August 9, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure 2: The Bribe

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This is part of an ongoing series. It will probably make more sense if you read the first part first.

Click Here for Chapter 1

You chose #3: Navaux will attempt to bribe Citizen Ma’am to smuggle him out of the dungeon.

He mulled over his choices, trying to remember what he could from high school about the French Revolution, even wishing he had paid more attention when they watched Les Miserables. He licked his lips, eyed her carefully, and said, “Well, Citizen Ma’am, I could make you a wealthy woman. A very wealthy woman, in fact, if you were to help me find my way out of this dungeon.”

She shook her head and laughed. “But Navaux, you have nothing. Your assets were seized by the republic, your lands forfeit, your title worthless. The clothes on your back are quite literally your only possessions.”

He held up one finger, and smiled. “Ah, but that is not so. Before your friends arrested me I hid some of my father’s gold in a place which only I know. Enough to make you quite wealthy.”

“Well…” She nodded and smiled at him, almost breaking character, but then she made a tsk sound with her lips and teeth instead. “Quite clever of you Navaux, but perhaps too clever by half.” She took his hat from him, and seated it on her own head at a jaunty angle.

“Some…” She licked her lips slowly. “Would torture the information out of you. But your depravities are well known. I suppose I could barter with you, and offer you the pleasure of licking my boots for the money.” She let herself savor her options, enjoying the departure from the script, breathing slowly and looking at him through narrowed eyes. “On you knees Navaux.”

He dropped to his knees and swallowed hard.

She pushed one boot forward, licking her lips, moving the boot back and forth, watching his eyes track the black leather as it weaved from side to side. “Give it a kiss. Let’s see if the rumors of your perversions are true.”

He leaned down and carefully pressed his lips to the toe, letting them linger until she jerked her boot back. He looked up, pleading with his eyes, and she raised an eyebrow. “Do you have something to say?”

“Citizen Ma’am, I will tell you where I hid my gold for the privilege of licking your boots.”

She knelt down to face him, and thought the offer over. “You see Navaux, that is your problem. You think you can buy anything you want because you’re a nobleman. I think I’d rather torture the gold out of you.”

She yanked on his shirt, starting a rip, then pulled it wider, exposing his chest. She sauntered over to the bed and came back with mouse traps, dropping them on the floor in front of him and sitting cross legged in front of his exposed chest and stomach. “Mouse traps are often effective on vermin such as yourself. I think they will be appropriate anyway, and many find them very persuasive.”

She started with his nipples, pulling the jaws apart and letting them clamp down, then began working more around his flesh. The soft skin of his stomach, the tighter skin of his pectoral muscles. Clamps soon hung from his body, distorting, compressing, and pulling on the flesh.

He started to breathe harder, and she slapped one of the mouse traps, making him jump and wince. “Oh Navaux, did that hurt? I’m sorry.” She stood up, and used his hair to drag him to a standing position. She stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed. “Jump.”

He jumped, wincing and exhaling again as the clamps jerked and mauled his flesh.


He yipped this time, an animal exclamation.


The traps flopped and pulled against his skin again. “Citizen Ma’am, I’ll tell you where the gold is, just please let me take the traps off.”

“Mmmm. You’re so cute when you beg. Jump again and I’ll think about it.”

He jumped again, stumbling as his feet hit the floor and pain exploded in his chest.

“Nope. I think I’d rather you jump again.”

He jumped, and she smiled at the way he contorted his body, trying to avoid the pain.

“Please Citizen Ma’am, can I tell you where the gold is now?”


What happens next?

1. Citizen Ma’am continues to torture Navaux, not letting him tell her where the gold is.
2. Citizen Ma’am lets Navaux tell her where the gold is, and stops the torture.
3. Citizen Ma’am lets Navaux tell her where the gold is, but then keeps torturing him.
4. Citizen Ma’am gives Navaux a reward, then goes back to torturing him without letting him tell her where the gold is.

I wanted to give everyone a chance to weigh in on the top side of things as well, so here it is. Everyone is welcome to vote, regardless of which end of the flogger you like to be on btw, and get your vote in before next Wednesday. Hey, a lot of people talk about topping from the bottom, but I take it to the next level.

Preview: “So eager.” She held it to his lips, pushing it into his face, sliding it into his mouth until she hit his throat and he started to choke.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


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  3. littlesubmissions said,

    Two votes for number 3 already? That’s just mean.

  4. Lilith said,

    Option 1!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      I appear to have thrown Navaux into the clutches of sadists. 🙂

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