September 11, 2013

The Extremely Popular Game of Manual Dexterity

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She was grinning. It was the slightly goofy, slightly dorky grin she wore whenever she had already won something. When he was painted into a corner, or couldn’t escape.

Except the game hadn’t started yet.

He was pretty sure it hadn’t started yet, anyway.

He started to ask, but shrugged instead. She wouldn’t tell him until she was ready to, and he wouldn’t want to take away her enjoyment in watching him find out. He took a deep breath, and slowly slid one of the wooden pieces out of the tower.

As he slowly pulled it out, letters started to emerge. He narrowed his eyes. “30 minutes in the hood.” He coughed, his claustrophobia making his chest tighten a little at the thought of the cloth wrapping around his face, stealing his vision, pressing down against his skull.

“Thirty minutes in the hood?” He showed her the block and she grinned wider, then nodded. She jotted the phrase down on the notepad beside her, and waved for him to continue. She waited until he had carefully put the block down on top of the tower, then explained.

“Each block has something written on it. You pull them out until the tower falls, and then we see what you’ve won.” She arched an eyebrow at him and gave him an exaggerated, saucy wink.

He licked his lips. “So why wouldn’t I just knock the tower over right now?” He loved the kink, but games were serious things, and rules should be carefully crafted.

She shrugged. “You could do that. But there are rewards in there as well.”

He frowned skeptically.

She crossed her heart with one finger, and stuck it straight up in the air. “Cross my heart and hope to die, there are genuine rewards in there. Things you will enjoy, like getting a steak and a blowjob.”

“And you won’t…”

“Tie you up and eat the steak while I shove my dildo down your throat?” She laughed again, appreciating his caution, not impatient. Yet. “No, I’m flattered that you think I’m such a sadistic cunt, but I’ll play them straight. The good ones will be genuinely good. On the other hand, the bad ones will be genuinely bad.”

She leaned back in her chair. “Or you could just knock the tower over.”

He looked at the block, and tried to remember how many blocks he could usually pull out before it fell. His hand rubbed his mouth, and he tried to figure out where she would have put the blocks with rewards. “And you’re not going to take a turn?”

She shook her head. “Nope. It’s a one player game. For now.”

He rubbed his hands on his pants and steadied his breathing, then slowly reached out and grabbed ahold of one of the wooden blocks.

She was grinning again. It was the slightly goofy, slightly dorky grin she wore whenever she had already won something. When he was painted into a corner, or couldn’t escape.

Or didn’t want to escape.

Preview: It looks like Nauvaux is in for a spanking… but who knows, maybe some needle play will show up as well? Tune in Friday to find out. And maybe see more anachronistic phrases like “tune in.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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