August 14, 2013

Further Exams

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Author’s note: Might make more sense if you read the previous story first, “Kinky Nurse Fetish.”

“Stay.” She slapped his shoulder and stood up, rearranging and straightening her uniform. She bounced out of the room, coming back a few minutes later with a glass of ice water. She took another long drink, and offered it to him. “You want a sip?”

He nodded and sat up, gratefully taking a small drink.

She took the glass back from him, and set it by the pile of his clothes on the nightstand.

She looked back at him, picked up her clipboard, and smiled. “Now, we will continue with the exam. Stand up please.”

He shoved himself off the bed, and stood, cock still half hard, eager to see what she had planned next.

She put a towel on the bed, and snapped her fingers. “On the exam table, face down and on your knees please.”

He turned around, getting into the position, face down on the bed, knees on the towel, his ass in the air. “Are you sure this is necessary nurse?”

She put the clipboard on his back, and gave his ass a pinch, just to show she could. “Absolutely necessary, yes, and we are entirely professional here. I assure you all of this is for your benefit.”

She pulled out a new jar of lube and smeared some along her finger. He inhaled sharply and she purred as she worked the finger into his ass, shoving it in to the knuckle, then pausing and fucking him with it for a few hard strokes. She slid it out slowly, loving the feel of his body wrapping around her, and added lube to a second finger.

She worked them in and out of his body, screwing and twisting, fucking him with her fingers, stretching him out and changing his body to what she wanted. When he was ready, she slid her fingers out, and added lube to a third.

Her fingers went back in his ass, and saw his toes curl as the sensation went from pleasurable to invasive. She worked her fingers in out more roughly, fucking him, reminding him that she owned his body. A fourth finger and she was corkscrewing in and out of his ass, twisting, pushing, pulling against the muscles.

She picked up the tube of lube and squeezed a large blob out onto her fingers, shoving it inside of him. Some fell down to the towel, and she squeezed more out on her fingers. She pushed more inside. She wanted to see it gushing out of his body when she fucked his ass.

She didn’t just want to fuck him, she wanted to turn him into a disgusting, open hole. A sewer spewing filth out of his ass onto the towel. A river of slop pouring out around her hand. All the disgusting filth in his body bubbling and sliding down the crack of his ass and down his thighs.

She pushed more lube into him, then worked her fingers in, shoving them, twisting and sliding them into his body. She buried them inside of them, held them, tried to wiggle them around, loosen him up a little more. Lube pooled around the circumference of her hand in a thick ring, a wet, slimy stain. She slid her fingers out, and formed her hand into a cone shape. She wanted her whole fist inside of him.

The lube dribbled out of him as she put the tips all her fingers at his ass and pushed. She felt the cool lubrication mixing with his hot flesh, and worked her hand in further and further. He moaned and twitched, the clipboard bouncing on his back. She grabbed his balls with her other hand and shifted her feet to gain leverage. “Hold still.”

She growled the words, and pushed. More of her hand slid into him, more of the lube squeezing out. She twisted her hand and pushed, and a little more of her slid inside. She was up to the knuckles, and sliding further into him by the millimeter.

She slid in further, and then the widest part of her hand was past the muscle, and sank into him with a delicious feeling of power and inevitability. She broke character for a second, speaking in a deep, throaty whisper. “My whole hand is in your ass…”

Her hand started back and forth, fisting him, violating his ass. The wet, sweet and awful stench hit her, shit mixed with lube, an awful smell of decay and digestion. She started fucking him harder, the lube running down his body, just the way she had wanted.

Each out motion slid a little more of the lube out, extracting it from his body, running down his legs, sticking to the fine hairs there, and dripping onto the towel below him. His body was so hot and wrapped so tight around her wrist, and she twisted her hand and fucked him some more.

He sounded like he was choking on pleasure, little moans and gags coming back to her, sometimes muffled by the bed, sometimes louder as he twisted his head in an irrational attempt to escape the pain. She kept fucking him, working his body like a cheap cock sleeve, memorizing the wet sounds for later.

Finally, when no more lube oozed out of him, she left her hand inside him and gave his balls a quick squeeze. He jumped, and she slowly slid her hand out. It emerged from his ass with a popping sound, and she let go of his balls.

She dragged her hand across his ass cheeks, wiping the disgusting slime onto his body. With her dry hand she picked up her clipboard and dropped it on the bed. When her hand was reasonably clean she licked her lips and smirked at his gaping ass. It was violated, as wrecked as she wanted to make it for now.

Now, it was time for something else.

“I’m seeing some digestive issues here sir. I’m going to need you to go into the next room.”

He sighed and shook, but pushed himself off the bed, and looked at her through tear stained eyes. He pulled the towel up to his ass, trying to keep the mess from dribbling on the floor and she smiled in approval. His eyes darted from door to door and he shifted his weight, not sure which way to go.

She leered at him and pointed towards the bathroom. “That way sir. I’m afraid we’ll need to administer an enema.”

Preview: Next up is the third Choose Your Own Adventure Installment. See what happens to our French Nobleman at the hands of the civic minded Citizen Ma’am.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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