September 23, 2013

The Princess and the Knight

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“In days of yore, knights would build their armor piece by piece, assembling it as rewards for acts of gallantry until they had a full set.” He pushed his way through the door with his butt, and walked across the room in a slouch, plastic straps digging into the palms of his hands.

She took a gallon of milk from the crook of his arm and set in the refrigerator. “I don’t think they did, actually. I’m pretty sure it was usually sold as a set. And I don’t think they did it by buying groceries because the princess had to get her horse’s oil changed and horseshoes rotated either.”

“Hush, you with your knowing things.” He scattered bags across the floor in front of the cupboard and then started sorting through them, putting clusters of food on the counter which she started putting away. “I have a point here.”

She started putting canned goods away, spinning the labels so they faced outward. “Oh good. I thought you were just sending knights into battle with partial armor because you liked the idea of lopsided knights.”

He paused and pursed his lips. “I do kind of like the idea of lopsided knights, to tell the truth. I bet it would help the horses turn corners.” He started assembling a pile of stuff to put in the freezer and stuffed a handful of plastic bags in with all the other plastic bags they never used. “But no, my point is, I would like to propose feats of derring-do, which, if accomplished, would lead to being rewarded with a piece of the chastity device. When it’s all assembled, your brave knight would put it on and be locked in by the maiden fair.”

She snorted a laugh and started moving things around in the freezer. “Well, I am a maiden fair, can’t argue with that. And I do like locking your filthy cock up. It’s almost as much fun as taking it out, getting off on it, and then locking it back up again without letting you get any pleasure out of it at all. These feats of derring-do, I suppose they’re kinky in nature?”

“Of course.” He grinned and slid a box of cereal down to the counter where she stopped it and stood it upright, pushing it into the corner. “If you’re game, I figured I’d describe scenarios in ye’ old English, and if you thought they were worthy of a piece of the armor, we’d try them out.”

She rocked her head back and forth, thinking, then started ticking them off on her fingers. “Hm, I could be down with that, but no ye’ old English, just write them out. I’ll want one scene of derring-do per piece of the chastity.”

“Cool.” He grinned and picked the receipt off the floor.

“I wasn’t done yet.” She grabbed him and spun him around, holding him in her arms. “Make them convincing. Very convincing.” She purred a little, thinking about what she wanted. “Push your limits, really make me proud of you. Get me off so hard I scream myself hoarse, and I’ll take your cock away.”

He nodded silently, and wrapped his arms around her.

She sighed as the final piece fell into place for her. “And one last thing. You’ll need to complete a feat of derring-do to even get the key into play. Until then, it’s not even possible except for emergencies. And I’ll think of that feat, not you. Understood?”

He melted a little, and whispered a breathelss “Yessss…” in her ear.

She pushed him back, and looked up into his eyes. “Seriously, I will leave your cock locked up until you forget you have one if you can’t do this. I don’t know what it will be yet, but I’m going to try to make sure you can’t do it on the first try. You’ll have to push yourself if you want that armor off once it goes on.”

He nodded. “Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am.”

“Good boy.” She slapped his ass. “Now go get started on earning your armor. No Monty Python references, and make it worth my while. I’ll finish putting these away.”

She started sorting fruits and vegetables, and hummed a little. She was dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt, waiting for the garage to call and let her know she could pick up her car, and wearing fuzzy slippers instead of glass, but she still felt a little bit like a princess.

Preview: “Tonight you’re going to be my little coin operated fuck toy. Say it.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Isla said,

    I’d just like to say that I love your little domestic scenes on this blog. They’re adorable and sexy and feel like real people. They make me smile.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      What a lovely comment. 🙂 Thank you, personally I think the beatings and pain and terror are a lot sexier when it’s in the context of two people who care about each other.

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