October 11, 2013

Optional Parts

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For whoever found this blog with a search for “nipple torture,” this one is for you.

“It’s not like you need them, I mean, I could just rip them off and it wouldn’t be any different, right?” She pinched down on his nipples and leaned in close, punctuating her words with his gasps.

He pushed his back harder against the wall, trying to lean further away from her. “I’m pretty sure they have something to do with balance, ma’am.”

She laughed and slapped his chest with both hands. The loud smack echoed between them, and his back arched as pain shot through his chest. “Pretty sure that’s the inner ear. What do you say we just cut one off, and if you keep falling down, I’ll owe you a soda?”

He forced his breathing to slow down, and shook his head. “I think that would make walk in circles, actually, because – ugh!” He grunted and lurched to the left as she pulled one nipple away from his body, trying to relieve the pressure and lessen the pain by jerking his body towards her hand.

“What do you know, it really does make you go in circles.” She grinned and let go, then grabbed his other nipple, jerking his body in that direction. She moved him back and forth, see-sawing his body from left to right, jerking on one nipple then the other, pulling him from side to side and giggling the whole time.

When his body was jerking mindlessly and his breath had become a long series of gasping cries, she finally stopped. “I owe you a drink. Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

She scooted up, jogged to the kitchen, and came back with a cold can of soda. “Here you go.” The cold metal felt wonderful against his hot skin, and he closed his eyes and sighed. Condensation pooled and ran down his chest, easing the pain in his nipples. She moved it from one to the other until the skin gleamed with wetness, then set it aside.

“The bitch is, water conducts force really well.” She slapped him on the chest again with her palms, the loud smack filling the room. She slapped him again, over and over, until his legs jerked and kicked against the floor and his eyes were screwed tightly shut trying to block out the pain.

She paused and purred, drinking in the sight of him. With a happy sigh, she reached over and picked up the clover clamps. He flinched at her touch and she laughed, then hooked a clamp over his nipple. The second clamp went over the other nipple, and she ran her finger along the chain between them.

When her finger got to the lowest point, the middle of the chain, she pushed down. The clover clamps tightened and his eyes flew open as he stared at the ceiling.

“Look down.” She pushed harder on the chain, tightening the clamps on his nipples, crushing the tender flesh further.

He licked his lips and took a deep breath, but slowly looked down.

“Good boy. Now…” She picked up the box of weights, and held them out to him. “Put one on the chain.”

His hands trembled and sweat rolled down his forehead as he picked up a weight and gently slid the hook over the chain. He lowered it as slowly as possible, and she let him take his time. She enjoyed the anticipation, even as he dreaded it, and leaned in closer as his fingers finally let go of the weight.

The chain pulled tight, and the clamps lurched slightly as their jaws were forced closed. “Put on another one.”

He pleaded with his eyes, but obeyed, putting another weight on the chain. They clinked together when he let go, and another flash of pain shot through his body.

She held the weights in front of him, and arched an eyebrow. When he put his hand back by his side, she put a finger from her free hand on the chain and pushed down. “Let me explain it to you: You’re going to put them all on. I kind of thought you would have figured that out yourself, but I guess you’re mind is on other things.”

She pushed down again, and his arm jerked towards the weights. She let pressure off as he picked up a weight, and finally took her hand off the chain entirely as he put another weight on.

He moved slowly but steadily, and she let him continue at his own pace. He set the weights down carefully, and tried very hard to hold still as he gently put the weights on. He whimpered whenever they jostled or slid along the chain, the movement causing bright spikes in the dull thudding pain that radiated across his chest. Finally the last weight settled on his chest, and he cautiously moved his hand back to the floor.

She nodded, and poked lightly at the weights hanging off his chest, and smiled when he flinched. “On your knees.”

He struggled to his knees, moving carefully, the weights pulling and tugging, distorting his nipples into unnatural cones.

She moved behind him, and leaned in close. “Now, we need to get those off of you, but I don’t think I want you using your hands. Don’t worry, I’ll help.” She ran her hands lightly over his ribs, and he involuntarily began to laugh.

She licked his ear and ran her hands down his sides again, and his body twisted and jerked. The weights swung on the chain, jerking the clamps on his nipples back and forth. She moved her hands more quickly, and he began to laugh harder, his breaths getting deeper as he gasped for oxygen. His body jerked and spasmed, and the chain began to swing wildly, the weights flipping back and forth.

She kept tickling him as the pain spiked in his chest, forcing his body to flop as his nervous system went haywire. Gasping laughter exploded out of his mouth as she ran her fingers up and down his ribs, and she laughed along with him. “Conflicting signals in your brain really suck don’t they? Laughing with all that pain, your mind just doesn’t know what to do?”

She moved her fingers over his body again and he jerked against her, one of the weights flying off and thudding to the carpet below them. She wriggled her fingers and another weight fell off, the sudden pressure change a dull thud of pain.

His body contorted and jerked, the chain swinging, pulling, and twisting until finally the last weight fell off. She stopped then, and let him catch his breath.

He slumped, exhausted, and barely whimpered as she took the clamps off. She pushed his head back until she could look in his eyes. He blinked several times, then smiled a little.

She kissed him, then smiled back. “Now, do you really need two testicles?”

Preview: “I can’t wait to hear you scream.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Wow, this one is really brilliant. I love how she keeps upping the ante. Ngh hot.

    • littlesubmissions said,


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