August 23, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure 4: Suffering for the Republic

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This is part of an ongoing Choose Your Own Adventure Series. Click here for part 1.

“Which do you chose?” She snarled at him, licked her lips, and waited. Scenarios played out in her head, and her fingers twitched as she jumped from one to another.

His own mind went through scenarios just as rapidly, wondering what would please her, what was the best path to win the game. “Suffering ma’am, may I please suffer for the Republic?”

She nodded slowly, her eyes narrowed. “Yes, Navaux, for exploiting the lower classes, for being the boot on the neck of so many people, you deserve to suffer.”

She jerked his trousers down and leaned in close against his trembling body. She could feel her breath bouncing off his skin, and grabbed his cock with her hand. “I want you to think about those all those young maids milking the cattle on your estate.” She started to slowly jerk his cock, working her hand back and forth.

He moaned, trying to enjoy the pleasure and simultaneously brace himself for the pain he knew was coming. She waited until his cock was hard in her hand, then grabbed his balls and twisted, mauling them in the palm of her hand.

His hands jerked towards hers and he forced them back, biting off a scream.

She started jerking him off again, massaging his cock. “Did you fuck them Navaux? Sneak off in the afternoon for a quick tumble with the milkmaid? Did you make them suck your cock behind the stables, telling them their families would be evicted if they didn’t please you?”

She waited for him to start a strangled “No” before she grabbed his balls again, squeezing them, choking him and murdering the word before it could escape his mouth.

She watched him blink his eyes rapidly, and started jerking him off again. “Should I cut your cock off Navaux? Make a gift of it to those servants? Is that the kind of suffering you had in mind?”

She grabbed his balls and twisted again, pausing just long enough for him to force out the words. “No! Please don’t!”

She smirked and kicked the back of his knee, letting him fall to the floor, breathing hard on his hands and knees. “Well, we’ll have to make you suffer some other way.” She stomped over to the closet, and opened the door. “I hear you were fond of administering corporal punishment on your estate.” She pulled the cane out and walked back, standing behind him. “Let’s explore that, shall we? And since you’re here to suffer, I think we can skip the warmup.”

The air whooshed and he rocked forward, grinding his teeth as the cane smashed into his ass and pain flooded his body. She hit him again, barely waiting for him to recover, administering a methodical, savage beating. “This is what you wanted Navaux, to suffer for the Republic. I hope you don’t regret the decision.”

He remained silent, concentrating on trying to breathe through the pain, and she kept up a steady cadence, hammering the cane into his body over and over. She kept hitting him, looking at his posture and body language, but pushing a little further each time.

Finally he whimpered and fell over, pulling his legs up to his chest. “Please, no more…”

She arched an eyebrow, and hefted the cane in her hand.

What does she do?

1. Tell Navaux to get back on his hands and knees and continue the beating.
2. He has failed to suffer for the Republic sufficiently, off with his head.
3. Let Navaux suffer in some other way.

Y’all know the drill, vote in the comments, and thank you for your participation.

Preview: Symmetry really makes this whole thing easier, doesn’t it? I mean, knowing that I’ll do the same thing to the other shoulder makes it easier to process the pain. So I won’t be doing that tonight.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Lilith said,

    Option 3!

  2. appy said,

    Options 1 and 3, please. When impossible, just 3.
    Thank you.

  3. Curious Man said,

    I am sure 3 will be most interesting…

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