July 26, 2013

$3.99 Secrets

Posted in stories at 5:32 am by littlesubmissions

Four dollars or less, those were pretty much the only rules.

Once a week, a small gift that cost four dollars or less.

The thing was, with a budget like that, it had to be inventive. He liked buying her things, she liked the thought he had to put into it. And if it got lost, broken, or just never used… well, they were only out four bucks.

After awhile, there were some go-to presents. The dollar store was always good for hitty things. She worked the back of his legs over with a rubber spatula, and left painful bruises on his ass with a set of wooden spoons. The fly swatter she had put in the kitchen to swat flies with. She’d been meaning to buy one anyway.

She’d beaten him with the windshield wiper refills he bought, which her car actually needed, and then asked him to go buy another pair for the car with a grin. Wincing as he put on his shirt, he had grinned back and headed for the auto parts store.

A quart of fresh strawberries from a roadside stand elicited an excited “eeek” and an emergency trip to the grocery store for cream. They ate them while watching television, after she had generously agreed to share.

After a poor choice of statuary he carefully considered how much discomfort something would cause if shoved in his butt. He had thought it was funny when he bought it, she had thought it a lot funnier when she snapped a picture of it lodged half way up his backside.

He wasn’t stupid enough to buy the miniature cactus, even it did come in a cute, hand-painted planter.

He never knew what she would like or would just appreciate for the gesture. His hands gave it away, they’d tremble just a little when he offered her something. The tilt of his head, the slightly narrowed eyes. He’d watch her reaction carefully, trying to judge.

Once, he handed her a receipt for a pita sandwich. She arched an eyebrow, and he had shrugged. “It was going to be lunch, but I gave it to a homeless guy. At least I think he was homeless. If not, he was missing a hell of an opportunity…”

Her sudden grin, and the fierce hug had surprised him. The sudden growling hunger inside her mind had surprised her.

She had him eat her pussy for dinner, and then kiss her ass and thank her for the privilege of going to bed hungry. They fell into bed, exhausted, and she had carefully put the receipt in a small box of important papers.

Endless surprises, always finding out new things about each other. It kept their relationship interesting. And all for $3.99.

Preview: He stood up and blushed crimson.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. AconitE said,

    aww. this was a sweet one! 🙂

    • littlesubmissions said,

      I like to throw a sweet one in once in awhile. 😉

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