October 9, 2013

Strength Training

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She grinned at him. “That’s going to cost you.”

He grinned back. “I enjoy making the payments. Usually.”

“Hm.” She stretched, and looked at the ceiling through half closed eyes. Her breath quickened a little, and she licked her lips. “I have some ideas, but let me think about it. I definitely have some ideas.”

She thought about it all day, little fragments of a scene coming to her. She’d turn them over in her imagination, see if they made her pulse rise, if her thighs twitched, if she could ignore the banal meetings and chit-chat around her while they occupied her thoughts.

By the time she was driving home, she knew what she wanted.

She kicked her shoes off and got a glass of water, then took a couple of slow swallows. She followed the trail of discarded shoes and socks to the living room, where he was sitting on the couch. “You, naked, now.”

He looked up, then smiled, and started to pull his shirt off. She paused a moment to leer as his chest appeared, then walked into the bedroom. Her necklace went on the nightstand, and her clothes made a neat pile on the bed. She pulled her vibrator out of a drawer and got a wide bandage off the top shelf of the closet.

She frowned at the ragged pile of his clothing on the couch, then sighed. Some things never changed. She walked to the middle of the room, then pointed at the spot in front of her. “Here.”

He walked over, and stood in front of her expectantly, eagerly.

She smiled back, and her finger twirled. “Turn around.”

He shuffled in a circle, and she carefully placed the vibrator in the middle of his back, between his shoulder blades and the small of his back. The bandage came apart with the rasp of adhesive, and she began to wind it around his chest. “You want me to help you get in shape, well, this is the price. You’re going to get me off while you do it.”

He melted a little in her arms. “Thank you ma’am.”

“You are right to thank me, for I am a kind and generous ma’am.” She tucked the tape in, and checked to make sure the vibrator was secure, then chuckled. “Seriously, because I’m starting off with the vibrator. You’re going to keep doing this until you can fuck me with a dildo and get me off. But that seemed unlikely at this point, and as much as I might enjoy your awkward baby deer learning to walk thrusting, I don’t think it would get me off. Down on the floor, on your face.”

He knelt down then slid forward until his body was on the floor, his arms out in the classic push-up position.

She straddled his body with her legs, then ran her hands through her hair, admiring the sight of his naked body beneath her. “But at some point, I will put a nice fat dildo on your back and you will give me a long, hard fuck with it, understand?”

“Yes ma’am.” He nodded beneath her, and the muscles in his arms tensed.

“Yes ma’am.” She parroted the words back to him. “Because your body isn’t really improving unless it’s making me happier, isn’t that right?”

He shuddered a little, and nodded again. “Yes ma’am, my body is there to make you happy.”

“I’m so glad we agree. Up.” He shoved himself up, legs locked, and she nodded in approval. “You can do them from your knees if you need to, but I want you to do them this way as long as possible.” She leaned down and flipped on the vibrator, and then kneeled down, barely touching her cunt to the vibrating rod in the center of his back.

She sighed and then slowly lowered her weight until it pushed him down to the floor. She could feel him pushing back, grinding the vibrator into her clit, sending little waves of pleasure through her body. She slowly pushed up with her knees, letting him complete the push-up, then pausing at the top until she felt the vibrator just start to lose contact.

She held him there, letting him stay in position, until the muscles in his arms trembled and began to fail. She could hear his breath as he started to sink towards the floor against his will, and followed him down, just barely staying in contact with the vibrator, forcing him to try to keep his arms straight.

She rode him like that, varying the speed and tempo, letting him push himself up then forcing him back down with her weight, or forcing him to try and keep his arms rigid as long as possible. Sweat ran down his back and dripped off his forehead as he forced his muscles up and down.

He could feel the vibrator on his back, and the mass of her weight grinding into it above him. Her hips were starting to roll and her breath was getting faster when he was pinned to the floor, and had to shove his knees flat against the floor to make his arms lift his body.

She chuckled above him. “Ah, someone’s getting tired. Luckily, you asked for motivation.” She waited until he had shoved himself all the way up, his knees hard against the floor, his breath harsh and ragged and his arms trembling, then leaned back and slapped him in the balls.

She rode his body down as he let out a sharp yip and crashed to the floor, the sudden pain driving the strength from his body.

She ground her cunt into the vibrator, and pinched his ass as she moaned. “You do them girly style, you get slapped in the balls. Motivation.”

He tried to shove his entire body off the floor, but couldn’t move. She pressed down above him, and fatigue made it impossible. Finally, whimpering, he left his knees on the floor and pushed. She rode him up, watching his arms, waiting for his elbows to lock, then shoved down with her weight and slapped his balls again.

“Oh fuck.” Her breathing was almost as harsh and ragged as his the scene repeated itself. His body frantically struggling to move, the tired, shredded muscles protesting, the sudden rush of pain as he finally reached the apex and then came crashing down.

“Faster, fucking do it faster or I’ll yank your balls off and feed them to you.”

He made a primal, animal sound and shoved, one arm rising, then the other, his body lurching and twisting under her, dragging the vibrator from side to side and smashing it into her cunt. She rode him up, then slapped his balls and rode him down again.

He became an obscene, tortured animal, and she drove him, forcing his body to respond to her will. Forcing his muscles to move even when they refused, forcing him to work them until she rewarded him with pain and forced them to move even further. Sweat rolled off him now, and she was almost there.

She grabbed his hair, jerking his head back, and leaned forward. “Keep yourself up this time, keep yourself up.” He forced his body into the air, locked his elbows, and tried to keep his trembling arms from collapsing. She held his hair with one hand, ground herself into the vibrator, and reached back and started slapping his balls with her other hand.

Her body contorted and twisted, she could feel him trembling beneath her, and wrenched the hand in his hair, helping him keep his body upright. Her hips bucked as she came, and suddenly his arms couldn’t take it anymore. He collapsed and she rode him down, her orgasm starting, almost slipping away as his body rushed to the floor, then slamming into her as he stopped and the vibrator was suddenly pressing hard against her clit.

Her breath exploded out of her and she leaned forward, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. All speech and coherent thought left her as pleasure rolled through her body, until finally it slowed down. She whimpered and lifted her body off the vibrator, suddenly sensitive. She turned it off, and the sudden silence seemed strange.

He was on the floor, under her, his arms pulled tight against his body. She could tell form the lines of this face that his eyes were shut tightly, his legs knees were bent, as if he were trying to crawl into the fetal position and had just stopped.

She cuddled up beside him, and slowly rolled him over until he was on his back. “Can you hear me?”

The words penetrated the fog of pain and pleasure in his mind, and he swallowed hard, then slowly nodded. “Yes ma’am.”

“Good. I want you to jerk off. Now.”

She put her head on one elbow, and looked down the length of his body. He tried to force his arms towards his cock, a little at a time, but invariably they would twitch. His knees would draw towards his chest, then flatten out, and he would whimper and stop.

She took one of his wrists in her hand, and slowly pulled it towards his cock. “Don’t you want to jerk off?”

He tried to make his arms move again, to ignore the burning pain in his shoulders, then whimpered. “Not right now, ma’am, please, it hurts so much.”

She nodded. “Fine. But this is the only way you’ll be coming from now on. You’ll do your push-ups every other day, so your muscles have a day to heal. But you’re not going to come until you’re strong enough to fuck me like that and still jerk yourself off. Understood.”

He sighed and pulled his arms back up to his chest. “Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am.”

“You’re welcome.” She stroked his hair, and he leaned up far enough to give her a quick kiss.

She kissed him back, then grinned playfully. “Hm, that gives me an idea for sit-ups.”

Preview: “It’s not like you need them, I mean, I could just rip them off and it wouldn’t be any different, right?”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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