The List 15: Nipples Are For Being Clamped

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Previously: Her hand traced a line down his throat to one nipple. “Oh, don’t thank me yet.” She gave the sensitive nub of flesh a violent twist, and laughed at the shock that ran across his face. “We’re only about halfway through the list. I’ve still got to do something about these nipples.”

“Come on, get up.” She pushed herself to her feet, and leaned over to grab his hand. She hauled him up and they stood in front of each other, both still breathing hard. She walked over to the dresser, and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps.

She tossed them underhand, and the metal jaws glinted in the light as they flew through the air. He caught them by the chain between them, and groaned when he saw they were the clover clamps. He put on his best puppy dog face, wide eyes and slightly trembling lip. “What are you going to do with these, ma’am?”

She laughed and gave him the finger. “I’m on to that one, you know. There’s such a thing as being too sincerely submissive.” She dropped her hand back to her side and straightened her posture, still smiling. “Besides, I’m not going to do anything with those. You are.” The smile dropped off her face, and she licked her lips. “Put them on.”

His fingers slid down the chains to the clamps, and he grimaced as he opened them and slid the jaws over one nipple then the other. He hissed in a deep breath, and tested them with the chain. The jaws bit further into his nipples, and he nodded. “They’re on ma’am.”

“Good boy.” She winked at him and turned to the closet. “Here are the rules.” She opened his side, and pulled out a dress shirt. She shrugged her arms into the sleeves, and started doing up the buttons. “You can take the clamps off whenever you want.” She left the top two buttons open, and pulled out a tie. “But when you do, I stop dancing.” She put the tie around her neck, and ran it through itself, tying it into a knot. “Keep them off too long, we go to the next item.” She cinched the tie up, then pulled the knot a little loose, and grabbed a pair of two-inch black heels. “Pull on them harder, and I’ll dance sexier.”

She slipped her feet into the heels, and her posture changed, tits pushing forward and ass pushing out. “Understand?”

He moaned, and forced his eyes from her heels, lingering on the hem of the shirt which just hid her cunt, up to her tits pressing against the fabric of the shirt, further up until they finally reached her face. “Yes ma’am.”

She gave her hips a wiggle, and giggled at him, then raised her eyebrows. “Well?”

He shifted his feet, moving them a little further apart, then took a deep breath and pulled on the chain. The clamps bit down and he winced as the jaws pulled on his nipples, stretching them out from his body and starting the sharp, biting pain.

She rocked her hips from side to side, humming happily as his jaw clenched and he pulled on the chain attached to the clamps. He blinked his eyes, and she started to move her hips more aggressively, to drive her pelvis towards him as he pulled on the chain harder, torturing himself more.

He ground his jaw, teeth rubbing against each other as she danced, and noticed she had slowed. He whimpered as he realized he had moved his hand back, taking pressure off the chain and his nipples, then pulled on it again.

She danced in time to the beat of that chain. He pulled on it harder, she danced faster, more lewdly, the hem of the shirt bouncing and showing glimpses of her cunt. The pressure on the chain lessened, and she danced slower, teasing him, driving him to torture himself some more.

They both breathed harder, and she undid a button. His arm jerked and the chain leaped forward, the clamps biting painfully into his nipples. His legs spasmed from the sudden shock, and he dropped the chain as his hands clenched.

She pulled the shirt open as his hand jerked, her tits leaping into view, then disappearing just as suddenly when he dropped the chain. She took a step towards him, breathing hard, willing him to pick up the chain and torture himself some more, willing him to start the dance again. “Are we done?” She over-enunciated each word, biting them off and spitting them out.

His trembling hands picked up the chain and put pressure back on it, and he shook his head. “Not yet please, ma’am.”

“Good. Get on your knees.”

He sank to his knees, and put more pressure on the chain. She locked eyes with him, and started to dance again. Moving forward, teasing him until he couldn’t stand the pain anymore, then dancing back. Letting him see more of her flesh every time he got to the point where he couldn’t stand any more pain, but managed to hold on for a few agonized breaths.

She danced to the rhythm of the pain he inflicted on himself, and he tortured himself to the beat of her pleasure. The clamps bit into his flesh until tears rolled down his cheeks faster than he could blink them away, and she rolled her body in front of him, pushing him further, letting him take himself to the very edge of his limits.

Her shirt was unbuttoned, hanging off her shoulders with the tie scoring a red line against her skin. Her hips swayed, jerking her tits from side to side, lewdly displaying her cunt as she danced towards him when he fell to his hands, the chain dangling in the air.

“Sorry, I can’t… anymore…” He gasped out the words, and kneaded the carpet with his hands, desperate for any sensation that wasn’t pain.

“That’s okay, you did really well. Good boy.” She squatted down, knees together, and ruffled his hair with her hands. “Of course, it’s going to hurt when I take them off.” Her hand snaked under him, and her legs trembled when he sobbed as she removed the first clamp. She sighed again when the sound repeated itself as the second clamp came off. She wanted this sensation to last forever, but knew he needed a break, or maybe just a change.

“Stay right like that, because I’m going to start on your back now.”

Preview: Backs are also for being beaten. Lots of things are for being beaten, apparently.

Author’s note: I had a lot of fun writing this, more fun than I usually do. Hope you liked.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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