July 22, 2013

Feeding Off Each Other

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They had never talked about them, but by now they both knew the rules.

The more he suffered for her, the hotter she got. The hotter she got, the more he wanted to suffer for her.

They fed off of each others pain and joy, sometimes with small sips and light snacks, sometimes they gorged themselves. She’d been listening to him all day, and knew he was hungry. The slightly softer tones, the little courtesies and small compliments. He had even refilled the ice cube trays and taken out the garbage.

She was hungry too. To see how much he could take for her, to see how long it took before cracks appeared and he started to break. To see him break for her, then hold him tight and put him back together.

It was the kind of scenario where things sometimes got out of hand.

The plug was always an excellent way to make sure she had his undivided attention. He had whimpered when he saw it, sighed when it slipped into his ass. Winced and shuddered when she turned it on and the vibrations filled his ass, the sense of delicious wrongness radiating out through his body.

She had turned it up to high right away. She had waited all day and didn’t feel like waiting anymore.

The cuffs had slapped around his wrist, locking his arms to the chair. Zip ties hissed around his ankles, binding them to the chair legs. A belt around his chest, tightened, waiting for him to exhale, then tightening some more.

She had stopped to get undressed then, watching him the whole time. She flipped her hands through her hair and licked her lips.


She sighed and leaned in closer. It was one of her favorite words, especially when he moaned it desperation, or screamed it in pain. “Please what baby?”

“Can we please try the spiky thing ma’am?”

She had giggled an “Ohohoh.” The spiky thing was just a leather band with thumb tacks through it that went around his cock. Something she had made to threaten with, to torture him with fear of the possibility she might use it on him someday. She’d never really expected him to agree to wear it.

She savored the moment, and smirked down at him. “You want to wear the spiky thing on your cock for me?”

“Yes, please ma’am.” He wasn’t sure, but he wanted to want to, to do it now while it still seemed like something that might be a good idea. To push a little further than he had for her before.

“I’m going to do some hideously kinky shit to make your cock hard, you know, if you’re wearing that thing? To punish you for your filthy erections and disgusting desires?”

“Yes ma’am. Please.”

It was her favorite word… She had nodded and gone to get it out of the drawer. She set aside her passion for the moment, and flicked the tip of his cock until it got soft. The buzzing of the plug and their breathing were the only sounds. She wrapped it around his cock, making sure the spikes just barely pressed into his flesh.

She fell back on the bed, just watching him, looking at him bound and waiting to suffer. She could see his face twitch as his cock started to harden, smashing itself into the spikes. She moaned, and resisted the urge to jerk herself off immediately. She needed to do something to make this memorable. For both of them.

“Stay.” She picked up her phone and walked out of the room, leaving him open-mouthed and still tied to the chair. She came back a few minutes later, and took two pictures. One of his entire body, one a closeup of his cock.

“What…” He started to ask, then whimpered and clenched his teeth as she pushed down on the band around his cock.

She left the room again without a word.

When she came back she had a dreamy look in her eyes. She flopped down on the bed, slowly rubbing her slit. “I invited a friend over. I think you met her a few times, she was there for boardgames when we did the killer rabbits game. Her top and I have a gentleman’s wager on how many fingers I can fit in her ass.”

He swallowed hard, and tried to keep his cock from getting hard.

He did that a lot that night.

They had gagged him for awhile, then taken the gag out when they decided they liked the sounds he made when his cock tried to get hard.

She found his begging was delicious. He found her moans just as delectable. Of course two hours later they were hungry for more.

Preview: She didn’t just want to play tonight, she wanted to win.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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