October 23, 2013


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“Well, that’s hideous.” She held the mask in her hands, turning it from side to side. The vacant eyes stared back at her, and the flesh colored rubber skin sagged. “Are pigs really this ugly? Because that talking pig in the movie was really cute.”

“Yeah, it is kind of awful.” He shrugged, breaking the box down into a flat square and dropping it into the recycling. “It seemed, I dunno, interesting. Something I’d like to try anyway, and it was on sale. If it’s not your thing, that’s cool.”

“I have some ideas, but I’m not sure.” She poked a finger into the rubber snout, then let it pop back out. “Let me think about it.”


That night, she wrapped bandages around his ankles and wrists, pinning them together. He was on his hands and knees, and could feel nervous sweat starting to build in his armpits. The gag slipped into his mouth, and the leather strap held it there.

“Stay.” She patted his head, and walked towards the door. She flipped the light off as she left, and he cowered in the semi-darkness.

He shifted his weight from side to side, moving the pressure from one side of his body to the other. Drool pooled in his mouth and ran down the gag, dripping on the floor. He tried to ignore the feeling of it sliding down his chin, and forced himself to breathe slowly, deeply, and regularly.

He flinched when the light came back on, and flinched again when he saw her standing in the doorway. Her brown eyes stared at him through the mask as she slowly dropped to all fours. Her tits hung down and were covered in red, body paint or makeup, or maybe even menstrual blood, he wasn’t sure. He could see her jaw working behind the mask, making exaggerated chewing motions.

He reflexively tried to back away, and nearly fell over. He saved himself by spreading his elbows and lowering his head, barely keeping himself upright on his hands and knees.

She started crawling towards him slowly, making hideous oinking and grunting sounds as she moved closer. He answered with his own inarticulate sounds, trying to explain through the gag that this wasn’t what he was thinking of.

She read his body language and smiled at the garbled words. “Isn’t this what you had in mind?” She shoved her face in his, the hideously wrinkled rubber skin and snout and the giant, floppy ears filled his vision. He shook his head, and she mockingly shook hers back. “Oh, I know it wasn’t, but sometimes I want to be the animal. Sometimes I want to be totally inhuman and do filthy, disgusting, painful things.” The mask remained still as her lips moved behind it. “Of course, I want to do them to you, not have them done to me.”

“Oink oink arf oink!” She barked out hideous sounds, and he closed his eyes and turned his head, forcing himself to remember eye contact wouldn’t help in this situation. She leaned in and then bit his shoulder, forcing the meat of his muscle through the mouth of the mask. The cheap material smashed into his skin and he whimpered as her teeth sank into his body.

She worried the flesh, jerking her head from side to side, feeling skin, muscle, and the fine hair on his arms against her lips. Her skin felt hot under the rubber, and she could his gasps turn to whimpers. She chewed and bit until she felt him to start to tremble, then pulled her mouth away, licked her lips, and gave his shoulder a shove.

He fell over on his side, reflexively curling his legs. She moved down to his stomach and bit down on the soft flesh there. His arms and legs jerked, and she spread herself over his torso, holding him down, smashing the snout into his skin and sinking her teeth into his flesh. She covered his stomach in small, quick bites, moving in a circle, then leaned back.

The taste of his sweat was on her lips as she slowly licked them. She moved the mask, adjusting it so she could see better, and saw him trying to lie still, trying not to rub his hands on the marks her teeth had left on his body. His fists were clenched and his eyes were tightly closed.

She pushed his body over, arranging it until he was lying flat on his back, then pulled a pillow off the bed. He moaned when she hauled his head up by his hair, and shoved the pillow under his head and neck. She oinked and grunted in his face again, feeling electric jolts travel through her body as he flinched.

She slid down his body until her face was above his cock, and the lifted it out from between his thighs. She opened her mouth and licked her lips, and let him feel her hot breath on his cock. “Open your eyes and watch.”

His eyes slowly slid open, and he blinked and bit down on the gag as he saw the leering mask over his cock. The snout and ears jutted obscenely out of her face, and her the wrinkled jowls sagged as she slowly bit down on the tip of his cock. His arms spasmed and she could feel his legs trying to kick under her as she bit down on his cock, opened her jaws, and pushed her teeth into the flesh again.

She took a little more into her mouth each time, letting him see the horrible creature devouring his cock a piece at a time. Sweat poured off him and his breathing was harsh and quick behind his gag, snot poured out his nose and ran down his skin. She looked up to make sure he was still watching, and he flinched at the site of her eyes looking out from behind that hideous face.

She reversed the sequence, letting a little bit of his cock slip out of her mouth before biting down into it. The pain mixed with the horror of seeing his cock being puked out of a pig’s face, and his eyes got wider, his pupils dilated a little more.

She held the tip in her teeth and worked her jaws, not letting it go as he cried and whimpered behind the gag. She squeezed his balls, and the dull pain mixed with the sharp fire of her teeth sinking into his cock. She finally let it fall out of her mouth, and his whole body jerked as she launched into more howling grunts and oinks.

She dragged her body up his, grinding her cunt into his stomach and chest, her red stained tits hanging over him. Her fingers ground into his face and pulled his eyes further open, and then the face was over him, smashing into his face, alien rubber and her lips against his, kissing…

“Umph! Umph! Umph!” He grunted three times in rapid succession, and despite herself a warm shudder ran down her body. She pushed herself up and away from him, and slid the mask off. Her fingers worked their way behind his head and unbuckled the gag, carefully pulling it out of his mouth. “You okay?”

He worked his jaw and nodded, then blinked several times. “Yeah, just give me a second.”

She nodded and curled up against him, carefully setting the mask aside. “So that was a safeword?”

“I just really panicked there for a second, with the kissing.” He tried to wrap an arm around her, but the bandages held them together. He settled for kissing her on the cheek, suddenly very aware of the spit and snot on his lower face.

“Red or yellow?”

He closed his eyes and thought for a second, trying to remember what had triggered the sudden rush of panic in him. “Lots of yellow? Orange?”

She laughed, and started working at the tape around his arms. “Let’s call it a red, then. Sorry about that.”

He shrugged and worked his shoulders, enjoying the returning range of motion. “No, it wasn’t a hard limit, just a really weird scary place.”

She started to pull the bandages off his legs, and nodded. “Fair enough.”

His limbs free, she lay down on top of him staring at the discarded mask. “By the way, do you still have that fantasy of being topped by more than woman at once? And how much was that mask? Did you order it online? Oh, and what’s the term for more than one pig? Is it a herd? Oh, and…”

Preview: “Do you want to come, or do you want to lick my boots?”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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