Winding Down

Hello all,

So, the hiatus has gone on longer than planned, but I’m mostly writing other things these days. I do have six five stories that I submitted for publication and didn’t get accepted that I’m going to put up over the next month and a half or so (one per week). So look for those on Wednesdays, and then it’ll probably go back to being quiet for awhile.

Thanks for reading,

“When you turned out the light and walked out the door,
I said to myself, “What did I come here for?”
-Concrete Blonde, “Long Time Ago

2 thoughts on “Winding Down”

  1. I know writing is difficult and I know getting published is very difficult. Still, many of us really, really like your writing.

    1. Thank you, and I really appreciate when people read (and especially when they comment). Part of it is I’m coming up on 300 posts, and that’s a lot of different ways to just basically say, “Two people care about each other, one hits the other one with stuff, and they both like it.” It just gets to a point where I feel like I’m going over the same ground over and over. And when it comes to getting published, I’m working in a sub-genre of a sub-genre of a genre. So that doesn’t help, and the money in publishing (even for more mainstream stuff) is limited anyway. So kind of not really having a reason to write much now.

      I’ll keep the blog around, and I might come back to it regularly some day, but just not feeling it right now. Thank you for commenting though, and I’m glad you like the stuff. Always good to hear from people. 🙂

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