September 6, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure 6: Viva la CBT!

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As usual, probably make more sense if you start with part 1. The Part 1.

He took a deep breath, and blinked his eyes, trying to clear his head. He wasn’t thinking about trying to win the game anymore, or worrying about the storyline, he just tried to imagine what would please her.

“Citizen ma’am, please torture my cock and balls…”

She chuckled, and licked her lips. “Well, since you asked so politely.” She stood up and kicked his feet apart with short, lazy blows from her boots. “Stay.” She stomped over to the closet, and returned with a candle and a lighter.

Her face scrunched up for a second, and her eyes narrowed. She jerked her head at his discarded shirt. “Put that under your cock. I don’t want candle wax getting on the carpet.”

He lifted his hips slightly and worked the shirt under them until she nodded, then let his aching body sink back down.

“Happy birthday to you.” She sang softly as she lit the candle, and watched the wax build up. He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, waiting for the hot wax to drip down his body. “Happy birthday to you.”

The first drop of wax hit his stomach, higher than he expected, and he forced himself to control his breathing. It was burning, stinging sensation that left his skin warm and irritated.

She continued singing, moving the candle a little closer towards her, watching the wax carefully. “I’m going to torture your cock.” The drop fell, hitting one side of his cock. His hips rolled and she grinned down at him. “Because that’s what I do.”

Molten drops pelted his body, turning his cock and balls into a throbbing, burning mass. She moved the candle up and down as she rocked back and forth, the wax hitting his skin getting cooler as she moved it higher, hotter as she lowered it towards his body. She tried to keep his body jerking at a constant rate, moving the candle up and down, covering his cock and balls in liquid torment.

When splotches of dried wax saturated his cock and balls, she leaned over to grab his hair and pull him into a sitting position. “Blow out the candle.”

He exhaled sharply, and the candle flame disappeared.

She held him up by his hair, and looked carefully at his face. His eyes were still closed, but his jaw wasn’t clenched, and she could tell by his breathing that his mind was far, far away.

“All right, up and on your feet.” She stood up and used his hair as a handle to pull him along with her, forcing him upright. She kicked his legs apart again, and set the candle and lighter aside. She picked up the crop, and slapped the spots of wax on his cock.

“Ooooph.” He groaned and his hips started to rock again as she beat at the wax, breaking pieces off, revealing the bright red skin underneath. She flicked the crop over and over, moving from side to side, changing her position and the angle of her wrist to hit different spots.

His eyelids fluttered and his head arched back at the flood of endorphins as she tortured his cock and balls, his whole body jerking in time with her swats.

She finally took a deep breath, and looked at him critically. “It will have to do, for now.” Fragments of wax still clung to his skin, but most of the wax lay in broken shards on his shirt below them. “Don’t worry though, we’re not done yet.”

She stepped away long enough to get the ball crusher, two pieces of plastic with long bolts and wing nuts to pull the plates together. She grabbed his balls, feeling an electric jolt travel through her body at how hot they were, and carefully pulled them between the two plates. “You’re going to suffer now, Navaux.”

She spun the wingnuts around until they started to put pressure on the plates, and then paused. He was holding his breath, and she waited until he started to breathe again before slowly applying pressure. She didn’t want him passing out again.

“Why is this happening Navaux?” She moved from side to side, gradually increasing the pressure.

He shuddered and moaned. “Because I must suffer for the republic ma’am.”

“Nope.” She pushed each nut around the bolt a few more times, then asked him again. “Why is this happening Navaux?”

He whimpered as the pressure increased, the relentless crushing sensation rising into his stomach. “Ugh… because I asked for it ma’am.”

She rocked her head from side to side, and continued to tighten the vise. “Closer, but not quite. Try again.”

He felt like he was going to throw up, and made himself look away from his flattened testicles. “Because I begged for you to torture my cock and balls ma’am.”

“That’s it! Smart boy.” She continued to tighten the clamps, then stopped, letting it hang on his body. His balls flattened between the plastic, his thighs trembling, sweat starting to run down his body. “But now we need to see how much you really want to suffer for the republic.”

What comes next? Vote before next Wednesday, and look for the next chapter next Friday.

1. Anal unpleasantness!
2. Needle play!
3. Spanking!

Or enter a write in vote in the comments!

Preview: “I don’t want you to give me anything, I just want to take.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. appyvdv said,

    I vote for nr. 2
    Thank you

    • littlesubmissions said,

      You’re welcome, and thank you for voting.

  2. Isla said,

    Wish I could vote for more of this scene! πŸ™‚ This story is hot and only getting hotter.

    I vote for #3 please.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you, I try to always leave them wanting a little more. πŸ™‚ And thank you for voting.

  3. bea said,

    just foud this story and am loving it! i vote 1.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Glad you like it, and thank you for voting. πŸ™‚

  4. Number 2!!!!!!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      You broke the tie! And thanks for voting.

      • Eric said,

        Number 3!!!!!!!

  5. K said,

    Number 3.

  6. Conrad said,

    Weights hanging off my balls

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