July 17, 2013

The Scenario

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Silhouettes of furniture lined the walls of the room. They stood across the bed from each other. Their outlines shifted softly, each waiting for the other to start.

He broke the silence first. “So tell me about him…”

“Well…” She cleared her throat. “He’s a bastard. A thief. A rich boy who takes what he wants. Not because he needs it, but because he thinks that’s what a real man does. Just moves in and takes.” Her silhouette took an itchy step, marching in place. “So tell me about her…”

“A trophy wife whose estranged husband is always out of town. She went to a fancy college to get her M-R-S degree, and now she spends his money and fantasizes about fucking the pool boy and throws parties where she drinks too much and hates the world. She’s throwing a party tonight.” He leaned towards her from the hips, and smiled. “So tell me about him…”

“He thought he was being very clever, sneaking upstairs to her bedroom while they were cutting the cake, and everyone was looking elsewhere. Now he’s upstairs in what he thought was her bedroom, and trying to decide what he should take. He can’t quite figure out why all the drawers are locked, and hasn’t noticed the door swinging shut behind him.” She slid herself onto the bed, lying on her side and grinning back. “So tell me more about her.”

His teeth flashed at her in the darkness. “She may have trust issues that I didn’t mention earlier. She’s got an alarm on her phone that lets her know when that door is opened, and again when it closes and locks automatically. She sets down her drink and excuses herself early. She tells her guests to please make themselves at home and continue without her.” He knelt down beside the bed, head and arms resting on the mattress, looking at her. “So what’s he doing?”

“He’s starting to notice a weird coppery smell in the room. He thinks it might be blood, because everyone always describes blood as smelling like copper, but that’s crazy. He’s trying to pry a drawer open with a knife he brought in with him, but finally realizes it’s just the face of a drawer glued onto a plywood box. So tell me some more about her.”

“She’s outside the door. It’s slid shut and locked. She’s watching him on a video monitor, and sees him jump when she clicks on the intercom. She tells him that he can probably survive three days without water, or three weeks without food, and the only way he’s getting either is to entertain her.”

She slid her hand down her panties and moaned. “And the only way the door is will open is if she wants to fuck him so badly she opens it from the other side. Then she tells him it’s a good thing he has a knife with him, it’ll make it much easier for him to entertain her.” She reached out with her free hand, grabbed his shirt, and dragged him across the bed into a kiss.

He stopped the kiss long enough to take a deep breath, then licked his lips and swallowed. “What does he do?”

She shoved him back across the bed, and shifted her hips to get more comfortable. “He entertains her.”

Preview: He frowned, trying to put his unease into words.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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