July 24, 2013

The Last Five Minutes

Posted in stories at 4:36 am by littlesubmissions

She loved the click-clack-click of cheap handcuffs locking around his wrist. Four clicks, that was how many it took to keep his hands securely chained behind his back. She counted them as the metal scraped against itself, feeling the vibrations run through her fingers down to her cunt.

Sometimes she started the game as soon as the movie started, while the opening credits were still rolling. Setting the bowl of popcorn aside, and pulling his arms behind his body. Wrapping herself around him as she eased his pants down his legs, exposing his cock. Sometimes she waited until the movie was halfway finished. Sometimes she didn’t feel like playing at all.

Tonight, she felt like playing. She shoved popcorn in his mouth before taking the bowl away, and brought back the handcuffs. She wrestled his arms behind him, and clamped them there. Her teeth nibbled on his ear as she pushed his pants down, and she growled deep inside.

She didn’t just want to play tonight, she wanted to win.

On other nights she might take it slow, building him up, stroking his cock slowly and gently. Tonight she wanted him hard immediately. She wanted pre-cum to dribble down his cock onto her fingers, she wanted him rock hard and on the edge, teeth grinding, hips bouncing, arms straining and fists clenching.

And then, when the movie was almost over, about fifteen minutes from when the end credits rolled, right before the hero saved the world, solved the mystery, killed the bad guy, she wanted to whisper in his ear. “Do you want to see the end of the movie, or do you want to come?”

And she wanted him to beg her to come. She wanted to pause the movie, the image flickering on the screen, and finish him. She wanted to feel the control she had over him, his cock spurting because she wanted it, because she could give him something he couldn’t even get in his fantasies.

Sometimes he would stammer out a “No” when she asked if he wanted to come… not often, but sometimes. Sometimes it was something he really wanted to see, and worth not having the orgasm. Sometimes, but not often. Not tonight.

She wanted to send him to the shower to clean up while she finished the movie, then drag him into bed and fuck. She wanted to feel that control over him, where he’d do anything for her, where she owned him.

He really liked movies. He didn’t see that many. Not the endings at least.

Preview: Once, he handed her a receipt for a pita sandwich.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. appy said,

    Thanks again. I really enjoy your blog. I wish I had that writing skill.


    • littlesubmissions said,

      You’re welcome, thanks for reading and commenting.

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