August 7, 2013

The Note

Posted in stories at 4:20 am by littlesubmissions

Dear ma’am,

I’m afraid that if I just try to tell you this in a conversation, you’ll punch me halfway through and we’ll get sidetracked. In a most pleasant manner of course, but still sidetracked.

I don’t want to worship you. I think I’d much rather defile you, to tell the truth. I want to desecrate you. To get down in the dirt and filth and roll around in it, let it cover us, then wash it all off in a hot shower and fall into a bed with cool, clean sheets.

And I don’t want to submit to you, at least in the way I think of submission. I’m my own person, and I enjoy helping you make your life better because *I like you very much* (yeah, I know, still can’t say it), and you make my life better. So I want to make your life better.

I don’t even want to suffer for you, and I know that you enjoy causing pain, and I enjoy suffering. But to tell the truth, neither one of those is sufficient on its own. I don’t want to suffer for you. I don’t even want to suffer for me. I want to suffer for us, because it’s a very horrible lovely thing we do together and I feel very close to you when it’s happening.

I have to pick up a part for the downstairs toilet on the way home, but if you want to order Chinese and stay in tonight I’ll treat.

See you soon,

Preview: Choose Your Own Adventure part 2! Will Navaux bribe his way free? Convince Citizen Ma’am of his loyalty to the republic? Attempt to seduce her? Or will he lose his head? The votes are in, see what happens Friday!

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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