August 19, 2013

The Doctor

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Author’s note: With thanks to my ma’am, Ava Amnesia, for considerable technical advice.

He was trembling as she led him into the bathroom, his ass a dull, throbbing hole. “I’ve never had an enema before nurse…”

She pushed him along, guiding his steps into the bathroom. “Well, that’s probably the problem then. I wouldn’t worry about it, but I certainly wouldn’t argue. The doctor can be kind of a bitch when she thinks you’re being disrespectful. Woman in a male dominated field, you know.”

He whimpered and nodded, feeling very cold and vulnerable as he walked into the bathroom.

She spread another towel on the floor, lengthwise in front of the toilet, and was silently grateful it was his turn to do the laundry this week. “Hands and knees, you know the position well by now.”

He dropped to his knees on the towel, his feet sticking out on the cold tile floor and his hands near the toilet seat.

She patted his head and smiled. “Good boy. Now wait here for the doctor. If she comes back and you’ve moved, she’ll chain you to the toilet and you’ll have to hold the enema. Given the state of your ass, I don’t think that will turn out well for you.”

“Yes nurse.” His muscles tensed, and he tried not to think of what was going to happen next.

She walked out, grabbing the door handle and starting to pull it closed. She paused with it halfway closed, and as an afterthought flipped off the light. He didn’t need it. The door clicked closed behind her, and she closed her eyes as she stumbled to the bed and fell down on it. Her hands yanked her skirt up and her fingers mashed into her cunt, rubbing her clit frantically. She forced herself to slow down, letting the pleasure build.

The cloth kept falling down against her hand, and irritate she stopped long enough to yank it down and off. The top followed and she spread out diagonally on the bed, remembering how hard it had been to keep control, to keep from just trying to shove her whole arm up his ass until she could rip his heart out. She rolled on the bed, mauling her tits with one hand, rubbing her cunt with the other, pushing herself into the frenzy she had denied herself before.

Her face contorted, and she whimpered as she came, her hips twitching and her fingers slowing. She took a long, deep breath, and felt her muscles turn to liquid.

She lay their on the bed, smiling, imagining him naked, in the dark, on his hands and knees waiting for her. She let him wait a few more minutes, teased herself with what he was going to do for her, wondered if he would panic and back out.

Finally she couldn’t wait anymore, and got up off the bed. She looked at the uniform on the floor, and walked over to the closet. She reached up and pulled the enema kit off the top shelf, then looked at the white lab coat she had been planning to wear. Fuck it.

She walked into the bathroom naked and flipped the light on.

He was still crouched on all fours, naked, and squinted at the sudden fluorescent light. He looked over, eyes widening at her nudity, and jerked his head back to face the toiler. “Doctor?”

She nodded down at him. “Doctor is right. I’m going to give you an enema now. You understand that?”

“Yes doctor.” He held very still.

“Good.” She set the kit down on the toilet seat where he couldn’t help but look at it, and started removing items. She slid the clamp over the flexible tubing, and inserted the tip into the end. She picked up the bright red bag, and got a jug of distilled water from under the sink.

He made a slight sound, a little “uh” of surprise, and wondered how long she had been planning this.

She poured the water into the bright red bag, filling it up, then inserted the plug. She inserted the other end of the tube into the plug, and smiled down at him.

“We’re all ready now. Normally I’d use some lube, but I think you’ve got plenty left. I hope you regained some muscle control after earlier, or this is going to get messy.” She slid the hard plastic tip into his ass, and started fingering the clamp keeping the tube closed.

She hopped over him like she was mounting an animal backwards, and sat down on the toilet seat, scooting forward until she was at the edge, his face level with her cunt. “Since you’ve been such a cooperative patient, I’ll give you a treat. You can lick my cunt for as long as you can hold the enema. Starting…” She drew out the word, teasing him a little, enjoying the look of eagerness in his eyes, the way his mouth was already open. She flipped open the clamp. “Now.”

He buried his face in her slit and started to lick, eagerly sucking and forcing his tongue up against her.

She groaned and leaned back, grabbing his hair with her free hand and tugging gently on it.

He felt the strange sensation of water filling his bowels, a feeling of motion somewhere deep in his body where nothing usually moved. It flowed into him, pushing against his internal organs, a mounting pressure changing his anatomy. He tried not to think about it, to ignore it and concentrate on eating her out, to memorize the taste, the smell, the texture against his tongue.

She flipped the clamp open and closed, and stroked his hair. “You’re probably feeling the water by now, maybe a little strange, maybe a little relaxing. The water is room temperature.” She groaned a little as he hit her clit just right, and closed her eyes. “As more water fills you it will start to feel more and more like being sick.”

He tried to hear her without thinking about it, the feeling of fullness eventually turning to the awful feeling of nausea.

“If it were colder, it would lead to cramps.” She opened the clamp fully, letting it flow, and dropped both hands to his head. “And then there are additives. I have some lovely soap that is very irritating and tends to lead to cramps as well.”

She let the water flow into his body, and leaned back, enjoying herself. She closed her eyes and when she finally opened them and looked over the bag was empty. “Good boy. Now I’m going to get up, and you’re going to sit on the toilet and hold that for a few minutes.”

He reluctantly pulled his face back, and she stood up, one leg on either side and using her arms to keep her balance. She swung one leg over him and slowly pulled the nozzle out of his ass, giving him a playful swat on the rump. “On the toilet now, I don’t want any accidents.”

He shuffled up and turned around, pushing the lid up and sitting down. His lips curled and he could feel the cramps in his stomach. He wrapped his arms around himself and hunched over, trying to fight the pressure to release. He remembered what it was like to have his face buried in her cunt, and licked his lips trying to catch more of her taste.

Finally, she patted his head again. “Good boy, you can let go now.”

He moaned and relaxed, and it felt like every single bit of him, breath and all, flew out of his ass in a rush. He lurched, and almost fell off the toilet. She reached out, but saw him recover, and started to stroke his hair.

The explosive, organic sounds paused and started several times, with her reaching over to push the handle down and flush occasionally. Finally, when he was done she stepped back, and knelt down to see eye-to-eye with him. “Now, you have a choice. You can get into the shower and clean up and get dressed, or you can get back down on your hands and knees, and lick my pussy while I administer another enema. This one will have soap, and be with colder water, so it won’t be nearly as pleasant.”

He looked at her, then the shower, then back at her. “I’d like another enema please, doctor.”

She kissed him carefully on the lips, and pulled him off the toilet by his hair. She spun him around, and guided him to his hands and knees on the floor.

“I’ll be back with the cold water and soap.”

She turned the light out, and left the room again. She’d be right back. He’d be waiting.

Preview: He groaned and clenched his fists. It was easier when he didn’t have to describe it, or think about the pain. “It just… hurts.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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