July 29, 2013

Office Discipline

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Her heels clacked across the floor as she stalked towards him. “You’ve been stealing again, haven’t you?”

He shook his head furiously, “No ma’am, I swear.” He backed up against the wall, the closed door looming to his left, shutting off any avenue of escape.

She looked him up and down, sneering, then reached up to grab his ear. “Of course you have, I had the change from buying my morning coffee on my desk, and when I return it’s gone. And here you are…” She dragged him over to the desk, holding his head down and making him take awkward, shuffling steps to keep up with her staccato strides.

Her finger stabbed down at the empty space next to the coffee on her desk. “It was right here!” She hissed at him, pulling his face down by his ear until it was inches from the desk.

He crouched awkwardly, his bare feet on the wooden floor, and mouthed words silently. She twisted his ear and he finally spoke. “I didn’t take it ma’am, I swear!”

“You’re lying.” She let go of his ear and stepped back, crossing her arms. “Take your uniform off. I thought that after the last incident we could at least allow you some small dignity, but apparently even that is impossible.”

He stood up and blushed crimson. He pulled the ridiculously tight shirt over his head, the cloth dragging along his skin as he disrobed. He set it on the desk, then looked away from her as he pulled the bicycle shorts down and off. He placed them on the desk and stood before her naked, forcing himself to keep his hands at his sides, not quite able to meet her eyes.

She picked up his clothes and took them behind the desk, opening a drawer and dropping them inside. She pulled a penlight out of the middle drawer and came back to him, grabbing his jaw. “Open.”

He opened his mouth and she flipped the pen light on, looking inside. “Lift your tongue.” She inspected him like livestock, or a piece of meat, and carefully shined the light from one side of his mouth the other, panning up and down and across.

She stepped back and lifted his cock, moving it from side to side, lifting his balls, manipulating them roughly, shining the light under, around, behind his flesh. His jaw twitched, and he licked his lips.

She stood up and arched an eyebrow, slipping her hands into the pockets of her pants suit. “Well, there’s only one other place it could be. Turn around.”

He flinched, but turned around, placing his hands on the desk, leaning over.

She pulled chair over, sitting behind him. “Such a disgusting little animal, so eager to have your ass examined. I have to take time out of my day…” She slipped a finger into his ass… “To keep an eye on a pathetic stealing asshole…” She pulled it out… “Like you…” And pushed it back in… “I thought putting you in that uniform would discourage you but no…” She twisted her wrist, cork screwing her finger in and out of his body. “Maybe we’ll just keep you naked all the time, like all the other animals…” She sawed her finger in and out rapidly, burying it to the knuckle each time until he moaned.

“What did you say?”

He tried to keep his ass from clenching, to relax and accept the intrusion, but his body wouldn’t cooperate with his mind. “It’s dry, ma’am.”

She shoved her finger back inside him, and nodded. “Yes it is. Would you like to make a request?” She slowly started to work her finger in and out.

He bit his lower lip, then forced the words out. “Please use lube, ma’am.”

She slapped his ass. “Please use lube for what?”

He rubbed his forehead against the desk, moving it from side to side. “Please use lube when you check my ass for stolen property ma’am.”

“That’s better.” She pulled her finger out long enough to spit on his asshole, and resumed violating him. She worked another finger into his ass, then a third, pausing to spit on his hole whenever dry skin started to rub against her finger. “There, now we’ll see about whether you’ve been stealing.”

She picked the penlight back up and flicked it on, looking into his ass, shining it back and forth. He buried his head on the desk, warm feelings of shame and protection washing over him.

She stood up, sliding the chair back carefully. Her jaw was slightly clenched, and her fingers curled into talons. The initial humiliation of stripping him, of inspecting him like a piece of property, of violating him physically and mentally only left her hungry for more. “Stay. Move an inch and I will be your brainless ass raw.”

She walked back around to her desk and started rifling through drawers. She threw a pad of sticky notes on the desk in front of him, along with a pen, and kept going through drawers. Finally, she pulled out a cheap plastic ruler and grinned. She walked back around him and carefully lined herself up to one side of his body. “Every time I hit you I want you to write something you are on one of those notes.”

The cheap plastic splatted off his ass, and he pulled the lid off of the pen, dropping it on the desk. He shifted the paper and pen on the desk until they were in front of him, and awkwardly started to write.

She watched him, waiting for him to scrawl a word or phrase, then hitting him again. These weren’t hard, painful swats, just irritations designed to remind him of her power without giving him the release of endorphins or a head space.

He scrawled words across the paper, flipping the notes up one at a time “property,” “slave,” “animal,” “sex toy,” “pain dumpster,” “cunt licker,” “piss drinker,” “boot licker,” “drain,” “hole,” “whore,” “toy,” “bitch,” “slut,” “cock,” “pain toy…”

She slapped the ruler into his body faster, keeping time, making him write faster and faster. He tried to keep up, and she just kept hitting him, always one note ahead of his frantic writing.

Finally, he reached the end and she kept swatting him, driving the plastic into his ass. He fumbled the notepad, flipping back to the front and writing again, trying to think of words he hadn’t already written, and finally just writing the words over again in a different order. “Bitch,” “animal,” “sex toy,” cunt licker,” “boot licker,” “cock,” pain dumpster…”

She kept hitting him, a light litany of stimulus creating the response she wanted, until the notes were covered, then threw the ruler on the desk. It bounced across the surface and fell to the floor on the other side. He wrote a few more words, finally stopping when he realized she was no longer hitting him, and held the pen and paper awkwardly in his hand.

She walked around the desk, sliding her pants and underwear off, then sat down in the chair and reclined. She primly took the pen out of his hand, dropping it on the desk, then removed the pad of paper. “Get around here. For inconveniencing me with your innocence you’re going to lick me while I read every one of these. You really want to get me off before I finish the list.”

He crawled around to her, and she leaned back a little further, scooting forward in the chair. A part of her couldn’t keep from making a mental note to buy more post its, and then she sighed as she felt his mouth on her cunt.

Even though it was a Saturday, working from home definitely had its perks.

Preview: The falling sensation of being at the peak of the roller coaster just before it dropped and weightlessness hit.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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