August 16, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure 3: The Torture Continues

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Click here for chapter 1

“Please Citizen Ma’am, can I tell you where the gold is now?”

“Well…” She chewed her lower lip, and rocked her head from side to side. “I suppose so.”

He slumped forward, breathing hard and with his hands on his knees. His muscles tensed as he forced his body to remain still and the mousetraps jostled. “It’s buried behind the carriage house, at the base of the apple tree.”

Her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Good, Navaux, the republic thanks you. Now jump.”

His lungs constricted and his heart beat faster. His lips worked soundlessly, then he whimpered, and forced his legs to push himself into the air again. His feet hit the ground with a thump and another whimper.

“The heart of the problem for you Navaux, is that you think because you value money over all, so does everyone else. Jump.”

He forced himself to jump, and gritted his teeth until the sharp flare of pain subsided.

“The republic, however, does not require wealth. It requires loyalty, suffering, and obedience. Jump.”

The mousetraps gnawed on his damaged skin some more as he pushed himself into the air and landed.

“If you were familiar with the writings of the republic, you would be aware of this. Jump.”

The warm pain in his chest spread as endorphins started to kick in. His brain started to turn soft and hazy.

“Good citizens demonstrate all three of these virtues. Jump.”

He jumped and moaned as the pain tore at the pleasure he was starting to feel. It always took a push to get him this far, past the point he would have quit otherwise.

“I suppose for you, we’ll have to settle for one of those qualities. Jump.”

He jumped, forcing himself a little higher this time, wanting the pain to flare and heighten the sensation of his body being ripped apart by steel jaws.

“But you’ll have to make a choice, Navaux. How will you demonstrate your loyalty to the republic?”

Navaux shuddered, and almost jumped again before his brain processed the question. “Ugh…” He breathed hard, and tried to think. “What were the options?”

“Jesus Christ.” She grabbed one of the mousetraps and yanked it off his body, the sudden rush of pain making him jerk his hands towards his chest, then force them back to his sides.

“Loyalty.” She ripped another moustrap off.

“Suffering.” Another flash of pain as she twisted the jaws wrapped around his skin and yanked them off his body.

“Obedience.” The last pair of jaws yanked at his skin until they slipped off, leaving an angry red line behind. “Which do you chose?”

Which will Navaux chose?

Option 1: Loyalty
Option 2: Obedience
Option 3: Suffering

Preview: He whimpered and nodded, feeling very cold and vulnerable as he walked into the bathroom.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. susannahclary said,

    #3! In his current head space, hopped up on endorphins, it’s what will come out of his mouth. It’s also what he thinks she’ll accept.

  2. ejzplay said,

    I concur with Susannah, #3 is what Navaux would choose. Of course, Citizen Ma’am will choose obedience.

    How far will she go? How far will he? Stay tuned loyal readers, as little submissions choose your own adventure continues!

  3. appy said,

    I would choose option 2, which in the end can turn into option 3.

  4. Lilith said,

    Option 3! Susannah said it all.

  5. jasper said,

    Most definitely Option 3.

  6. K said,


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