About little submissions.

Advisory I: These are short stories that deal with mature subject matter. Minors shouldn’t be hanging out here. If you are a minor, please come back when you’re 21.

Advisory II: For any gentlemen out there who might feel inclined to write me soliciting the services of a dominatrix: I’m a dude. Sorry.

Advisory III: As has been mentioned, I happen to have a penis. This means I’m probably not the most qualified person in the world to comment on how a female might feel as she dominates a male. Feel free to offer comments and constructive criticism in the comments section. I’m always interested in becoming a better writer.

Advisory IV: No pictures here. Just words.

Advisory V: Thanks for reading. Don’t try this shit at home, because I generally have no idea what I’m talking about. Especially regarding kink.

My email is vaguely.defined@gmail.com
Feel free to drop me a line, if you like.

23 thoughts on “About little submissions.”

  1. Wow, hot!

    I am absolutely loving these stories. I tend to write my own also because I can’t find stories that I can relate.

    I assumed (incorrectly it turns out) that these were written by a Domme – I think the female perspective is pretty well expressed (and I do *not* have a penis), so well done you!

  2. Thanks very much, glad you’re enjoying them.

    And good to hear my Dommes are convincing, are your writings on the interweb? I spend too much time in front of the computer as it is, and don’t comment as often as I should, but I’m also always interested in reading other people’s stuff.

  3. No, my stories are not on the internet, but if you are interested in reading one or two, I can email them to you.

    However you will then be forced to let me know your thoughts as I can’t abide sending things into a void.

  4. Love what you’re writing! Really beautiful and full of true-to-life emotions. Thank you for sharing!

    (and yes, from another vagina-owning person: the female perspective is well done!)

  5. Ferns refered me to your site. i just wanted to say that the stories are great. i wish to try writing my own with such origionality and passion. Are any of them based in reality or just wishful thinking/


  6. Thanks Robert, and Ferns.

    Good luck with your own writing as well. It sounds horribly cliched, but I suggest just having fun with it as much as possible.

    And as far as my own stories go, yes they are. πŸ˜‰

    1. I have one short story published in the “K is for Kinky” anthology by Cleis Press, but am working on two, count them two, novel length works for publication. Sadly, real life has me gobsmacked at the moment and progress is slow. But thanks for asking, if I ever get properly capitalistic and start selling books, I will absolutely pimp them as hardcore as I can.

      1. Vague-

        LOVE your stuff, and thank you.

        Did you ever publish anything via kindle or [gasp] paper? I’m thinking just print an anthology of all your little submissions. Volumes 1 and 2 and 3? Talk about awesome stocking stuffers, or long-car-ride-car-seat presents.

        Whatever you decide, I hope you continue to write.


      2. Jay,

        Thanks very much, that’s always good to hear.

        My only print story to date was a short story in the K is for Kinky anthology by Cleis Press. I have submitted some other stories to print anthologies, but I’m waiting to hear back from them about acceptance. I am putting print anthologies of my own stuff together, and hoping to have ebook and print through Lulu or a similar company ready by the end of the year. Problem is, a lot of my stories are paragraph length only, and I’d like to expand them to give people who actually buy them a little more value. I’m sitting on about 140,000 words right now, so hopefully by doing that I can get three anthologies that I would consider actual book sized (about 60,000 words or so) books. So I’m working on it, and hoping people will enjoy it. And I even have a few other things in the mix I’m hoping people will like.

        But in any case I’ve got about a 30 day buffer built up of stories right now, so I can occasionally wander off track and stories will still get posted. Thanks for reading, and the encouragement.


  7. I’m so happy to have discovered this blog! I’m reading through the archives right now, and while I’d say you’ve either improved over the years or just started writing more things that are relevant to my kinks, it’s all lovely and wonderful. I especially love that it seems like real people who are both into each other and into the kink.

    And yes, as a woman who subs for women and tops for men…your dom ladies are pretty great. πŸ˜€

    1. I’m happy you discovered this blog as well. It might be a little both as far as kinks and writing, but I’m glad it works for you. And I’ve been lucky to know some pretty awesome dom ladies. πŸ™‚

  8. Pearl in Montreal (www.omisspearl.com) linked
    us to your site.

    Thank you for your lovely stories. Thank you for
    We realy enjoyed them all – from the first to the
    most recent one.

    We hope you will start writing again, soon.

  9. Do you have any short stories about a female Dom and a male sub who likes to “dress up” and do other bdsm things and loves anal play

    1. Hi, thanks for asking. Well, bdsm and anal play crop up quite a bit, you should find them scattered through the stories. I never did anything I can remember with cross-dressing (if that’s what you mean by “dress up”), the closest I can think of off hand is “Eye Candy.” It has clothes in it. :-/

      Eye Candy


  10. Hello:

    Just curious to know if you are still writing stories. I have enjoyed what is posted here, but I noticed that there has been no current activity. I hope all is well and that inspiration and time allows you to come back to this blog soon.

    1. Not really writing anymore, I feel like I said everything I had to say. Thank you for the lovely comment.

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