The List 10: Balls Are for Being Tortured

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From part 9: “Oh, and open your eyes. Next we’re going to do something about those balls of yours, and I want you to see it.”

He opened his eyes to see her walking by him, and watched her ass as she shrugged into a robe. He blinked and walked into the kitchen, putting ice in a glass and adding tap water. He took a long drink, then filled it again and walked back into the bedroom.

She was sitting in a chair in front of the bed, sliding a thumb down the screen of her phone. “Sit, and lean back.” She waved her phone at the bed.

He passed her the water and sat on the edge of the bed in front of her, leaning back. She sipped on the water, then sat it on the floor beside her. “Put a pillow under your head. You like to watch, don’t you?”

He dragged a pillow down from the head of the bed, and doubled it over, positioning it under his head. She grinned at him down the length of his body as he licked his lips and tensed his shoulders.

“I think we’ll start with getting everything nicely into position.” She picked chopsticks up from beside her leg on the chair, and placed one on either side of his balls. She pulled his balls up, and used rubber bands to secure the chopsticks. His testicles were trapped on the other side of the chopsticks, and she used them to raise and lower his balls.

She giggled, and lifted them up as far as they would go. “Put your legs together.” He slid his legs together, and she let the chopsticks fall. They hit his legs, holding his balls up and out, keeping them from retreating between his legs.

“And I think we’re ready to start.” She teased a third chopstick, running her fingers along it, then casually jabbed the point into his testicle. He jumped at the sharp, piercing pain in the sensitive flesh, and she casually poked the pointed end into his other ball.

He jumped again, and she licked her lips and leaned in closer. “Oh, I’m really going to enjoy this.” She alternated, poking one then the other, watching his body jerk involuntarily, controlling him like a puppet. Her slim fingers jabbed the end into his testicle, the nerves sending the signal up to his brain and forcing his body to contort and twist itself.

“I have some bamboo skewers in the kitchen.” She jabbed the end of the chopstick into one of his balls. “They’re much sharper.” The end stabbed into his other ball and his body jerked the other way. “I bet I could just push them right through, and roast these.” She jabbed him again between his gasps of pain, and paused to look up at his clenched teeth. “You could have them for dinner. Would you like that?”

He whimpered and forced his brain to turn his thoughts into words. “Please don’t feed me my testicles ma’am.”

She stabbed him again, a quick series of light jabs that forced his breath in and out of his lungs in short, shuddering gasps. “I suppose, since I’ve already thawed something else out.” She casually worked her way around the tight orbs, pushing from side to side and jabbing them in an irregular pattern. “And really, all that hair, I’d have to remove it or the kitchen would smell awful.”

She smiled, and hummed to herself. “Hm, there’s a thought. Stay.”

He blinked tears out of his eyes as she walked across the room, and came back with duct tape. “Boys just don’t take care of themselves.”

Sweat formed on his body as she arched an eyebrow and slowly pulled a piece of tape off. The adhesive hissed as it pulled apart, and she carefully folded one end of the tape over on itself, then placed it on his balls. She watched his eyes as she smoothed it carefully with her fingers, pressing it down on the flesh.

He gripped the covers of the bed in tight fists as she teased him, lifting the tape slowly, pulling his balls upwards, dragging them away from his body until the tape just started to separate, then lowering them back down to his body. She watched him twitch as she dragged them around with her fingers, her eyes getting narrow as she watched his hands clench. “It’s the anticipation, isn’t it, that really sucks?”

He started to nod as she jerked her hand up, ripping the tape. He breathed out in a shuddering rush, and his eyes rolled up in his head. She laughed and leaned in closer. “Well, at least the anticipation is over.” She leaned back and put one hand over her heart. “Because I am a kind and considerate ma’am.”

Her lip curled as she looked at the hair stuck to the tape. “Ugh, that is just awful.” She lifted his balls up and looked them over, pushing the bright red flesh from side to side. “And it didn’t even take all of the hair off.” Her tongue made a disapproving noise against the back of her teeth. “And I missed a spot.” She looked at him and shook her head. “You look like you have mange. Oh well, plenty of tape.”

She leaned back and peeled another piece off, taking her time, her eyes staying on his face as she worked it down against his flesh. She didn’t speak this time, just ripped it off, yanking hair out and sighing at the sight of his thrashing body. She did it again, pulling out more hair, drinking in the sights and sounds, trying to memorize them for later. Every muscle, every bead of sweat, every sound of breath.

She finally leaned back, and licked her lips. A piece of tape hung between her fingertips, and she dangled it in front of him. “Now, I’ve taken care of it this time, but I don’t plan on making your ball hair a priority in my life.” He looked at her through bleary eyes as she arched an eyebrow at him. “So you’re going to do this one, to show me how much you’ve learned about hygiene.”

The sound of his whimper made something throb deep inside her, and her breath quickened as he wordlessly sat up. She could see the fuzziness in his eyes, how his thoughts were cloudy and floaty. He still made the little sounds of a person in pain, but his mind was a mile away.

She smiled and nodded encouragement as he folded over the end of the tape, and began working it against his skin. He pressed down carefully, kneading his fingers across the gray surface, holding it against his skin until he moved on. When it finally covered his stinging, reddened balls, he swallowed hard and looked at her for approval.

She nodded. “Do it. Pull if off your fucking balls for me.”

His hand jerked and he fell back on the bed, a piece of gleaming tape in his hands, his balls pulled away from his body, his legs jerking as the nerves crashed into his brain.

She sighed and leaned back. “Good boy. I wonder how quickly that hair will grow back? In the mean time…”

Preview: Fingers are for messaging! Wait, no massaging! I meant massaging.

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2 thoughts on “The List 10: Balls Are for Being Tortured”

  1. Why didn’t she just tell.him to shave his cock and balls. My girlfriend says most dominant women expect that of their guy. And it is much neater than using duct tape. She could have had a cute bald boy cock to play with

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