keys, and then it will be my cock. And I can’t reasonably expect you to get my cock hard when it’s locked in a cage, can I?”

He put his hand flat on the floor, and thought through the question. He decided it was rhetorical, and best to play it safe. “Thank you ma’am.”

“You’re thanking me for taking your cock away?”

He nodded again. “Yes ma’am. Thank you for taking my cock away.”

She reached down to tussle his hair. “You’re welcome.”

Preview: She’s got an alarm on her phone that lets her know when that door is opened, and again when it closes and locks automatically.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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